Overview on Dudley-Northern Guilford: Advantage NG

I have been trying to get to this one all day, but if you check out the site, you can see this has been another busy day at the ‘old ballyard. We have had basketball, football, and baseball, all coming through the pages of Greensborosports.com today. High School and College seem to have dominated the scene and now we need to get to that big game from last night.

Northern-Dudley at NG and when I walked in the door, the Nighthawks were already out in front 17-2j and it had been 15-0 NG at the outset.

I was getting there as quick as I could from the Greensboro College-Methodist women’s game(5:30 start, ending around 7:10 pm) and it looked like Northern was ready to salt this one away in the first quarter.

Dudley had other plans as the Panthers went on a tear with Brennan Wyatt and PJ Hairston connecting from the outside to make it close, but in the second half, Dudley was about as cold as it was outside last night, it was almost like the Panthers couldn’t buy a bucket/basket.

I told people back in December of 2007 that the Nighthawks were going to be good and I was dead-on right. Last night NG was dominant for the majority of the game and they went on to win this by 20, 74-54 as most of you already know and now as I said above, it is Advantage Northern.

Both teams are tied for the top spot in the Triad 3-A Conference and chances are we will see them going at it again for the tournament tltle in two weeks at Northeast Guilford.

Advantage Northern now, because they have gotten over the hump and beaten Dudley in basketball for the first time. Northern led Dudley by 14 at Dudley before the Panthers made their patented run and won it, 61-60, on a Trey Godette free throw.

Last night Northern found a way to finish and they finished strong. Dudley is not accustomed to having to come from behind and win games. Dudley has trouble coming back, at least they did last night and again, it is not a position they are used to being in.

Dudley might have had an off night shooting, but you have to also give credit to the Nighthawks defense. Jacob Lawson was blocking shots right and left on the inside and he was for the most part staying out of foul trouble. Jonathan Frye was rebounding on the inside and that gave him the chance for several extra looks on the offensive end. Michael Neal was hitting shots from all over the place and Dylan Berry was shooting the ball like he owned or even built the gymnasium, plus the Nighthawks were getting excellent contributions from everyone that played, with the exception of maybe Chris McCain, and he looked rusty.

Last night was Northern’s night and again, Dudley may have been a bit off, but the Nighthawks have found themselves a pretty nice nest to play in out off of Spencer-Dixon Road.

Dudley will bounce back and we need to start asking if anybody has the phone number for the Northeast Guilford ticket office so we can go ahead and start getting our tickets for round three that’s coming up later this month when the Panthers and Nighthawks will meet again for the Triad 3-A Conference tournament title.

Right now as February 5, 2009:Advantage NG


  1. Northern was up by 30 at one time toward the end of the second half. Dudley wasn’t off on their shooting, it was the great defense by Northern. Look at the block shots by Northern or the steals, or even the bad passes by Dudley. Look at the quickness of northern that left Dudley flat footed. The reason they came back is Northern put in their third string, nooooo just kidding, but Dudley took out their starting 5 when Northern did, because Stan felt by being up by 28 he could put in his younger players. Freshman…not Sophmores and juniors…lol..Roy Williams, I noticed was floored seeing his recuit on Dudley, do nothing but get blocked and miss buckets.Roy shifted his seat a bit and started watching Northern players go up and down the court like they owned it.. My neck got tired watching Northern go up and down the court so much. If Northern had hit everything they put up, it could have been 94 to 54.lol Come on Andy Dudley of Greensboro sports, quit taking away a great effort by Northern. Northern is a much better team than Dudley, they only lost by a little against Oak Hill who is ranked 5th in the country, so they deserve the recognition. Look for Northern to play for the State championship. My prediction, The Nighthawk.

  2. If you are so confident in Northern how about saying the will when the State championship rather than playing for it!! Yes Northern played their best game and Dudley played their worst game. It’s basketball it happens. A much better team does not falter down the stretch like Northern did in the first game against Dudley. You speak of Northern beating Oak Hill did you forget Dudley beat Word of God? Again Northern deserves credit for the win but it is just that a win and not the season by any means.

  3. If you are so confident in Northern how about saying the will win the State championship rather than playing for it!! Yes Northern played their best game and Dudley played their worst game. It’s basketball it happens. A much better team does not falter down the stretch like Northern did in the first game against Dudley. You speak of Northern beating Oak Hill did you forget Dudley beat Word of God? Again Northern deserves credit for the win but it is just that a win and not the season by any means. Yes PJ had a bad shooting night but he did other things like rebound the basketball and blocked 4 or 5 shots himself. One bad game on the offensive end will not change Roy mind about the type of player PJ is. Let’s see how many Northern players will be recruited by Carolina to play basket!!!!

  4. Nighthawk is tripping and in denial if he thinks Dudley didn’t have an off night shooting, and if he thinks Dylan Berry, who is a good catch and shoot player can stop PJ (3 for 13 is an off shooting night dude) or anybody else with his defense he is approaching dementia levels. Don’t get me wrong Northern was good and played a very unselfish team game, but most importantly their body language showed they wanted that game more. Dudley has the potential to be the best team in the state but it must start with them being mentally prepared and fired up to play everybody regardless of the team or the record. Northern seems to do that and that was the difference in the game. If Dudley would have matched Wyatts intensity, stayed with his normal rotation and overloaded the zone as well as increase ball and player movement it would have been a lot more intresting. Other than Wyatt, the Waddell kid looked to be ready to play but he was limited in minutes and closed with a 3 pointer which was too little too late. These are two good teams from our area and hope they both do great, wouldn’t it be nice if they met for the state title, then no one in this area loses. Andy I impressed with your frankness and it appears that you do have some relevant knowledge of these two good teams maybe you can tutor Nighthawk as soon as his medication kicks in. Good luck Northern and Dudley

  5. Holdon Nighthawk,Let’s not get carrried away here.I had picked NG and DHS to split this year.Both winning at home.But let’s take a look back…You beat stayed with Oak Hill when they were not at full strength(no TINY GALLON),You lose to Ragsdale in the Little 4.You blew a 13 point lead to lose at Dudley even with the horrible officals (both ways),You beat Ravencroft but allowed the only real player on the team(Ryan Kelly) to score 47 pts alone,So just because of 1 victory you think your ready for the state championship,Stay focused first you have to get through the conf, tourney which will be at N.E.G.,You play great at home in big games but can be shaky on the road with trouble finishing ie… Ragsdale and Dudley loses.So just because you split the 2 games 20 or 30pts don’t matter as long as it is by 1point in the end. You will see both DHS,RHS down the line not to mention the top 2 ranked teams in 3a polls.Not Knocking the KnightHawks ,NG has a good team but not ready for State Chamoinship But neither is the Panthers this year.Good luck to all 3 teams

  6. Yeah nighthawk is drinking to much of the wrong punch. I have no ties to either Northern or Dudley and have watched both teams play this season. No means is Northern heads and tails better that Dudley. Yes Northern was better that night against Dudley but nighthawk don’t get ahead of yourserlf buddy. Dudley has a very young team and will simple reload and has a rich history and plenty of titles hanging up in the gym and is well respected throughtout this state and nationally. Just look at the number of kids Dudley has put in the college and pro ranks. Yes I know Northern is new but they need to establish some history first. Beating Dudley once on their home court is not enough to validate them as the king of the mountain. Like on the previous posters stated #44 had the game of his life and would hard pressed to duplicate that peformance every night out. Hats off to Northern for the win! I know this is off topic but nighthawk what about the cupcake football schedule you played this past season? I’m sure you guys were not itching to play Dudley, Ragsdale, Page, Carver etc……………………….Yeah I know needed some easy wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Dudley Stud

    Everyone knows that the PANTHERS are BIG TIME BASKETBALL and that is where the Roy Williams of the world come. They were not at the game looking at Jonathan Frye or any one else on that team. The PANTHERS are playoff tested and have the finest coach in the state who put big time players in programs.

  8. Let the stats speak for themselves. Dudley beating NG the first time was a fluke. NG is the better team and have a whole team of talent, not just a couple of stand-outs.

  9. coach price sucks. he has great talent so he wins games. he got outcoached at the northern game, I remember watching dudley, loaded with talent with guys like graves and swinton play a far less talented, less athletic trinity. i predicted trinity would wear them out because tim kelly would outcoach price, and it happened. they ran circles around dudley and dudley was never in the game. same thing happened against northern. price can not coach, he just has good players. and p.j. hairston was a joke, if you are 6’5″ why are you going to continually settle for 3’s from the volleyball line? He was missing, and they weren’t even close…what a joke of a night! I like Dudley, don’t get me wrong but price is not the best coach in the state. he’s not even top 10.

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