George Carter to Northern Guilford

The Northern Guilford baseball team just got a ton better today as they picked up a great player and super kid in George Carter.

George was with Grimsley last season, but he has enrolled at Northern and he began classes there today. Baseball practice begins for all of our area schools next week.

Ii spoke with George’s dad Randy Carter about the move this morning and Randy told me that he decided to get a home in Summerfield area so he could be closer to his work and this was an economic move and with the economy the way it is you have to try and save money any way you can.

Randy Carter had nothing but good things to say about the Grimsley program and he said he thinks that new head baseball coach Jason Simmons will do a fine job with the Whirlies. Randy went on to say that “we are going from a program that had a .700 winning percentage to a program that was sub-.500 last year”. The sub-.500 was probably closer to five to ten per cent wins over the entire first- year schedule for Northern.

George Carter, a sophomore, has already verbally committed to attend the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and he is in great shape in the classroom.

Goerge Carter to Northern Guilford and this just made the Dudley-Northern series a whole lot more interesting, especially in baseball.


  1. There have been alot of addition to Northern’s Baseball team.Not mentioned were the transfers of the two brothers from Northwest this summer.Why would you just single out one series that it will make more interesting.These transfer will affect alot more than those two schools,It puts More pressure on the powers that be in BASEBALL than Dudley.It already appears to be DHS against everybody else.But that OK that how we like it,”Fear None,Respect is Earned not Given”. Carter is a great kid and I wish the best to him.Hope he has a great year except against DHS PANTHERS GO BIG BLUE

  2. Doesn’t matter if Northenr gets a few major leaguers to transfer in. As long as Smith is coaching they have no chance to win. Northern needs to upgrade the baseball position to be in line with football and basketball.

  3. The Wells brothers(Scott and his brother, name escapes me) are fine baseball players. I saw them in the Colt All-Stars last summer and one was a pitcher and the other a catcher and they are good.

    We have been on this baseball trail so long now, that I think we have to cover this. People expect us to be on top of news like this.

    As far as the Dudley-Northern matchups go, it has been great for the local sports scene. The baseball series this year between the two should make for one of the best around.

    You have great coaching with the veteran Johnny Smith at Northern and Justin Smith and Bob Sublett as assistants. That’s a pure diehard baseball staff and with Larry Farrer and Alan Ashkinazy at Dudley, it doesn’t get any better than this.

    Larry is true gentleman and Alan is a maniac(with positive energy) and that’s what will make this a strong staff. Larry and Johnny will sit back and observe and make adjustments and Alan and Justin will be going wide-open crazy with energy flying all over the place.

    Makes for some fun baseball and the third base coaches box will be hallowed ground.

    George Carter gives Northern more than just his bat, he gives them pitching and left-handed pitching at that. George can pitch, play first and like everyone knows the kid can hit with power.

    I’m looking forward to all the games this year, but Dudley-Northern will be special. You’ll find real personality and a load of coaching experience at those games.

  4. Dudley is the greatest place in the area to play a baseball game. The fans are knowledgeable,passionate and a pleasure to be around. Last season Dudley vs Grimsley at Dudley was a blast.

  5. Are there any other baseball transfers within the area this season. I heard Page lost a player. Anybody know who it was and if he was any good. Haven’t kept up with the Pirates baseball lately. What are the Veritas kids doing, will they be going back to their home school or are they having a season still? Going back would make for some awkward moments I am sure.

  6. Veritas saw Logan Self leave and go to play baseball at High Point Wesleyan, as far as others, haven’t heard more. Cal Sutphin who was at Grimsley is now at Southwest Guilford, but we had that here on the site back in August, nothing really new there.

    Did hear today from a football fan, that Gabe King, big #99 might be leaving Page. He can be an impact football player and Page can sure use him, let’s hope he stays.

  7. Grimsley still has Gabe Dimock, Sawyer Highfill, Kevin Rose, LaShawn Brown and a big freshman who can pitch and play first. nOT a bad core group.

  8. Grimsley still has a lot of offense coming back. Power hitters Gabe Dimock and Logan Dunn will be key to their success. Also if Layshaun(Lay Lay) plays this season, he will make a major impact. Other factors will be Kevin Rose, Sawyer Highfill, Daniel Massey, and Tucker Rogers. However, Grimsley has no pitching. Behind Rose there is absolutly nobody. Carter leaving makes this team worse, no question about it.

  9. First Keenan Allen and now George Carter…………many of us “Whirlie Parents” wish Newman would run off into the sunset as well so we could get ourselves a quality AD and figure out how to keep quality coaches and players around.

  10. Jonathan Bethea is the kid that left Page and is at Vandalia. Big, strong-bodied 1st baseman with a big stick and smooth glove. . Page will miss him. The move by Carter doesn’t surprise as much, but I thought it would have been done sooner if it was going to happen. If a family wants to make a move for their son or for any other reason, that is their right to do so. The way the rules are set up there is no penalties for transferring schools. He is a good player and will obviously help Northern a ton. On the flip side, Northern is quickly becoming a public Veritas Sports Academy.

  11. There is a very closely-guarded secret as to how Northern has been able to become an overnight success. They are able to “tap” some of the best athletes in Guilford County and other nearby counties and “offer” them houses for rent but they get the mortgages assigned to the player’s parents to make it look as if they actually “own” the propoerty when in reality they don’t. They have a couple of EXTREMELY wealthy real estate investors bankrolling the entire operation…………and yes, Stan Kowaleski was offered a very handsome salary package to take the boys basketball job there. There is a BIG scandal under the surface that could come out anyday………….watch closely…….

  12. A handsome salary to coach at a public high school??? Hard to believe, seems a little over the top. May we ask your source?

  13. Last time I checked, home ownership was not a requirement to attend public school in Guilford County. As far as “assigning mortgages to player’s parents,” come on, that’s a little extreme.

  14. Mr hm northern will never be a veritas sports academy, and you should keep those people out of this thread, its about carter leaving grimsley.

  15. I look forward to watching George play over the next 3 years and beyond (Omaha baby!!!). The Rose family wishes George and the Carter family all the best.

    Its disappointing that things have gone the way they have for Grimsley Baseball. A solid, winning progam has been dismantled. Honest comments from anyone that desired change would be appreciated.

  16. Last year at this time Mr. Carter was explaining how/why his son showed up at Grimsley as an out-of-district transfer. It was all about the academics he said. Well I guess academics takes a lower priority for some folks if they need to be a couple of miles closer to their work. Or has Northern suddenly become the best fit academically for George like Grimsley was said to be?

    C’mon and call it what it is. It’s an athletic transfer, nothing more, nothing less. And until the GCS does something to put some teeth into their policy prohibiting athletic transfers we’ll contimue to have blogs and posts like this because it won’t stop. So everyone needs to get over it.

    Good luck George. I hope you and your family find whatever it is you’re looking for in a public school.

  17. dweeb, do you have a son at Grimsley that is trying out for the baseball team? Please respond honestly. If not, tell us about your dog in the fight. Your post doesn’t seem to fit the profile of a neutral observer. I’ve put my real name up, will you?

  18. Didn’t mean to frighten you, bazela. Just hoping for some honesty. Are you a Grimsley parent? Tell us your name and story.

  19. You’re not coming clean bazela. What’s your angle? BTW, we won’t be surprised if you stay in the closet. There seems to be a pattern.

    George doesn’t need special treatment. His academic and athletic abilities will carry him regardless of his high school location.

  20. So, is NG substandard where academics are concerned? Is there a report card available for them?

  21. Grimsley will get better. They hired a great coach in Jason Simmons.

    As far as Northern, some of things going on do tend to catch your eye but I don’t see any proof of anything. They sure do have a lot of transfers though. No dog in that fight. It’s the responsibility of Guilford County.

    As to Carter, transferring in the middle of the year if tough. I understand the dad’s point about economics but I didn’t realize Grimsley and Northern were that far apart in terms of mileage. Sounds like Mr. Carter and his family physically changed their address. Sound like a perfectly legal transfer.

    George leaving Grimsley opens the door for another kid at Grimsley. Good luck to all involved.

  22. I am sorry “baseball junkie”, but when there have been numerous transfers and many more rumored transfers to come, a comparison can be made to veritas academy. Veritas wanted to be a school for the elite athletes in the area and beyond. Northern seems to be bringing in some of the best athletes from the area and beyond. I didn’t say anything about the legality of it, just made a comparison. There is a very interesting trend there. Cafeteria food must be pretty awesome.

  23. This has been happening all over this county for years. Dudley has the academy. Grimsley and Page have the IB program. PARENTS are willing to move or rent an apartment in an area that will give their child the maximum athletic exposure. I don’t understand it and I don’t agree with it, but that’s the situation we have in Guilford County. I am used to it and I am not even remotely surprised when a kid transfers. I don’t think it is as sinister as hm makes it out to be. 9 times out of 10 it is the PARENTS who are initiating this activity.

  24. Maybe if athletic directors wouldn’t allow parents to run the school athletic programs, there wouldn’t be a need for “athletic transfers.” People need to stop worrying about hurting feelings and more about winning. What ever happened to that strategy?

  25. I’ve come to the conclusion that the two most important things in life are good friends
    and a good bullpen. I think Carter is one of the best young talents out there and it does not hurt that he is left handed. Take it easy on the Panthers


  26. 2 Question for all who have complaints about transfers.

    1ST would you have a problem if these foremention transfers were to your school and improved your programs.

    2nd Have any of you who complain about the County AD and policies ever went to talk to county ad or your school’s ad about your feeling or beliefs.

    If you can’t answer yes to both questions then there is no need to keep posting about thoses issues because you clearly just want to be as the kid’s call it “A HATER”

    Good Luck to all on the upcoming Baseball season….

  27. carter’s move opens up the metro 4-a for nw. i dont think his move will have much impact on the dudley northern game. dudley should win still win. those guys will get to carter the second or third time around but it will still be fun to watch.

  28. Congrads to G.Carter for enrolling in a great program. I understand the kids have welcomed him with open arms. Northern is a great school. Carter will do well there. I hate to say it, but I am. You guys don’t overlook the fab 5 power hitters at Northwest Guilford. It’s like looking at North Davidson 2 years ago. Look at this incredible batting lineup this year…McIntosh, Swim, McKinney, Clemons and Mikita. Everyone of these guys can absolutely hammer the baseball. Everyone of these guys were in the news last summer one time or another. If it wasn’t Prohlific traveling all over the country, it was the East Zone Championship, or World Series in Lafeyette, Ind. McIntosh and Swim with Prohlific playing in California and McKinney,Clemons and Mikita in Indiana.Playing some of the best teams in the country and the world.They played showcase ball this fall,the NC Batting Academy and the GBC Prep Stars. Playing at the USA complex with coaches like M.Fox of Carolina and other D1 school coaches in attendance. Playing the Dirtbag teams. George Carter was on one of the Dirtbag teams. He’s commited to UNC. Way to go Goerge. These guys played high school,colt, palomino.showcase and allstar. That’s why these guys are good, because of the work ethic. McIntosh is throwing 90 mph now and Mikita is getting there. Look for these guys to lead the team to the state playoffs this year. Believe me, coaches do not want play this team this season. Carter will give Northern a little edge this year when they play NW this season.Should be interesting. I don’t care what they say about you Justin and Johnny, we admire you for the things you guys do for the Northern baseball program. Good luck !!!!

  29. Of course students and athletes are transfering to’s a new school..they don’t even have a senior class yet. They are trying to build a program there. Joe Yeager is an excellent principal and is building an excellent academic program there. The school is first class. Roy Williams was there last week watching Dudley and Northern play each other in basketball. Think you will see that at Grimsley or even Northwest. I see alot of jealousy here. Guilford county should let students go wherever they want like Forsyth county does. That will solve this problem. Or put some teeth in the rule if your going to impose one. If some parents want to spend their money for the benefit of their child that’s their business. You guys sound like a bunch of old farts sitting around talking and spreading rumors. It means nothing. Life is short..relax..don’t worry.. it will all work out…

  30. You guys, you guys….be careful when you accuse people…..last time I read Stan sued the person who accused him of something he wasn’t…Stan is a very successful businessman..He’s a great person and a great coach..I bet his garage is bigger than most of your houses….the football team is attracting 2000 fans a game and brought in about 100,000 to the school last season. The basketball team is bringing in almost as much. They don’t need wealthy real estate investors…you dummy…So when you start running your mouth about something you know nothing about…be careful what you say ..that someone may be taking notes.

  31. Nighthawk,

    I think people around town are curious by nature and we have a right to be. If something fishy is going on up at Northern it will eventually come out; just ask the good folks over at RJ Reynolds HS. They were getting kids from all over but it eventually caught up to them. I don’t see where anyone accused Stan of anything, the poster simply stated Stan received a very handsome salary package. I’m very curious as to why he would do a “lateral” move from HP Central to Northern?


  32. Stan is not being paid one dime to coach Northern. Does that answer your question. He does it because he luvs the game of basketball. Geeez…Roy Williams came to a friggen basketball game to watch Northern and Dudley. WOW!!! And he football coach is doing the same. He’s doing great things there. Coaches from Wake, West Virginia and VT come to Northern and just hang out in the weight room. He has tremendous connections. He will get you recruited. He is a great football coach, came out of retirement to coach football at Northern. Northern is a brand new beautiful school with a wonderful atmosphere. Kids are allowed to use cell phones in between classes and classical music is played all day at school. The teachers are some of the best. The coaches are progressive and not scared to help kids get recruited. Not scared to talk to parents. They don’t send untrue e-mails about coaches. People are wondering , wow how come Northern is getting this great talent. What is driving it. It’s the progressivness of the athletic program. These guys care about their athletes. They care if they succeed and go to the next level. That’s why Northern is attracting talent. Has nothing to do with money or some made up agenda that some think,or a conspiracy. People are jealous because they have never seen this before in Guilford county. Times have changed .It’s doggy dog out there.College is expensive. Didn’t you hear, loans are hard to get. If your kid has talent to play college sports you are going to do everything you can to promote your son or daughter. Northern has the staff that gets it done. Plain and simple. They know what some of the great high school athletic programs are doing across in this country and state , and they want to do the same. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that.

  33. No one has asked me any questions as to why I put the Wells brothers in Northern, but if you are interested:

    First; is academics, I had heard so many of the Northern Parent’s comment on the academic level of this new school, I had to investigate, some of the teachers I knew previously and had alot of respect for them. All the information supported a well rounded academic program. After being there and meeting with guidance councelors, teachers, principal, I must admit, they are all student oriented and teaching is there focus. I truly believe that everyone I have met, have the kids best interest in mind.

    Second; is sports related, and the Wells boys play 2 sports, Wrestling and Baseball. The Wrestling coach, Jody Bullard, a fine Christian man, knows wrestling, great with the team. Jody was the boys coach in middle school, I knew him and respected him back then. The Baseball coach, Johnny Smith, and Justin Smith, now here is a story, in my pursuit of investigating these two men. I heard alot of negative comments said about them. After the Colt season at Northwest last spring the boys had an opportunity to play for Justin on the Proehlific Power baseball team last fall. The exposure that entire team got was very impressive to me. The contacts that Justin has is amazing, that was one thing but the more important item in this scenario is the way he treats his players, the repect he gives them, the respect the players give him. Their were players on the team that my boys played with when they were on the Northwest Yellow Jackets travel team, it felt like coming home.

    After talking to the boys and deciding to transfer them to Northern is where my headaches started. For those that think picking a place to call home and getting it set up with Guilford County Schools is a snap, think again, their is alot involved in this process. Since being there at the start of the 08 / 09 school year, I would do it again. Scott and Jonathan want to play baseball in college, I had to make a decision as to what was best for them. Those of you that have 17 year olds know at times you have to weigh the pros and cons. I did, and transfered them to Northern. With the cost of colleges now, I will grab hold to every opportunity that I can to ensure the best education for my children that I can give them.

    Before I can stop, I must respond to a few items I read before deciding to write this. The Carter’s are good people. Randy’s move to the Northern area did not compromise George’s education. This school, so far is top notch. I have not seen a more involved High School Principal than the one we have at Northern.

  34. wow, randy lives in mayodan only 2 miles from his work. how is summerfield any closer. oh wait, you have to have house in guilford county to play baseball at grimsley and northern.

  35. Is that Farrer fella slippin’ players money under the table?

    This should be thoroughly investigated.

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