What is a Central Carolina Sports Academy Warrior?

If you noticed the football signees last Wednesday on National Signing Day for the area HS players then you saw where Alex Harrison and Terrance Topps from Southeast Guilford along with Cedric Miller and Charles Thomasson from Ragsdale are headed to Central Carolina Sports Academy.

Many of you were saying where is and what is the Central Carolina Sports Academy??????

Well, strangely enough, it is located inside the Proehlific Park on Horspen Creek Road, owned and operated by former NFL’er Ricky Proehl.

The CCSA is another invention of “Football Man” Clayton Banner, who was trying to bring arena football back to Greensboro and now he has come up with this. I’m not too sure about all of the previous Clayton Banner inventions, but who knows, maybe this one will work.

You play football for the CCSA Warriors and you attend classes at GTCC. It is set up like a prep-school and this is a concept that I have never seen or heard of before, where you go to school one place and play your games for another group not affiliated with your educational institution.

Clayton Banner has this operation up and going and here’s just a snippet of what they are doing, where they are going and where they are right now. Alex Harrison, Terrance Topps, Cedric Miller and Charles Thommason are heading there and this is what they are getting into.

Central Carolina Sports Academy located in the triad of North Carolina (Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point) is the premier Post graduate academic, football,basketball,and lacrosse program of it’s type in the country. If a student athlete needs Jr.College, Prep, or Post grad education and athletics CCSA is the answer.

Central Carolina Sports Academy is found in one of the hot beds of collegiate sports. Within the region one will find schools from Division I BCS,Division I Bowl Division,Division II, Division III, NAIA and Jr.College programs. The programs is built on a educational foundation that people can be given a second opportunity to improve their lives. The players will improve their academic standing and will enhance their football,basketball, and lacrosse skills as to attract two and four year higher education programs. The CCSA will teach and train at the state of art Proehlific Park a site use to train professional and college athletes for the NFL combine,NBA summer league, and NFL/CFL spring timing days and personnel tryouts with the pro and college scouts. (www.proehlificpark.com).

All programs used by CCSA are certified with the North Carolina Department of Education under the Division of Non-Public Education and registered with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA):all college programs are conducted in accredited college programs that fit the needs of each student.

The most important factor to know about CCSA is that in the harsh economic times we live, the system we use at CCSA is the most cost affective course of action in the United States and Canada. We save families money, we are affordable and the best investment for your child’s future. You will save tens of thousand of dollars. We encourage you to visit the state of the art Proehlific park and see the center for direction please visit www.proehlificpark.com, or call 336-

Proehlific Park Sports Complex
4517 Jessup Grove Rd
Greensboro, NC 27410
336 – 577 – 5780
(Info from ccsa web site.)

*****You can find out more at www.ccsafootball.com*****