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What is a Central Carolina Sports Academy Warrior?

If you noticed the football signees last Wednesday on National Signing Day for the area HS players then you saw where Alex Harrison and Terrance Topps from Southeast Guilford along with Cedric Miller and Charles Thomasson from Ragsdale are headed to Central Carolina Sports Academy.

Many of you were saying where is and what is the Central Carolina Sports Academy??????

Well, strangely enough, it is located inside the Proehlific Park on Horspen Creek Road, owned and operated by former NFL’er Ricky Proehl.

The CCSA is another invention of “Football Man” Clayton Banner, who was trying to bring arena football back to Greensboro and now he has come up with this. I’m not too sure about all of the previous Clayton Banner inventions, but who knows, maybe this one will work.

You play football for the CCSA Warriors and you attend classes at GTCC. It is set up like a prep-school and this is a concept that I have never seen or heard of before, where you go to school one place and play your games for another group not affiliated with your educational institution.

Clayton Banner has this operation up and going and here’s just a snippet of what they are doing, where they are going and where they are right now. Alex Harrison, Terrance Topps, Cedric Miller and Charles Thommason are heading there and this is what they are getting into.

Central Carolina Sports Academy located in the triad of North Carolina (Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point) is the premier Post graduate academic, football,basketball,and lacrosse program of it’s type in the country. If a student athlete needs Jr.College, Prep, or Post grad education and athletics CCSA is the answer.

Central Carolina Sports Academy is found in one of the hot beds of collegiate sports. Within the region one will find schools from Division I BCS,Division I Bowl Division,Division II, Division III, NAIA and Jr.College programs. The programs is built on a educational foundation that people can be given a second opportunity to improve their lives. The players will improve their academic standing and will enhance their football,basketball, and lacrosse skills as to attract two and four year higher education programs. The CCSA will teach and train at the state of art Proehlific Park a site use to train professional and college athletes for the NFL combine,NBA summer league, and NFL/CFL spring timing days and personnel tryouts with the pro and college scouts. (

All programs used by CCSA are certified with the North Carolina Department of Education under the Division of Non-Public Education and registered with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA):all college programs are conducted in accredited college programs that fit the needs of each student.

The most important factor to know about CCSA is that in the harsh economic times we live, the system we use at CCSA is the most cost affective course of action in the United States and Canada. We save families money, we are affordable and the best investment for your child’s future. You will save tens of thousand of dollars. We encourage you to visit the state of the art Proehlific park and see the center for direction please visit, or call 336-

Proehlific Park Sports Complex
4517 Jessup Grove Rd
Greensboro, NC 27410
336 – 577 – 5780
(Info from ccsa web site.)

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  1. Grimsley has three or four kids going to CCSA.

    Josh Patterson-QB/DB
    William Cook-DE
    Ryan Jackson-LB/DE
    Mychal Dotts-RB/DB ?

  2. I have students interest in your programs. Would you please send me some procedures. Maria Devega, Wake County Public Schools, Special programs, 110 Corning rd. Cary NC 27511.

  3. Please e:mail information regarding your program and wether your program is sports and academics also . (678) 592-8914

  4. I am severly concerned for the football and basketball players of CCSA. Why is it that they were not told that when they became fulltime students at GTCC that it would hinder their NCAA eligibility? They should have been told that so they could have made possibly a different choice. Also, is this school on the up and up? Why is it that the students have been asked to change their financial aid check disbursment address to Clayton’s office instead of letting the parents handle such large amounts of money, in the thousands of dollars. I noticed that there are some kids who have been seen by universities and they are interested in them. What can CCSA do for these kids for 10 -12 thousand dollars that their high school could not. I think that the parents should look more into what is going on with their son’s money and future!!!

  5. I would think twice before sending your child to this school. The staff is very unorganized. The coaching staff will not return your calls. This program will not last.

  6. We play here ang it is going ok so far we all thought it was a scam at one point but its getting alot better

  7. How many Junior Colleges on the East Coast play football??? I can answer that, 3. I have done a lot of looking into Junior College football. The NJCAA has 68 teams across the country. Roughly 47 of those schools give a limited number of scholarships. The Mississippi conference can only have 5 out-of-state players on their roster. Every NJCAA scholarship school has a limit on out-of-state players. The schools that do not give scholarships rely on the financial aid system and parents to supply the player’s money for tuition, room/board, books and other costly items. You will not find a school anywhere that can do all of this with no scholarship for much less than these people are asking. They have designed a product to help players stay closer to home, play and train. I am not sure if it will work. I am not sure if the staff is on the up and up. But I can tell you that there is a huge need for something like this on the East Coast. I have had players sign all over the country because they wanted to play. However, I have had as many or more stay home…because they did not want to go that far from home for one reason or another. I hope this or something like this takes off. These kids need something to help them.

    As far as the questions about the money…AAU and travel baseball programs all over the country are charge fees like this for only playing. If the group is paying for Tuition, Room/Board and taking care of the kids…what is the issue? Some parents don’t really know how to help their child go to school. These players are NCAA Junior College students. The same rules apply to them as any other NCAA school. It is not a prep school setup(which would scare me). The rules about NCAA Junior college students are clear. Again, I do not know if the group is on the up and up…but there is a huge need for this. I for one hope this works for the kids.

  8. I have been really looking in this subject. Notre Dame College and Webber International both played CCSA this season. I spoke to the Head Coach at Notre Dame College this morning. He had pretty good things to say about the team. They have interest in a couple of players on the team. I then called a former college coach of mine at Webber International. They also had solid things to say about the appearance of the team. I am still looking into the academy itself. But as far as the on the field product…all appears well. I will be back with more.

  9. why is it that when someone writes something about ccsa or Clayton Banner the articles always disappears?What I’m talking about is the article about ccsa and whats shakin . When the truth stared getting posted the article got taken down maybe GREENSBORO SPORTS is in with CCSA CLAYTONBANNER Veritas Sports Academy Inc ,And PIEDMONT ATHLETIC DEVLOPMENT maybe that is where the money Clayton Banner took from everyone went to pay them off. Parents beware this is just a money scam like ccsa was . They just changed the name and are operating under a Christian organization . Like said I if this is a Christian organization why would they keep Clayton Banner someone who stole some much from so many . I think Greensborro Sports should Grow a pair and do a follow up story and print the truth about Clayton Banner and his past Because from what I have found out he always Disappears with the money . If he is going to be part of Veritas Sports Academy and Piedmont Athletic Development its the same thing just a different name . Its time to stop this man and these groups from taking peoples hard earned money by scamming them . So lets see what Greensboro Sports does now and well know who’s in with who . Again PARENTS BEWARE before you hand over your money!!!!!

  10. The new organization is not ran by Clayton Banner nor does he have anything to do with the money.If you have done so much research and say you have info you would know that Allen Hooker is the director of the VERITAS Inc. and Piedmont Athletic Development.Do the research on the right person and get off of banners back.The past is the past and you should be living for the present.Nobodys perfect so fall back.You shoul come by and sit in on our meetings we have on tuesdays and thursdays and see whats goin on.

  11. I know who is running what but I also heard Allen Hooker say he was going to contract with Clayton Banner to be a consultant . Why would you want someone who took all the money from CCSA to be a consultant when they could not run their on program? Maybe you should pay a little more attention because that is what was said at the orientation meeting .Have you checked into Veritas Sports ? Is this the same one that closed because they owed 2 million dollars ? I will not back off Clayton Banner because he has stole money from people in every program he has been involved in he is a smooth talking con artist and a scammer . he put kids in danger by putting them in equipment that was not certified THAT I HAVE PROOF OF111I think you should talk to some of the places he dealt with and see how many got paid.I also know that alot of school systems do not recognize the schooling they were doing .By the way I have done the research may be you should!!!!

  12. I kno banner you coached with my high school coach and also arena football with my cousin at the prowlers and most of the atletes attend gtcc and the university of pheonix.And whats wrong with a man wanting to show someone how to run a succesful program.Mr hooker knows people in higher places that have partnered up with veritas to show us that we have nothin to worry about.At no games i played in no one was hurt an with veritas we are getting new equipment.This is one reason why we have so many people down talkin the black community because people like you want to always down someone maybe if your child would have done what he had to do he would not have had to come to ccsa lr veritas.

  13. Here you go Athlete….Hooker’s a crook just like Banner.

    I am a coach that was at CCSA, so I know just about everything there is to know about that operation. Most of the things that have been posted about the program are true. The program brought in at least $150,000 and at least $100,000 is missing. It is believed that Banner took a trip to Russia, bought a house and car with most of the money. It is also believed that he is still sitting on some of it. Most of the coaches that were originally brought in were lured by lies. We were told that all of the facilities were secured, but they were not. We were kicked out and off of the YMCA’s fields because Clayton refused to pay or contact the YMCA administration. He currently owes them $40,000. He was given the opportunity to call them and negotiate that amount down to $15,000, but refused to pick up a phone and communicate with them. That is is mode of operation. He is nothing more than a glorified salesman that will not hesitate to lie, collect and run. Most of the coaching staff stayed on through the season, with hopes of getting the kids that could get out away from the program, but most of them were enrolled in remedial classes that would not allow them to get a transferable credit for at least 3 years. Banner set the program up as a trap to make money. The promises that were made and not carried out are still adding up. He is currently working with and for Veritas, which seems to be just as crooked as CCSA. The new man in charge is Alan Hooker, who claims to be an upstanding and honest business and Christian man, but itis nothing more than a mask and front. He has no concern for the coaches that were caught up in the Banner’s scam in Greensboro. He pleads ignorant, but has been told on several occasions what the situation is/was. Many of the coaches that were affiliated with the program are still trying to figure out what to do. Most are trying to press charges, because they were given bad checks. After trying to deposit his bad check, one coaches account was down to -$800. Another coaches mortgage bounced. These are things that Clayton let happen and has no remorse for. He is looking to do this type of thing again as soon as possible. In addition screwing the coaches, Banner is still going around saying the coaches were let go because they weren’t performing their duties, when the truth is we only got paid once the whole season, but tried to hold on for the sake of the kids. Additionally, Banner is spreading many rumors and untruths about why the program failed. The program failed because he never had the best interest of the children in mind. He embezzled a very large sum of money and all of these things are going to catch up with him.This is a general overview of what went on at CCSA/Student Athlete Development Association/Piedmont Sports Academy/Veritas. At this point I have no hope of getting the money that was lost in dealing with this situation, but I don’t want any other coach, kid or parent to get caught in this trap again. There are over 100 kids that took out loans up to $13,000, that have no clue what to do next. There are still coaches that got caught up in this that haven’t got themselves together yet. It was/is a mess and the man that did it has no remorse. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  14. Wow, Athlete apparently CCSA, SADA, Varitas, and Piedmont sports academy have done a wondeful job of teaching you how to write. I see the money you have paid Dr? Banner has ben well spent. Please don’t ever posted anything again. You sound real dumb.

    As for Banner he is going to get his real soon. Watch out clayton justice is going to be served.

  15. Hey old coach, would like to talk with you about Clayton Banner. Please e-mail me asap.

    -concerned Coach

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