Our first-ever GTCC Baseball report

Thanks to Tony Sutphin we have news on the GTCC Titans and their baseball team headed up by coach John Barrow.

Here’s Tony’s report from Saturday afternoon:

GTCC is on their way to Sweeping Doubleheader over Salem Community College at Ragsdale High School

GTCC won the opener 11-2 with Brad Ison (Eastern Randolph) picking the win (the first of the season for GTCC). Offense was led by Chad Hockaday (SW Guilford) 2-3, John “Diesel” Neese (NW Guilford) went yard, shortstop Brandon McKinney (NW Guilford) also had a big two rbi single. It was also great to see Burlington Williams grad and past GBC Prepstar Jordan Covington go 1-1 in the opener.

In game 2 – Joe Haumacher is in line to get the win, as GTCC was up 10-0 in the fourth. Leadoff hitter Chris Dameron (S. Alamance) led off both games with doubles – nice starts, and he added a bomb to center in game 2. John Neese added another single in game 2. Brandon Dhue (Toronto) had a big 2 run single in GTCC’s 6 run first inning. Brian Ivan (Toronto) hit a line drive off the middle of the scoreboard at Ragsdale that the wonderful umpires ruled a double, and then he added another real double down the lf line. Catcher Brent Young added to the offense with a double to RC. Secondbaseman – Jonathan Fernandez (Ft Lauderdale) dropped a deep bomb to rf and added a double to LC – I know coach Barrow loved the way the ball jumps off this kids bat.

Great to see GTCC get their first two wins of the year and there was a big crowd out on a nice day!! GTCC plays two more tomorrow(Sunday) at Ragsdale!!

*****Thanks to Tony and we look forward to more of his reports.*****


  1. Why do they call it community college sports when they recruit from places like Canada and Florida? I don’t think its fair to the local guys who played their hearts out in local high schools but are now trapped by leter of intents but aren’t getting the opportunity to play because Coach thinks he has drafted better talent outside the community. One of GTCC’s transfer students has already been involved with illegal drugs and almost killed himself by overdose but I guess that doesn’t matter because Coach had him dressed and playing by the next game. These coaches are a joke and have no respect for the community or for the team players who excell in academics and live by the so called rules that the coaches seem to selectively apply. By the way, who pays their salaries, Florida tax payers, Canadian tax payers, no I believe their salaries come from us local tax payers who have devoted their lives to raising fine young men who can play ball with the best of them!

  2. To the disgusted father who left his unflattering comments about the coach…you should be ashamed of your childlike comments. Besides the fact that out of state student/athletes have to pay twice as much as local talent, they too deserve a chance. Afterall…this is a sport where sportsmanlike conduct is expected on and off the field. Kudos to Coach Barrow for doing his best and that includes recruiting talent that will give them a chance to excel AND help GTCC become successful on the field as well. He is a great coach. He is doing everything right and doesn’t deserve to have such bad things said about him. These athletes respect each other and pull together to work as a team for the common good. Clearly, this parent has personal issues and he should just back off and allow these young men to enjoy the experience.

  3. Thank you to Tony Sutphin for his informative report on GTCC Titan Baseball! Please keep these updates going! It’s wonderful to keep up to date on the progress of Coach Barrow’s team. This is going to be a great season!

  4. Disgusted father if your really upset and pist off about all of this then why do not you state your name. BE A MAN. Im from North carolina and im disgusted by the way you talked about out of state players like that. they are all great kids and dont deserve to read that. They make this team better everyday with the amount of talent they have to offer.

  5. By the sounds of things, it seems like the son of the disgusted father is riding the bench. And, I guess if he actually looked at the roster he would see that the majority of players are all local kids. Isn’t it the responsibility of any good Coach to get the best talent possible even if that means from Florida or Canada or wherever? Take a look at the #1 ranked junior college roster and see how many local kids are on that team.

    Obviously, disgusted father has no idea how hard Coach Barrow works for these kids and how much of his personal time and energy he has devoted to each and every one of them.

  6. First of all I want to appologize to the coaches and to any of the parents or team players who I may have offended by my hasty comments. I was not disrespecting the players or the parents but was upset with the GTCC program as a whole. These comments were made out of the pain and frustration I was feeling for my son who has played and respected the game of baseball for many years. Guess we had our hopes and espectations set a little too high coming into his freshman year but all conversations prior to signing made it appear that he would receive a good amount of playing time on this team. Then to see him sitting on the bench while out of state players get a good majority of the playing time is very hard to accept when you know he has the ability to fill a number of those positions if he was just given a chance. I don’t promote the way I approached this problem to my son and when he asks me for advice on this subject I always tell him to give it 100%, be respectful of your team mates and coaches and to never give up trying. Guess I need to listen to my own advice! As far as not releasing my name its not from being a “coward” its to protect my son from further pain as he has hard a hard enough time trying to adjust as it is.

  7. LA LA LA. GTCC baseball is bad, and recruiting is only going to get harder. To say thier facilities are bad is a lie, but only because they do not have facilities at all! The Triad needs to open thier eyes at the opportunity of Division 1 Junior College baseball . The GTCC baseball program should be at the top of the list for ALL TOP LOCAL TALENT, including kids that are signing to play at top NCAA schools. GTCC can ont compete with second tier local talent. It is impossible for them to reach that stautus without a field, plain and simple. You can not prepare without a field and you can not recruit top notch talent without a field. Kids talk and having to drive all over town for practice and not having a home field is not what playing college baseball is ab0ut. As for the father taking shots at Coach Barrow online and calling out players, even with the apology you are a chump! All coaches are paid to win, and the more they win the more job security they have. He is playing the players he thinks gives him the best chance to win. Right or wrong thats his job, not yours! Word of advice, dont worry about other players and where they are from, compete against yourself and be the best you can be and the rest will take care of itself. Everyone that is a part of GTCC baseball (players,coaches,parents) deserve a pat on the back for enduring the pain and struggles of building a new program without a field or support from other local high school or college programs and for sticking with it through tough times.

  8. Triad Catawba signees from c/o 2008, stats through 14 games

    SW/ Payne Craven- does not appear in stats
    Glenn/ Stuart Wright- does not appear
    Gleen/ Corey Parker- does not appear
    N. Davidson/ Clay Watson- 2 innings pitched
    SW/ Brett Underwood- 2 at-bats
    W. Alamance-/ Colt Johnson- Does not appear
    NE/ Cliff Poole- .2 innings pitched

    The guys that dont appear obviously are yet to play. None of the players listed have declared majors….Why are these guys paying outragous tuition at Catawba to take the same classes offered at any community college in NC? And dont say scholorship, because even with scholorship they’re still paying thropugh the nose. I am not saying these guys would be able to step in right away at Guilford Tech or any other local JUCO, but wow that is an expensive hat and t-shirt they bought!
    To kids reading this, DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE!!!!!! JUCO is a great option!

  9. geat site folks and alot of good advise my son opted for juco instead of a 4 yr school even though he was offered a scholarship from the 4 yr school. Juco ball has been a good thing for him so far.He has seen alot of competition from different area’s of the country already this season so my hats off to the fine people that keep juco baseball alive and well regardless of what part of the country they are from

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