Got TV? May be Not Tomorrow!

This Saturday the Carolina Tar Heels visit the Maryland Terrapins for what might be a pretty good game…. That is if you have made the switch to Digital TV.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 at midnight, Sinclair Broadcasting will pull the plug on WXLV-TV Channel 45. Some 430 plus other TV stations are doing the same. All Full Power TV Stations were going to switch off tonight; but just like most government programs – it did not go right.

You need a DTV Converter Box, subscribe to Cable, subscribe to satellite or have a DTV-Ready TV to watch ABC-45 (and My Network 48) after midnight tonight. The rest of the stations in our area are going to wait it out until June 12 to pull the plug on their analog transmitters.

So when you try to watch the Terps and Heels Saturday – you have been advised.