A word from the wife of “Big Paul” Franklin from WTQR 104.1 radio

I am the widow of Big Paul Franklin. I miss him with every fiber of my being as does our 6 children. We are going to be fine as is our much beloved “Aunt Eloise”………….God does have a plan for each of us, and I’m sure Eloise has been set sail or soon will be on her new course. “When a door closes, a window opens”………. As for her support of this family and our dearest Paul, YES, she stood firm on the truth the day we were in court. She has integrity and loyalty. I read what was written about her firing being potentially linked to her testimony and in all honesty, I cannot support this theory. Thank you to each of you who still express missing hearing Paul on the radio. I miss hearing him and now suffer the loss of the familiar, jovial, albeit at times “soap boxy”, Eloise Loise Cotton”………..Love you Eloise…………..ALWAYS!!!