Former wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer suspect in roommate’s death

from Rich Twilling

Verne Gagne, the AWA legend and WWE Hall of Famer, is a resident of the Friendship Village in Bloomington, MN, an assisted living community. He was allegedly involved in an incident with Helmut R. Guttman on January 26th, which ended up with Gagne throwing Guttman to the floor.(Once a grappler, always a grappler.) Twenty days later, Guttman passed away. Both Gagne and Guttman suffer/suffered from Alzheimer’s related dementia. Police are investigating Gagne as a suspect, but it has been noted that, due to his condition, Gagne was most likely unaware of what he did and had no recollection of the incident.

Twill’s Two Cents: Gagne is not being charged with anything at this time. It would be difficult to determine that Gagne was completely at fault given the physical and mental conditions of both men. This was definitely a tragic situation and the Guttman family has every right to be upset. I wonder where the supervisors in the home were when this took place.

Here’s a second report on the same story:

Breaking News: Wrestling Legend Named A Murder Suspect
Reported by: Ryan Clark

According to reports by Fox Twin Cities, The Minnesota Post and KSAX TV , wrestling legend Verne Gagne has been named a suspect in the death of 97-year old Helmut R. Gutman. The two were roommates at the Friendship Village home, as both suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease-related dementia. Gutman and Gagne had an altercation on January 26th, which led to Gutman suffering a broken leg and head injury, which required hospitalization. Gutman passed away four days after the injuries were sustained.

The Bloomington, Minnesota police have launched an investigation into the death, but have not commented if Gagne will be charged or not.

Gagne has reportedly been in several physical altercations while at the home, including a previous incident with Gutman, where Gagne choked him.

Gagne had been asked to leave the home, and he no longer resides there.

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  1. Canâ€t Greg Gagne and son in law Larry Zybysko afford a private room for Verne.

    Oh, wait a minute. Verne HAS a private room now.

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