Cates and crew at ER headed toward Lee

The word from the Chatham County newsroom is that long-time Eastern Randolph High School football coach Burton Cates and his staff will be heading to Lee County at the end of the current school year.

This is the word coming from the Chatham News and they are also reporting that ER Wildcat athletic director Charles Arrington may be headed toward Lee County too.

With the opening of the new Providence Grove High School in Randolph County, it looks like a mass exodus from ER will be in order at the conclusion of this 2008/2009 school year.

Good Luck to Coach Cates and his staff. They have enjoyed much success at Eastern Randolph over the years with football and in the local community.


  1. If Coach Cates leaves everyone in Lee county should send a personal thank you to Dan Andrews the superindendant of Randolph county schools. Don Almighty is the equivalent of a superindendant dictator. As I understand it STuper Don will not assure Coach Cates a position this fall. Coach Cates is a contract employee of RCS. Lee County gets Burton Cates and we get to keep Don Andrews? What the @$%^ is that? Randolph County is losing a 25 plus year veteran of educatiing young men of Randolph county and keeps a 5 year resident who’s only concern is tearing apart communities.

  2. Sadly, That is very much the situation in Randolph County at this time. Of course, football is not the most important aspect of our education system, but every other area is failing rapidly under this superintendent. Randolph County needs someone at the helm who is from this area and knows what it takes to lead here.

    But Good Luck to Coach Cates as he is forced to leave his home! Hopefully the people of Lee County will welcome him with open arms. Lee County could just be in for a great few years in football.

  3. Please know that Coach Cates is not being forced to leave b/c of a lack of job contract for the 2009-2010 school year. But as most community-minded people are finally realizing is that RCS is not about what is best for students anymore. All but one Board of Education member has allowed this Supt. to do whatever he wants to, even when he has gone against promises and reassurances made to the Bd of Ed and the parents and students. The RCS Bd of Ed “leaders” (minus 1) evidently have really lowered their standards and expectations for our students and their futures by continuing to be satisfied with such a “weak link” as the “leader” of RCS. Good Luck, Coach Cates, you have done more for the high school students you have worked with than “DA” could ever even “talk in circles” about. Coach Cates, always know you made a difference in my life and you showed us all how to “leave it better than we found it”!

  4. We are the ones who vote on the members of the Board Of Education in RC. They are elected for the people & by the people. So when are they going to wuit being bullied by Don Andrews and stand up for the people. Anyone who knows anything about RC school system knows how unhappy the entire county is. Not because ER’s Football program lacked a great deal this year but because we have allowed one man to control everything in our school system! When you hear talk throughout the whole school sytem about the damage this one man has done to this county it makes you wonder how much more do we take. If the Board of Education aren’t willing to take a stand than the parents, teachers, and community will have to. Don’t allow this stranger come in to our county, our school system and ruin everything that we as a community have worked hard for.

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