Playoff Time Top Scorers:Girls‏

Miranda Jenkins (Soph) Eastern Guilford: 61 pts: 20.3 ppg
Capricia Small (Jr) Eastern Guilford: 61 pts: 20.3 ppg
Crystal Moore Rockingham County: 60 pts: 20.0 ppg.
Helen Terry (Sr) Dudley: 59 pts: 19.6 ppg
Courtney Arrington (Sr) Ragsdale: 58 pts: 19.3 ppg
Brittany Cox (Sr) Bishop McGuinness: 49 pts: 16.3 ppg
Brionna Patterson (Jr) Dudley: 45 pts: 15.0 ppg
Erin Thompson (Sr) Bishop McGuinness: 39 pts: 13.0 ppg
Jessica Farr (Sr) Dudley: 35 pts: 11.6 ppg
Lisa Archie (Sr) Ragsdale: 33 pts: 11.0 ppg
Dorian Mcinnis (Sr) Ragsdale: 32 pts: 10.6 ppg
Whitney Knight (Soph) Bishop McGuinness: 28 pts: 9.3 ppg
Krsitin Crosby (Jr) Eastern Guilford: 28 pts: 9.3 ppg

Player updates through game one of the Regionals:

Whitney Knight 44 pts : 11.0 ppg
Brittany Cox 61pts: 15.2 ppg
Erin Thompson 47 pts : 11.7 ppg
Helen Terry 76 pts: 19.0 ppg
Brionna Patterson: 50 pts : 12.5 ppg
Jessica Farr 48 pts: 12.0 ppg
Krystal Moore: 76 pts: 19.0 ppg

Note: These top scorers are based on players who played three games and their teams advanced to the Sectional Championships. If your team advanced to the Sectional Championship and your name and numbers are not posted, please send in your verifiable information so that you can be listed. Super job by the girls and their teams.

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