AM950 call for Tonight

We will have both games from Greenville on the air for you tonight.

Northern Guilford vs. Bertie 7PM
Dudley vs. Kinston 8:30PM

*****Don’t let this stop you from attending the games. The kids need you in person, in Greenville, tonight for the Regionals at ECU. If for some reason you can’t make it, check out the game on AM950 or at Good clear signal they tell me with the web/internet….Mike Coleman needs to be on the front row in Greenville tonight. Back in 1999 he’s was tuned in on a Friday while waiting in line at the K&W Cafeteria. Get on down to Greenville TONIGHT Mike.*****

Later on in the evening we hope to have a score blog set up with Captain Don Moore here at


  1. im glad there is an way for the fans who cant go tothe game to still be able to keep up with it great idea!!!!!!

  2. First, I witnessed the worst officiated game in high school basketball history. Second, Dudley’s coaching staff let down their team. It was 59 seconds on the clock and I saw no play calling. Dudley played a 2-3 Zone when Reggie Dilliard was handling Reggie Bullock and then they allowed Bullock to hit 2 straight 3s. Andy, I drove down there and searched the scorers table for you. I had on a brown sweater

  3. We were on the side opposite the scorers table.(PA man on one side, were on the other across the floor from the team benches.) I probably saw you there and there were a lot of local people there.

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