Rich Landrum legendary Mid-Atlantic Wrestling announcer(“The Voice”) visits GSPN site

Bruce Mitchell did an article a while back on the grand old days of in- studio wrestling at the WRAL TV-5 facilities in Raleigh and the man behind the microphone, “The Voice” Rich Landrum, came by today and left a very nice comment for Mr. Mitchell.

Landrum got his start calling wrestling matches at the old fairgrounds in Richmond, Virginia and he was one of the best, and he had the slick look and he looks to be much better for the wear than many of the wrestlers that you see today.

Landrum has made several appearances at the CWF Johnny Weaver Memorial Cup events in Burlington, N.C. over the years and Landrum is holding up better than Bob Caudle, although Caudle has a few years on Landrum and Mitchell has a few years on Wade Keller, James Caldwell and Dick Bourne.

Here’s the note from Landrum and it’s good to see the site reaching out into so many different communities:

Yes, Bruce it was definitely the green polyester suit that kept me from inviting you to join Sonny Fargo and me for a cool one. After all, who wants to be seen with a Jolly Green Giant wanna be. LOL

Great piece, Bruce! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rich “The Voice” Landrum

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