Two years later, the comments are still coming in about Carr and what he did

Two years ago, back in 2007; Tolly Carr, a news reporter/morning anchor and former sports reporter for WXII TV 12, was driving drunk heading home from a bar in Winston-Salem. Carr was driving a pickup truck and he went off the road and up on the curb and hit a pedestrian in downtown Winston-Salem.

The young man, Casey Bokhoven, was walking home and upon being hit by the vehicle that Carr was driving he was pinned up under the truck and dragged several feet down the city sidewalk. The impact of the collision killed Bokhoven and Tolly Carr was charged with DWI and vehicular manslaughter.(TC is currentlyl serving time for what he did and he is due to be released from prison in April of this year.)

We are still receiving comments about what happened on that fateful night/early morning and here is one of those comments that came in this week and the comments make reference to the TV broadcast by TC from the pulpit of his church where Carr offered up his feelings about everything that had taken place:

MC, the bloggers did not crush Casey’s skull. Mr. Carr did. And you find us disgusting? We are typing in a free, open forum. Not killing anyone. Is it because Mr. Carr is a television personality that you can see him as a suffering victim instead of the perpetrator? Or is it another reason?

Since you are ready to express knowledge of psychology, here is the other side of an analysis of Carr. Sociopathic Personality Disorder or Narcissism. There have been plenty of professionals who have made those judgements (ooooh, judgement, that politically incorrect, nonCOMPASSIONATE word. I must be REALLY sickening) about TC.

More than any that would be inclined to come up with an inability -to -face -his -consequences -reaction scenario. The victim’s (not TC) family do not need to “get over and through the phase of their anger so they can forgive me’. Tolly Carr, you do not get to dictate a family’s grief to make it more comfortable for you. Nor will we stand for you minimizing it. You are just not that important.

And MC, you don’t seem to be sickened by Tolly Carr’s rush to judgement of a family’s pain as a phase, thereby inferring they were making SUCH a big deal out of a simple accident. And yes, he did infer that. If the tables were turned and Casey had negligently caused the manslaughter of Tolly, and Casey had uttered those Tolly Carr phrases, you would be in an uproar.

I don’t care how many celebrity pastors this man can entice to qualify him (without once mentioning the victim, who was, inconveniently, of a different skin color than the congregation). Before anyone gets into a tizzy of the mention of the “eek, gasp” race utterances, hold on to your righteous rage. It sure as hell did matter to that church that TC is black and Casey was not. There. I’ve said it. Go ahead and have a liberal meltdown. But you may just be surprised at what color my skin is. Does not matter anyway. A non apology is a non-apology, period.
If Tolly Carr had once shown true remorse into a live broadcast that he had premeditated and chosen to make, I would be willing to accept his tears as real and not as crocodile tears for his own personal losses.

What, the broadcast was not premeditated? He knew exactly what he was doing and had planned in advance what he would say. The broadcast was spontaneous? Yes, it was just as humanly spontaneous as drinking and driving.