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A question for today/tonight. What ever happened to Tyler Hickernell, one of the best names in all of local sports????? I believe he was with High Point Wesleyan……

Any word on DeSean Anderson of Ragsdale yet? Putting up any early numbers????? I know he is considered one of the top players in our area and he has the commitment to South Carolina in hand>>>>>

Northwest Guilford 6
Glenn 1
Stephen Mikita:Winning Pitcher
Getting one or more hits were Robbbie McIntosh, Alex Swim, Glen Clemons, Corey McKinney, Steven Mikita, Houston, and Dixon.


Elliott Slack, Cal Sutphin, Brock Hudgens, Will Kellum, Ethan Ogburn, and Davis Inman all got first inning singles to plate 4 runs for the Cowboys and that was all they would need. Davis Inman pitched 5 2/3 innings to pick up his first win of the year, with Bo Rein pitching the final 1 1/3 for the save. Ethan and Elliott added another hit each and Andrew Pate had a late inning double as the Cowboys had 10 hits for the night. The game between Ragsdale and Southwest has been moved to Thursday (3/12/09) at Ragsdale at 5:00 pm in hopes of better weather than Friday. It looks like it will be Ethan Ogburn vs. David Coffey on Thursday.

Bennett Hixson gets another win for the Tigers throwing 2nd consecutive 1 hitter. Ben Fultz and Alex Walters go yard for Ragsdale.

*****Ragsdale Tigers are (5-0) and there may be another collision course with Ragsdale and SEG(4-0) somewhere down the highway.*****

Wp: Ryan Vickers in relief of Linthicum
Lp: Tucker Rogers in relief of Rose

Vickers: 1-4, 2RBI (2-run HR)
Holland: 1-3 (3B), RBI

Grimsley: Kevin Rose had 4 strong innings as starter (2R, 2H, 5K, 2BB), but faltered in the 5th (3 runs on 2 hits) and left with the game tied at 5. Offense:

Highfill 2-2 (1B, 2B), 2 runs
Shumate 2-3, run, RBI
Dunn 2-4, run, 2 RBI
Rogers 2-4 (3B)

The Tigers plated the go ahead run in the bottom of the eighth on an error by the shortstop.

Southeast Guilford 11
Western Guilford 5
*****SEG Adam Kirkpatrick 3-3, Josh Tobias 3-3 HR, 2RBI’s, Trey Gilmore 2-4…..WP Tyler Faggert….SEG Falcons (4-0) to start the year and Western Guilford was led in part by the hard-hitting Macon Smith, Corey McKenna, Casey Jones and Ben Marrero.*****

Dudley 13
High Point Andrews 2
*****Winning Pitcher Jabril Shabazz*****
In the top of the fifth the rains came and everyone went scrambling for cover. We’ll have game photos up on the site hopefully by Thursday or Friday.*****

East Chapel Hill 11
Page 1

Trinity 4
High Point Central 3


  1. 8 th ranked NW Vikings defeated Glenn 6 to 1 to remain unbeaten. Stephen Mikita pitched a great game and came close to getting a shut out under his belt, but Glenn was able to score one in the 7th. The Vikings once again pounded the baseball . Getting one or more hits were McIntosh, Swim, Clemons,McKinney,Houston, Mikita and Dixon . Congrats go out to the mighty Vikings.

  2. Western Guilford & Southeast Guilford game: both teams have quality ball players …really good game. For Western, highlight was Macon Smith’s 3 run HR …talk about justice in response to cheap shot comments and unsportsmanlike conduct by the SEG fans. Even the Umpire had to ask the SEG Coach to get his fans to behave.

  3. I don’t know any details, but it sounds like things might be getting a little rowdy down at Southeast Guilford again. I will be down that way today to investigate. I wonder if the “Legend Charlie Pannell” has any word on this?

  4. I did not see it the same way that gamefan saw it. I was sitting in the stands with SE students and heard no cheap shot comments or unsportsman like conduct until after the player did his little display. You just never know who may be in the stands watching a game and if there had been a scout there looking at this player he may have lost any chance of being recruited. If you do something outstanding then act like you have been there before, not like a 10 year old. The dugout celebration only lasted 3 pitches into the next batter which I thought was a little long. Coaches, umpires and players have to have thick skin nowdays which is sad but it is what we have come to accept at games. I do believe that it is unacceptable for fans to display unsportsman like conduct and wish it could be eliminated. Again, I did not hear SE fans so any bad things not say there may have been. I did see some hand gesters from some of the students after the player pointed at the SE fans. It was an unfortunated situation on both sides and I hope we learn something from it. It was a great home run.

  5. GO MACON! If I had just hit my 3rd 3 run home run, in 3 games, I’d being being doing the dance too! You’re the bomb!!!!!

  6. Nice try Danny Shutt…you actually didn’t hear some of the SE fans single out “this player” for some personalized taunting when he lost a pop foul earlier in the game?

    That’s funny because several WG folks have told me they clearly heard it all the way from the other side of the field. “The player” says he heard it real well too and decided that, rather than getting mad, especially since he has nothing against SE and there are some kids on the team he thinks well of, he’d use the insults for a little extra motivation.

    So when he tape measured a 3-0 pitch later in the game, which is not unusual for “the player” you are trying to run down (fact check me on that) he acknowledged the motivational assistance that had been provided by some of the SE crowd by pointing toward them. Pointing is what he did and pointing is all he did…and only toward those who had heckled him.

    Buying a ticket to an amateur sports event isn’t a license to heckle or taunt an individual athlete. Pro athletes might have to take it by virtue of being paid to perform, but not amateur athletes; certainly not school kids. In this case, the athlete happens to be one who is confident enough to turn it into motivation…and he did so.

    It would appear that part of the SE fanbase has a reputation for doing what I described herein…hence Andy’s reference to “rowdy again” up above.

    I tell you what, why don’t you do a little homework on the character and sportsmanship of “the player” you’re trying to run down, hoping as you are that somebody will see your piece and use it against him in the future? See what you find out.

    Ask opposing coaches and players, umpires and members of the local baseball community about “the person” you’re trying to run down.

    You don’t want to go to that trouble do you? It’s too easy to sit at a keyboard and run down a kid’s character with impunity and inaccurate facts, isn’t it?

    Try it and see what you find. If you find anything to criticize, post it.

  7. ??? (figures) I don’t have a thing against your fine team at SE; they are good and deserved the win.

    You got a point with any substance to it?

  8. backer44 – if you watch any baseball game you will see that the proper thing to do after someone “pimps” a homerun is to hit the next batter. SE did not do that, to their credit. If they had of hit 44’s team mate 44 may think twice before he pimps a little highschool homer. RESPECT THE GAME!

  9. Whoah – backer44, I sincerly apologize. My intent was not to run down the player and I never ment it to be interpreted that way. I do not know Macon and actually have never heard of him until that game. He seems to be a really good player and I wish him the best. Like I said before there may have been words said but I did not hear any. I apologize to Macon for anything the SE fans may have said or done. It is truly a disgrace for anyone to verbally abuse or taunt any player.
    I’m sure you don’t know me personally for if you did you would know that I am for the kids and truly care about all the players. I still do not agree with what Macon did after he crossed home plate. Like I said if someone had just sat down at the game right before he hit his HR and then saw his reaction they could surely draw the wrong conclusion about him. My son plays on the JV team and if he ever does something I think is inappropriate on the field, the coach better handle it quickly and justly. Again, I am sorry if some of the folks reading this took what I said the wrong way. I am finished with this but I do wish Macon and his team success.

  10. Where’d you get your facts baseballer?

    The player being talked about doesn’t wear #44. I doubt there’s a #44 on the WG team.

    I’m aware of the baseball etiquette that applies to showing up your opponent, and you’d be right in your point if anybody had done as you say and pimped a HR…but nobody did that.

    Some fans singled out a kid playing amateur baseball for some individualized heckling after a play he didn’t make. Later on, the same kid returned the favor by acknowledging those fans after a play he did make. Simple quid pro quo.

    Are you saying those fans were right to heckle the kid, but he’s wrong for acknowledging them for helping him take his motivation to a higher level?

    I think in this case, baseball etiquette would call for the pitcher to throw at the fans who helped the opponent take his motivation up a notch.

  11. Thanks for your reply Danny Shutt.

    The player we’re discussing has a lot of respect for the game and his opponent…which on this day was the better team and deserving winner.

    I don’t think there will be any more gesturing, regardless of the circumstances.

    Good luck to your son and his team.

  12. backer44 – Sorry, I am not familiar with the players/numbers for the teams involved. Thanks for giving me the details though. Two wrongs do not make a right, but I can understand the actions of the player (#??) that you are defending ,considering the circumstances that you have offered. It sounds as though he is a very talented, COMPETITIVE player. Being competitive I can understand how he could get caught up in the moment. As far as throwing at the fans, I think that happened last year when SEG played Randleman and it apparently did not do any good. Thanks for keeping it positive.

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