The WWE lied to us: That was not Randy Orton’s wife!

Can you believe this? I have never felt so had in my life. World Wrestling Entertainment has done it again. They lied to us. We have been had.

That was not Randy Orton’s wife on Raw Monday night. Why couldn’t someone warn us that they might try and pull off a prank like this. We just didn’t see this coming. It’s really not right to be lied to, and treated like this from a company such as the WWE.

I will never watch that show again.


Here’s the real story from James Caldwell at
On Monday night’s WWE Raw, the role of Randy Orton’s wife was played by model Laura Croft. It was not Orton’s real wife.

Croft is from Jacksonville, Fla., where Raw was held that night. Croft has appeared in modeling contests and recently appeared on the “The Girls Next Door” show on E! TV.

James Caldwell’s Analysis: It’s easy to spot a real wife (Shawn Michaels’s wife, Rebecca) versus a pretend actress trying to play a wife without any experience in reacting to a husband’s actions. It was obvious she wasn’t a seasoned actress, as the quality of her work playing Randy Orton’s wife was below-average at best.