A Ray of hope/a ray of Joy

Jason Ray was ray of joy on the University of North Carolina campus in Chapel Hill. He performed as Rameses(the school mascot) for 3 years, hauling his giant rams’ head costume to sporting events one day and children’s hospitals the next.

Then in March of 2007, while with his team for the NCAA basketball tournament, Jason was struck by a car. His family watched and waited at the hospital, but the 21-year old succumbed to his injuries and died.

His story doesn’t end there, however. Jason had filed paperwork two years earlier to donate organs and tissue upon his death-and that act of concern saved the lives of four people and helped dozens of others.

A young man in the prime of his life, with everything to live for, was concerned for the well-being of others and acted on that concern. Those individuals who were helped and their families are deeply grateful for this young man who thought of others.

A Ray of hope and a ray of Joy.