Who will out-last who in the tournament, North Carolina or Duke?/Don’t forget our NCAA contest

Who will out-last who in the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament? Who falls first, Duke or North Carolina?

You can let us know and we also want to remind you about our Shane’s Rib Shack NCAA Tournament Contest. “That’s a lot of FOOD!!!!!”

Just tell us who will be in the Final game and you post your score with those two teams and you have a chance to win $100.00 worth of food from Shane’s Rib Shack. That’s A Lot Of FOOD!

You can put your picks in this box or go back and put them in the original post box. Deadline for entry is Sunday March 22 at 8:55 PM.

$100.00 of FREE FOOD from Shane’s Rib Shack and that’s a lot of food. Enter today and if you are having problems getting in let us know. We will deliver the winnings to your home or office the day after the tournament ends.

We are trying to become the next JOCK 92 or 102 SLAMS so this BIG CONTEST might be our start……Help spread the word!