Final on Guilford College at the NCAA Final Four

Washington University of St. Louis 77
(30-55 from the field and 13-25 from 3-point range/4-8 from the foul line, 32 rebounds)
Guilford College 58
(18-43 from the field and 8-18 from 3-point range/14-18 from the free throw line, 23 rebounds) For Guilford:Clay Henson had 23 points and Tyler Sanborn added 11 points and 7 rebounds…..

77-53 Washington U with 1:30 to play…..

72-48 WU over GC with only 2:59 remaining in the game….
70-48 with just 3:30 to play….Washington U over Guilford College
67-45 Washington U over Guilford College with 5:35 remaining…..

62-43 WU with 7:17 to play…..
60-41 WU with 8:30 remaining…..
57-41 Washington U with 9:41 remaining…..
51-41 Washington U with 10:46 to play….
48-41 Washington U over GC with 11:30 to play….

46-41 WU with 12:11 to play. Guilford’s Clay Henson just hit two big free throws and he has a game-high 23 points……
46-39 Washington U over GC with 13:10 to go
Now 43-33 with 15:12 remaining, WU in front….Time out Guilford
43-32 Washington U with 15:32 to play…..

Guilford trails Washington University 39-28 with 19:25 left in the ball game at the Salem Civic Center in Salem Virginia. There are two links at the Guilford College athletics web site that will get you into the game.

One link takes you to the NCAA DIII site and the other link is a direct link to the audio web cast with Guilford’s Bryan Jones LIVE from the arena.

Both are just one click away from our site when you go to the right hand column and click on the Guilford College link.