Black Friday for the ACC in the NCAA’s

Not a good Friday for the ACC in the men’s NCAA basketball tournament.

There was a time back around 1979 when they had the Black Sunday at the Greensboro Coliseum and both North Carolina and Duke lost on the same day in the opening round of the NCAA tournament and let’s hope that the Black Friday doesn’t become a Black Saturday and we end up with a black mark on all of our NCAA bracket sheets where the ACC teams are listed.

Bill Hass former News and Record sports writer who still does the specials for the N&R could probably take us back to those days in the late 70’s and fill us in on the Black Sunday, but here’s how it went on Black Friday, one week after Friday the 13th.

March 20th ACC men’s scores from the NCAA tournament:

USC 72, Boston College 55
Minneapolis, Minn. (NCAA Tournament – 1st Round)

Cleveland State 84, Wake Forest 69
Miami, Fla. (NCAA Tournament – 1st Round)

Wisconsin 61, Florida State 59 ( OT )
Boise, Idaho (NCAA Tournament – 1st Round)

*****Should Wake Forest have a #4 seed and didn’t Cleveland State look much better than a #13?*****