Good job by Coach O, Ricky Proehl and Rivals at Saturday event

Good show at the Five Star Football Showdown at Proehlific Park. Large number of kids on hand working hard and Coach O, Ricky Proehl, and did a good job on putting this event together.

Quarterbacks throwing to receivers, Linemen working against linemen, Defensive backs covering receivers and Linebackers in coverage against Runningbacks.

The event lasted from 12 Noon until 4PM and I saw a number of kids that we have covered here at the site including Christian McCain, Keenan Allen, James Scales III, Gabe King and others.

It was a solid workout event, and I also saw Henti Baird who was a Page Pirate and later on a Hampton University Pirate. Henti has really grown over the years from the first time I saw the kid back when he was around 10 or 11 years old.

Good job all the way around by Coach O, Ricky Proehl and

Now comments on this post please, just a positive piece to push the kids…..