District 7 Girl’s: All-District Basketball Team

District 7:
Player of Year: Shay Jones-Mount Tabor
Coach of Year: Terry Allmon-East Davidson
1st Team
First name-Last name-Grade School-Pts/ game-Rebs/game-Assists-FG%-FT%-Stats/ Awards & College recruitment

Shay Jones-12-Mt. Tabor-18.2 ppg-4.9 rpg-6.2 apg-48% FG-83% FT
All District 2008, All Conference 4 years, Conference Player of the year 2008 & 2009, All Northwest 2008, MVP Mary Garber, All Tournament Team, Triad Sports Dazzling Dozen. Signed with Charleston Southern

Anna Freeman-12-East Davidson-15 ppg-10 rpg-5 apg-60% FG-75% FT
Central Carolina Conference Player of the Year – 3 straight years. All Northwest region – 3 years, HP Enterprise POY – 2 years, News & Record POY last year – Will play next year at ASU or Clemson

Paris Alston-12-Southeast Guilford-16.1 ppg-11.3 rpg-2.7 apg-58% FG-62% FT
All Mid- Piedmont, Team MVP, Grant & Aid to S.C. State Univ.

Chevena Pickard-11-Page-15.3 ppg-5.4 rpg-1.7 apg-34% FG-70% FT
Soph: 4A-All Conference, All District 3rd Team Junior: 4A-All Conference, Pizza Hut All-Tournament Team

Samantha Coffer-10-Northern Guilford-16.5 ppg-10 rpg-1.2 apg-45% FG-72% FT
08-09: Triad 3-A All-Conference Team, Rio Grande Player of Week 3 times, Co-Captain 07-08: Triad 3-A All-Conference, 3rd Team All-Region, Wachovia Classic All Tournament Team

2nd Team
First name-Last name-Grade-School-Pts/ game-Rebs/game-Assists-FG%-FT%-Stats/ Awards & College recruitment

Ashlei Clodfelter-12-North Davidson-10.9 ppg-2.8 rpg-3.6-apg-54% FG-64% FT
All-Conference (CPC-4 years), All-Tournament (CPC-2 years, All Northwest (last year), All-Tournament LSB Christmas Classic – 2 years

Jennifer Penley-12-Mt. Tabor-12.4 ppg-8.6 rpg-2.3 apg-46% FG-64% FT
All Tournament 2 years Mary Garber, All CPC Conference, Triad Sports All County, All Northwest 2008. Jennifer will continue to play basketball next year at Navy

Carman Poricozzi-11-Ledford-14 ppg-10 rpg-1.4 apg-44% FG-70% FT
All Conference – possible – they didn’t know who made the All-Conference Team at time of the coaches meeting

Elizabeth Merritt-12-East Davidson-12 ppg-7 rpg-n/a-n/a-n/a
All Conference 2 years – Signed with Catawba

Kelly Tessitore-11-Northern Guilford-12.9 ppg-2.2 rpg-3.1 apg-42% FG-66% FT
Triad 3A All-Conference Team, Co-Captain, Rio Grande Player of Week – 2 times 2007-2008 All Conference, Wachovia Classic All-Tournament

3rd Team
First name-Last name-Grade-School-Pts/ game-Rebs/game-Assists-FG%-FT%-Stats/ Awards & College recruitment

Millesa Calicott-10-Mt. Tabor-11.8 ppg-5.9 rpg-2.6 apg-47% FG-88% FT
Freshman: MVP-Mary Garber, All-Tournament, All Conference Soph: All Mary Garber Tournament, All Conference, Triad Sports All County

Denika Harden-10-Grimsley-12 ppg-3 rpg-2 apg-n/a-n/a
All Conference

Alyssa Cutsham-12-East Davidson-10 ppg-3 rpg-3 apg-n/a-70% FT
All Conference – 4 years, All District last year, All Western Region 2 years All County 2 years

Courtnei Clodfelter-12-North Davidson-8.9 ppg-3.1 rpg-3.1 apg-50% FG-63% FT
All-Conference (CPC), All-tournament CPC 2009

Santana Morrison-n/a-W.S. Prep-18.1 ppg-4.1 rpg-n/a-n/a-n/a
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  1. Too bad Dudley didn’t get their paperwork in order. This would have been a different roster if they were eligible. Congrats to Sam and Kelly on making the 1st and 2nd team. And kudos to Chevena from coming from honorable mention last year to making 1st team this year. Good luck next year girls.

  2. What district is Ragsdale and Northwest in? I would thought they would have been represented here as well.

  3. The coaches may have failed to turn in the required paperwork before the deadline hit. Turns out to be a bad deal for the players that didn’t get on the All-District team.

    Remember our Greensborosports.com teams. We had McInnis, Archie, Bennett, McIntosh, Terry, Patterson, Jenkins, Smalls, Gwynn and several others that you don’t see here, but on the All-District teams it is up to the coaches to get the required info turned in.

    Let’s hope we can get more kids from the Guilford County schools on there next year.

  4. This list is a joke on first team and second. Other than Ann Freeman. Where is Helen Terry and Brionna Patterson? Whoever picked these teams must have bumped their heads. I wonder who they will pick for coach of the year other than Coach Britton? Herman the Frog because he got his paper work in on time.

  5. Other than Ann Freeman on first team the rest of this list is a joke. Where is Helen Terry and Briona Patterson not to mention several others. I wonder who they will name Coach of the year other than Coach Britton? I guess Herman the Frog because he got his paper work in on time!

  6. The State title is the BIG prize and all that’s really important. None of the players listed from the respective teams played for a state title including East Davidson who choked……..

    Dudley didn’t have their paperwork in because they are already busy getting ready for next season making the leap to the 4As.

  7. Tho only people who were allowed to participate in the nominations are those coaches who are members of this NC Coach organization. Coach Britton is not a member of this group. She is a member of the NC High School Athletic Association only. That is the last authority in high school sports in NC. They are the people who run the State Championships. This listing IS NOT FROM THE NC HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION!! Dudley DID NOT TURN IN PAPERWORK LATE!!!!! Notice that other teams are not included, becuase its solely based on whether the coach joined this group. This is a private group, not an official NC State Athletic offiliate.

  8. I think you may on to something here as we keep hearing more about this team.

    I heard the fee is $15.00 to join and that you do have to join and be a member to vote and as you were saying there are two seperate groups, but you would think that the coaches would want to join up and vote their kids in.

    Just some thoughts and thanks for sharing yours with us.

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