Matt Pencola back in the saddle as JB and Billy go AWOL on 100.3 the Buzzard

Maybe the Buzzard at 100.3 is gettting ready to give Chris and Chris a run for their money. I have tuned in to 100.3 the Buzzard the past couple of mornings and no John Boy and Billy. Not that I was looking for them.

Sometimes while making the morning exchange through traffic it makes good sense to check out the pre-sets on your radio to find out what all is still out there. The past couple of mornings it has been Matt Pencola, Crash and Marko on the Buzzard between 9 and 10 a.m. and JB and Billy have been AWOL.

Maybe we are seeing sweeping changes in the radio landscape and then again maybe not. Maybe Matt Pencola, who gained some claim to fame with Tom Jorgenson on the Matt and TJ Show on the old 1320 the Ticket, is about to lead a BIG FM SportsTalk Takeover or Makeover…….

Maybe not, but Chris and Chris on ROCK 92 do quite a bit of talk and much of it revolves around sports and man-type events. We could see the Buzzard going in the same direction with Matt Pencola, Crash and Marko or even Spaz might become part of the mix. You never know this day and time. How about the Matt and Spaz Show?????

They were still laying out a heaping helping of music on The Buzzard the past couple of mornings, so that might be part of the mix too. Local talkers with Matt, Crash and Marko or even Dave Goren and then a long-set mix of your Buzzard-style favorites. ROCK 92 has “Weather Dave” Aiken and now the Buzzard could have “Sports Dave” Goren.

You never know, I might be on to something, and all of this coming from the best idea man in the business, me. No more John Boy and Billy, who got their start on ROCK 92? Does anybody care? Poor JB and Billy. I haven’t heard their show in about 10 years……Did hear it one morning when a wood-chopper was playing it on the radio in his yard as I was running by his house.

I also heard the “Two Live Stus” do an April Fools Joke on their nationally syndicated SportTalk radio show the other day. The show can be heard locally on 1230AM WMFR High Point by way of the Sporting News Radio Network. The joke was that Michael Jordan was coming out of retirement to play hoops again and he would suit up for the Charlotte Bobcats on Wednesday night against the Boston Celtics.

Not true, because this was coming out on April 1, but the kicker is the story was supposively being reported on April Fools Day at the Durham Ledger Newspaper and it was being broadcast during the morning news as a breaking sports story on WSTU TV Greensboro, N.C. WSTU has always been one of my favorite television stations especially when the “Two Live Stus” are giving Greensboro’s very own, WSTU, the props.

Good stories and you never know what you might hear on the radio, but you have to admit it is entertaining and the internet is not far behind in their efforts to inform.

Good Friday to you, but wait, that’s next week. Never too soon to be getting the word out and this web blog/site is the only source many use to get their info and we say, Thanks.(Good to know there are a few crazies still out there like us)………