Egg on Your Face

On Saturday, Greensboro held a Giant Egg Drop at New Bridge Bank Park – not since the Giant Turkey Drop featured on WKRP has something been so screwed up.

I didn’t attend; but you can’t help but hear about it as WFMY has been running the story as often as the Tar Heels being in the National Championship Game Monday night. The News & Record has coverage as well.

It was a nice idea; but throw in:
– New Bridge Bank Park
– Helicopter Egg Drop
– FREE (Did I say free!)
and you get a VERY BIG CROWD. They were expecting less than 1,000 and got over 7,000.

“Oh the humanity.” “With God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”

Kids running all over the field, not enough eggs, too many people. WFMY showed kids crying because they got trampled and no eggs. They did show one kid sharing their eggs with the less fortunate.

Sad thing was the Grasshoppers, who only provided the venue, will get the bad publicity from this event.