Gripe or Complaint Box for April 11, 2009

Got any new Gripes or Complaints????? This is the box for Saturday April 11, 2009. We are taking those complaints and we have to remind you to keep it real on your subject matter.

We will be cleaning out the box at the end of each day and we may have to do some cleaning throughout the day if the material gets too thick.

Local gripes or complaints, National gripes or complaints. Is there anything that is rubbing you the wrong way? How about that coaching change or the kid that just left one school/college and is transferring to another? What about the kid that got left off the All-Conference team or the All-State team?

Do you have anything for us today?????


  1. re: NGHS
    There may be a “rush to judgement” on what the controversey is. I actually hate it for Derrell Force and Joe Yeager. I personally think they are both excellent educators and have done a good job @ Northern.

  2. Last May I played golf with some people from the N&O. They told me that some investigative reporting had been done concerning Northern but the paper’s lawyers wanted more facts before they would let the story go to print. They would not discuss any details. Part of that story came out last month. This is not new. The N&O has been looking at this situation for over a year.

    The good news in all this is it is being investigated through the proper channels instead of internet rumor and speculation. If there is nothing to all this then it clears the name of poeple who have been rediculed. If there is something to it, then it gets addressed. Either way, the air gets cleared.

  3. Kirk,
    You make some rational comments, but what about the people who are making the dispariging comments, and then find out ( possibly) they have been wrong as to the issues here-then they can’t take the comments back. The reporting has not mentioned basketball, baseball, or football anywhere. That tells me that there is more to this whiole investigation.
    Facts, not innuendo, are important. The N & R, is struggling for survival, and they need an issue like this to keep all the titilating gossips in the Guilford ( can’t forget Randolph and Davidson ) county athletic system(s) busy. Maybe we can have lunch out near BP someday after this is all over!
    Have a “Happy Easter”.
    PS. Don’t you think the timing for this is pretty interesting?

  4. Maybe you’re right. Maybe there is more to it. I don’t know. What I do know is I don’t know so I won’t comment. This could be ugly. I just think it’s best to let the authorities sort this out. You have a happy Easter also.

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