USSSA Greensboro Super NIT Tonight

GBC 11u won today over Leighigh Valley Stealth from PA. 9-1 in 4 innings. Walton Chamblee and Trevor Clemons combined to no hit the Stealth. Next game is Chespapeak Wolfpack at 9:00 am Sunday. Semis at 1:00, Chamionship at 5:00

Also today at Lindley Park it was all 12u action:
Palemetto Express 8, Team Influence 0
Virginia Storm 8, Carolina Hurricanes 0
Columbia Heat 7, RBI Red Wings 4
Beaver Valley Red 6, Palemetto Express 3
Rise Baseball Club 5, RBI Red Wings 4
Carolina Heat 3, Mill Creek Hawks 1
Carolina Cubs 2, Mill Creek Hawks 2
Charlotte Hurricanes 11, RBI Red Wings 7
Charlotte Megastars 5, Carolina Heat 4

Tough night for the Team Influence as they saw the Palemetto Express knock them off with a perfect game that ended in four innings.

Coach Darrell Artis and his young men struggled tonight, but they will be back. The pitching was off for TI and their bats were silenced by big #7 for the Express, who we saw at first base on Friday night and he was complaining of back stiffness, but he showed no signs of pain tonight in his pitching effort against the Influence.

Team Influence has the slickest little bat boy in the business and they have a young Pella Stokes in charge of their defensive responsibilities in left field.