NC Gaters Capture 8 & Under and 10 & Under State Championships‏

The North Carolina Gaters organization captured both the 8 & Under and 10 & Under North Carolina state championships on Sunday afternoon in Greensboro.

The 8 & Under Gaters defeated the Metrolina Havoc (Charlotte) by the score of 24-20. The youngest Gaters were led by twin brothers Keyshaun and Kobe Langley who combined for 15 points. Zack Chestnet added 7 points and Kameron Gavin hit a key shot late to put the Gaters ahead. The top-seeded 8’s defeated the Hoop City Heat in the semi-finals in order to reach the championship game.

Metrolina Havoc 4 6 3 7 20
NC Gaters 5 4 7 8 24

Metrolina: Grant Smith 6, Raquan Brown 5, Rylan Melaurin 4, Aaron Scott 2, Latrevyon Davidson 2, Ford Cooper 1

NC Gaters: Kobe Langley 8, Keyshaun Langley 7, Zack Chestnet 7, Kameron Gavin 2

The 10 & Under Gaters defeated the United Stars (Charlotte) by the score of 59-50. The Gaters were led by Kameron Langley with 17 points and 6 assists. J.P. Moorman had 12 points and 13 rebounds. Tyrece Cheek and Tyeren Melton each added eight points apiece. De’Shaun Taylor had 5 points and 7 rebounds while John Newman had 5 points and 6 rebounds. Jeremiah Praylor shut down the the Stars top player and added 4 points of his own. The Gaters defeated CC 1st (Charlotte) in the quarterfinals and the Cabarrus Stars (Concord) in the semi-finals to reach the championship.

United Stars 9 14 9 18 50
NC Gaters 13 17 20 9 59

United Stars: McGill 12, Bradbury 10, Teah 8, Scott 6, Gallman 6, Swilling 4, Taylor 2, Felder 2

NC Gaters: Kameron Langley 17, J.P. Moorman 12, Tyeren Melton 8, Tyrece Cheek 8, De’Shaun Taylor 5, John Newman 5, Jeremiah Praylor


  1. I don’t know much about high school sports but I have been reading all of this negative press that Northern Guilford is attracting. I didn’t pay it any attention until this past weekend. The 10u Greensboro Warriors were in this tournament and were set to play the Gators. Before the game, the Gators coach claimed the Warriors had an illegal player because he did not play pool play with them. The whole statement was a lie, the coach just knew he would not beat the Warriors. The Coach from the Gators knew he had enough power for the tournament directors to listen to him. The tournament directors believed him and the Warriors had to forfeit the game and Gators go on to win championship.

    The coach for those Gators who cheated the Warriors was Stan K. the head coach of Northern Guilford. If he will cheat 10 year old boys then God only knows what he would do at the high school level.

  2. that sounds typical of the gaters. they’ve been doing that for years. i don’t understand why parents allow their kids to play for them. doesn’t say much about the parents either.


  3. I’m kind of like the first guy, who doesn’t know a lot about the Northern stuff. But I do know Basketball! Anytime you have to beat the Top 2 teams to win a title that tells the story. After looking at the brackets for the 10’s this past weekend I noticed the team that lost the Championship had a bye. Well for those of you who don’t know, a bye only goes to the top team in the tournament. I would hate for one of the kids from the winning team to read the site so far, because it would take away from the hard work those kids had put in. Let’s be the grown ups here and like you mom would tell us, “If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all”.

    Fun 4 Kids

  4. I want to apologize to Coach K. and the Gaters for the poor actions and sportsmanship exhibited by the Warrior parents this past weekend. We did not do the proper paperwork for our state roster and the state (not Coach K. or the Gaters) ruled us ineligible.

    We have an idiot who does our paperwork and that is why we got in trouble. I apologize for the above comments from the other idiot parents that won’t admit the truth. Stop blaming outsiders and start to look internally!

  5. Let’s don’t diminish the kids that won the title. The idea behind posting the results was to create a positive. To give the kids some credit for the hard work they did as they went out and won the titles.

    Let’s hear it for the kids and these are young kids so don’t be hard on them.

    I’m sure Coach K will have more for us on this if he feels it is necessary, but again the kids need your support.

  6. Coach K did not do anything wrong if he did that at all. that is the rule that AAU came up with I am sure if you was the coach of the other team you would do the same thing. the rules was broken and now the parents of the warriors cost the kids the championship and in pool play I think the warriors lost 2 games so I am sure it would have been a very good game. the warriors have alot of problems starting from the coach to the parent that does the paper work so agree the problem is internally!

  7. I read a statement from Rod Seaford of the State AAU office and he said in that statement that the right call was made in this instance and the proper decisions occured in regards to the Gaters and the State Tournament.

    Seaford former coach of the Charlotte Royals back when NC AAU basketball was just getting going.

    Bill Christie and his wife Jean helped get the girls AAU basketball going here in Greensboro back in the early to mid-80’s and had daughters that were recently inducted into the Greensboro College Sports Hall of Fame along with Greensboro Day School basketball coach and one-time AAU leader Freddy Johnson.

    One of Bill Christie’s daughters was Donna and the other the name escapes me, but one of the Christie girls coached hoops/volleyball at Southwest Guilford.

    Bill Christie has done of lot of work that has gone unnoticed in our community and he deserves to be called out in a good way, much in the same mold as the late Bob Doss.

  8. Hmmm…would that be the same state official that allowed the “ineligible player” in question play at the state pool play tourney in Charlotte… or the same state official that told the Warrior reps that they would have things straightened out by the Greensboro tourney ? As a witness to the “Northern fiasco”, I can say that despite the best efforts of the Warriors to be in compliance, the state allowed some improprieties of their own to come to the quick action taken at the site.

    And, yes, I know it’s June, but I am glad that the nationals use official and standardized rules for their decisions and not personal relationships. First, nothing can take away the fact that the Gators kids did a great job winning their way to the title. Unfortunately the powers that be did not allow them to do it the correct way, all along the way. Second, the kid in question had played two previous seasons with the Warriors and had gone to the Gators to play up (he’s 10 and was with the 11’s). The Warriors do not have an 11 yr old team. He leaves in time to be registered (and was cleared to play) for state pool play in Charlotte, so officials there dropped the ball, not the Warrior rep. Upon going to the AAU website, the Warrior rep even held the player out of 1st half action in the Greensboro tourney until they could notify a sight site rep about the discrepancy. (Wonder who that was?) They used Northern offices to verify that the child could play and was cleared by the registration rep using the same process that one whole team had to use that morning because of the same kind of documentation problems They played without any penalties. The Warriors were pulled aside hours later, right before their next game and told that they had been placed in the losers bracket due to forfeit. A game that would have put them in a game with the Gators. This is outside the national AAU rules about questions surrounding games at tourneys. There was no appeal process available just threats of throwing the team reps off of the campus. Which is great irony considering the other “NORTHERN FIASCO” involving some of the same persons surrounding the on-site disappearance of the Warrior file that landed in the hands of some state officials at the other “gatorland” site, the YMCA. By the way…the C stands for Christian. Maybe not irony after all….

    And finally…Picture yourself a 10 yr old child being told minutes before your big show down with one of the teams to beat in the state tourney(the one you won last time) and GSO rival ( by the way, there are cousins and friends among the two teams) being told that the team cannot play them now but must instead be declared the loser of the you played this MORNING…and that you would have to play in the losers bracket and so while the game is happening that you were supposed to be in, you check and see that you have no chance of placing more than 6th or 7th….and you have to play in a few minutes without the “ineligible” player. A player that has been in the starting rotation for the last two weeks of practice (not to mention the last two years…AT POINT)… Even college kids would have a hard recovering from something like that, i.e. Carolinas loss in the ACC tourney(no Lawson)…I hope the Warrior kids will bounce back in the same way… Because, as usual, nothing that you can put your fingers on has really happened here…just sure smells fishy…Wonder if having the state tourneys in facilities not connected to someone we all know will have a different, fresh, non-fishy smell.

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