Hoppers win in 14 innings

Greensboro Grasshoppers 10
Asheville Tourists 9

14 innings
WP:Wade Korpi
LP:Bo Bowman
Game Winning Run-Jeremy Synan
Game Winning RBI-Joel Staples
HR’s:Justin Jacobs GSO
Jeremy Synan GSO

Pictures from the Game:

Greensboro Sports’ 2009-04-23 photoset


  1. I saw the umpire re-enter the stadium around 11:15pm last night. He was standing/walking on his own.

  2. from http://www.news-record.com:
    Inoue teturned to the ballpark and said he expected to be OK.

    “All I remember is I got hit,” said Inoue said after he returned to the ballpark from the hospital. “That’s about it.”

    Ionue said this is his third concussion as an umpire. The last one came about a year ago, and he said doctors had just released him to work again in January.

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