Bob Doss Memorial Classic

At NewBridge Bank Park on this Saturday afternoon…..
Grimsley 9
Page 1

Dudley 22
Smith 1

High Point Central 9
High Point Andrews 3

Just about set for the 6PM start of Page versus Grimsley…

Page is the home team and in the field to start the game…Zac Reffey on the hill for the Pirates…The catcher is Kyle Taylor…Set to lead off for the Grimsley Whirlies is SS Kory Shumate… Four straight pitches to Shumate and he walks to start the game, on for Grimsley..Chris Harrellson at the plate for Grimsley and he strikes out and Shumate has moved to second on the wild pitch.. Long fly ball to right field by catcher Gabe Dimock for out number two and Shumate tags and moves to third on the play..DJ Reader at the plate for Grimsley..Smack it to rigiht field, base hit, two-out RBI single for Reader as Shumate scores to make it 1-0 Grimsley. Throw to second goes high and wide and Reader takes second. Pop up to the shortstop by Sawyer Highfill and then inning ends. One run on one hit and one man left. 1-0 Grimsley as move on to the bottom of the first….

Mike Elam on the hill for Grimsley and Anthony Todino draws a lead off walk off of Elam and with one man for Page the pitcher Zac Reffey is at the plate…The throw down to second by Dimock gets Todino caught stealing and Reffey flies out to left field for out number two. Two gone with Trevor Brackett at the plate for Page. Pop up by Brackett handled by Whirlie third baseman coming toward short for out number three in the bottom of the first. Page, no runs on no hits and nobody left and after one full inning at NewBridge Bank it is 1-0 Grimsley over Page.

Top of the second and Jacob Dooley flies out to center field for out number one for Grimsley. Shaq Jacobs at the plate and he bloops one in the air to right field for Grimsley and no one can get to it and Jacobs reaches with a single. Logan Dunn at the plate with one gone for Grimsley…Wild pitch by Reffey and Jacobs takes second…Another wild one and Jacobs takes third…Blooper in the air to right field scores Jacobs from third and Dunn is on with a single and the Whirlies jump on top 2-0 with one out in the second and Yuri Johnston is now at the plate. Ball on the ground to the third baseman by Johnston and the throw goes to second to get Dunn for out number two and YJ reaches on a fielder’s choice. One on two gone and YJ takes second on a ball that gets away from the catcher Taylor. Ball gets away from Taylor again and Shumate takes first on ball that gets away from Taylor again and YJ scores to make it 3-0 Grimsley and while Taylor is going to get the ball Shumate takes second. Chris Harrelson at the plate. Shumate ends up on third on another loose ball and Harrelson sends a little pop up to the Page SS headed toward the second base bag and he hauls it in for out #3 and Grimsley leads 3-0 as we head to the bottom of the second.

Fly out to left field by Felix Delgado to begin the bottom of two. Ground ball handled by Shumate at SS to take down Andia and there are two gone for Page. Fly ball to shallow left Kyle Taylor hauled in by SS Kory Shumate and Page goes, one-two-three in the bottom of the second and it’s still 3-0 Grimsley as we go to the top of third…

Gabe Dimock at the plate to start the top of the third. Fly ball by Dimock to left field and one gone in the 3rd. Reader at the plate for the Whirlies. Called strike three on DJ Reader and two gone for Grimsley and then Sawyer Highfill lifts a fly ball to left that gets down for a two-out single and there’s one on with two gone and Jacob Dooley is at the plate. Pop up by Dooley to the pitcher Reffey and the Whirlies are gone with no runs on one hit and one man left in the top of the 3rd and Grimsley still leads 3-0 as go to the bottom of the inning.

Ground ball to Shumate by Bruce McCoy and the SS bobbles it and McCoy reaches first on the E6. Dusty Long at the plate for Page. Ground ball by Long to Dunn at third and Dunn gets McCoy at second for out one. Fly out by Sandlin to CF out two and then Todino doubles off the wall in left and there are runners at second and third for Page with two gone in the 3rd. Ball hit in the air to left center field and Whirlie center fielder Sawyer Highfill runs it down for Grimsley for out three. Page leaves two men on in the bottom of the third and as we go to the top of the fourth, it’s 3-0 Grimsley over Page.

Shaq Jacobs at the plate for the Whirlies and he goes down on a called strike three for out one. Logan Dunn up next for Grimsley. Dunn draws a one-out walk and Yuri Johnston is up to the plate next. YJ reaches on a the fielder’s choice E5 play as Dunn is safe at second on the throw by the Page third baseman. Both runners advance when the ball gets away from the catcher Taylor and then there’s a fly ball to left by Kory Shumate for out two..Two on, two gone…Chris Harrelson at the plate…Runners at 2nd and 3rd but the pop up to the pitcher Reffey by Little Chris ends the inning and as we go to the bottom of the fourth it’s still 3-0 Grimsley over Page at NBBP.

Strikeout takes down Trevor Brackett to start the bottom of 4 for Page. Fly ball fairly deep to center field by Felix Delgado and Sawyer Highfill runs it down for out number two…Ground ball by Andia of Page to Dunn at third for Grimsley and with the throw over to the first baseman Reader that makes it three up-three down for Page in the bottom of the fourth and still 3-0 Grimsley as we head to the top of the fifth….

Catcher Gabe Dimock starts things off for Grimsley and he draws a lead off walk…..DJ Reader to the plate with one on and nobody gone…Garrett Morgan on the hill now pitching for Page. Reader walks and then Highfill flies out to center for out one. Jacob Dooley at the plate for Grimsley…Runners advance on the pitcher to second and third…Dimock at third and Reader at second and Dooley strikes out as Taylor completes the strike out with the throw to first. Shaq Jacobs connects on a two-out two run single to right and takes second on the throw. Two RBI’s for Jacobs and then Logan Dunn hits a sharpe single to right to move Jacobs to third and we have two on with two gone. A double near the line in right scores Jacobs and Yuri Johnston is safe at second with his double and an RBI and Logan Dunn moves to third. Still two on with two gone….Three runs in with Grimsley up 6-0 in the top of the fifth…..New pitcher for Page, Benton Reynolds, and he is rudely greeted by a double to right by Kory Shumate and two more runs score, 8-0 Grimsley….Chris Harrelson at the plate for the Whirlies…Fair ball down the left field line, inside the bag at third and Harrleson brings home Shumate and Chris takes second on the throw in and ends up at second with a single and an RBI….Harrelson at second and Gabe Dimock at the plate and Gabe draws a two-out walk off of Benton and now there are two on with two gone and big DJ Reader at the plate and the ball gets away from Taylor and the runers move up 90 feet to second and third and Reader works Benton for the walk and now the bases are loaded with Grimsley up 9-0….Another pitching change for Page with lefty Felix Delgado taking over for Benton and he will face Grimsley’s Sawyer Highfill with the bases loaded and Grimsley up 9-0……Reader at first, Dimock at second and Harrelson at third and Highfill grounds to the Page SS who bobbles, but still tosses to second in time to get Reader for out number three……9-0 Grimsley after 4 and half……..

Kyle Taylor starts things off with a ball in the air to the second baseman Harrelson and Chris handles for out number one…..Bruce McCoy at the plate for Page with one gone in the bottom of the fifth for Page….McCoy strikes out and Dusty Long is up next for the Pirates….Two-out base hit right back up the middle by Long and he is on at first with two gone…Tyler Sandlin at the plate up next for the Pirates…..Base hit off the first baseman’s glove near the line in right, just beyond the first base bag, means a single for Sandlin but the pop to the shortstop by Todino ends the inning and the Pirates strand two runners and we head toward the top of the sixth inning with Grimsley still hanging tough and leading 9-0 over Page at NewBridge Bank Park….

Top of six and Jacob Dooley lines one to the Page SS for out number one….Daniel Massey at the plate now for Grimsley and he grounds the ball to the Page 3B who throws across the diamond to Massey for out number two in the 6th…Ground ball again to the Page 3B by Grimsley’s Logan Dunn and the throw pulls the first baseman off the bag and Dunn reaches on the E5. Tucker Rogers up next for Grimsley. Base hit up the middle by Rogers and Dunn moves to second. Ground ball by the new Grimsley pitcher Taylor Lee and the Page SS handles and throws to second to get Rogers on the force for out number three….We head toward the bottom of six with Grimsley still up 9-0 over Page….

Zac Reffey leads things off for Page facing Taylor Lee who begins his second inning of work for Grimsley and Reffey draws the lead off walk….Pop up to the first baseman by Brackett and with one gone Felix Delgado singles to center to move Reffey to second with two on and one gone and Greg Andia at the plate. Andia singles to center and loads the bases for Page with one gone in the sixth…..Kyle Taylor at the plate for Page with the bases loaded and one gone….Chopper out in front of the plate by Taylor fielded by Lee who tosses to the catcher Dimock for out two….Bases still loaded with two away and Freddie Brown at the plate for Page…Ground ball to the 2B Harrelson who fields it and throws to Massey at first for the third out and Page leaves them loaded in the sixth and Grimsley still leads 9-0 as we head to the top of the last frame.

Top of seven and Chris Harrelson leads off with a single to center field and the Whirlies have a runner on to start the 7th with Gabe Dimock due up next. Delgado still out there for Page on the hill. Fly ball in the air to left field and the Pirate LF has it for out one. Kevin Rose up next for Grimsley….He strikes out on a slow curve ball from DeLgado, who has that hitch in his delivery almost like a knuckleball pitcher. Ball on the ground to the SS by Grimsley’s Sawyer Highfill and with the short toss to second Page gets Harrelson for out three. 9-0 Grimsley as we head to the bottom of 7…..Cueller reaches for Page on an infield error and Page has a man on with nobody gone and then Sandlin flies out to right field for out one for Page. Ryan Kenny lifts one in the air that drops in for a base hit to right and Page has two on with one gone here in the bottom of the 7th…..Zac Reffey at the plate for Page….Reffey draws a one-out walk to load them up for Page with Benton Reynolds at the plate and he walks to bring in the Pirates’ first run of the night…….Felix Delgado hits into a game ending double play and this one ends up Grimsley 9-1 over Page……

Now we know the name of today’s event to honor the late Palomino Baseball leader and we also know the score of game #2 currently stands at:
Dudley 22
Smith 1

Dudley now at the plate in the top of the fifth with a leadoff single by first baseman Tavarous Stanback, Two on one gone now for Dudley in the top of the 5th…..Bases loaded now for Dudley as Stanback scores and it is now 18-1 Dudley…..Ray Crawford at the plate with the bases loaded…..Grand Slam Crawford over the Graphic Solutions and Steak and Shake signs in center field, 385ft…..22-1 Dudley….
Bottom of the 5th now, with Smith at the plate…..One gone for Smith and then a double down the right field line and the next Eagle batter grounds out to the second baseman to move the runner to third and then the last Smith batter grounds to Stanback at first and gets to the bag to end the game and tags the runner for good measure.

For Dudley it goes 22 runs with:
Total hits and errors not available at this time…..

Game One:
High Point Central 9
High Point Andrews 3

HR:HPC-Evan Aguilar

Nightcap at 6PM with:
Grimsley vs. Page


  1. Didn’t get any pictures, but I did blog the entire Grimsley-Page game and much of the Dudley-Smith game……

    We got the details, but in word not in picture…..


  3. I didn’t get there until around 4 o’clock. Had to work part of the day Saturday at another site. Here’s hoping that Bison Coach Ken Helsms will send us some info that we can add to the site.

    What I got on HPC-HPA was by phone from a friend of mine who was at the game, but they were gone as soon as it ended and their way to a soccer game……

    I don’t think this report is going any further until we get some help from Helms.

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