Page is cleared of any wrongdoing: No Penalties

Good news for the Page Pirates today as they have been cleared by the NCHSAA in the investigation into the Pirate football program.

The Page kids I saw over on Battleground Avenue last Saturday were right.

Page football’s innocent!

Here is today’s account by Robert Bell in the Saturday on-line edition of the News and Record:


  1. As I yelled at Cook Out and I am no kid but thanks for the compliment, PAGE IS INNOCENT!


  2. The way I read the article, Page was not cleared of anything—they were just not punished. Yes, they turned themselves in and they were supposedly duped, but innocent of playing an ineligible player , they were not!
    I suggest we adopt a rule in the county that any athlete who transfers from within the county or from an adjacent county not be allowed to participate in any sport he/she participated in at the previous school for one full academic year. That would apply to transfers wrapped up in the shroud of IB, special types of education like culinary arts, or academies.
    If a transfer is approved by the county, then all rights to voice disapproval should be voided and there should be no appeals allowed. All transfer requests should have to be in the county’s hands by a certain date before the transfer date to allow the school system to do its due diligence. That would be fair to all parties.
    The school board should be expaned to have 2 members from each of superintendent Green’s new regional system along with 3 at-large members. That way there would be better overall representation and could eliminate the situation now where certain schools have a specific member’s ear, and politics becomes more evident than the goal of providing a better education for the students.
    Jack I.

  3. cleared of wrongdoing is cleared of wrongdoing. Nice twist, but it doesn’t apply here.

  4. The article was self explanatory. Page will not forfeit any wins from the 2008 football season. Also, coaches are not going to be punished. It sounds like King is going to made ineligible for next year because he violated the NCHSAA rule that he has to attend the school of his legal guardians. How can you argue when he and his parents live in two different counties. CASE CLOSED! Page will NOT be punished even if it should. So get over it.

  5. Jack — The powers that be in this county should do exactly as you say in regards to transfer athletic eligibility.

  6. I whole heartedly agree with Jack I’s proposal. I mean ,I’m not a Ph.D,but seems to me, that’s the most intelligent,most fair,and the the very right thing to do. It would really make these selfish ,greedy,”child hurting” parents actually think before entertainig the thought. It would show our youth that money and power isn’t the answer. I t would teach them “respect for commitment and dedication. Also it would teach our young people that doing it the old fashion way of “work with the hand that you are dealt”. To me,that’s what coaching is really about . . . . to be ceative,adventorus,to teach about sportsmanship,commradire,teamwork,commitment,dedication,the love of playing the sport for what it is,and most all . . . in high school,enjoy yourself and have fun. See, if some of you can’t remember . . .that was the greastest time of your life . .you felt you could conquer the world,”eveything was evrything”. Our kids are being pushed in uncharted waters in sports.As well as me being a coach for over 25 years, we’re (coaches) are doing our youth a big injustce for personal gratification; in the long run it trickles back down to kid. Why ? He has been taught thatfrom somone with great influence for the wrong reason. That’s why you have the situation here in the countyin athletics.But in earnest,Jacj I’s idea would clean it all up !!!

  7. I concur “ol bawl coach”.

    I think its distasteful that parents and players actually listen to recruiting statements from other coaches. Especially, when those coaches will say and do anything to make another coach from another school look bad. I think it is best that the players work hard and work it out where they are at. Granted, there are going to be those times where a player and coach may need to separate, but I haven’t seen where this was too much the case. It usually becomes a case when parents listen to the street agents from other schools and believe the so called “bad” things that these street agents are saying about the present coaches. To me, it is important for players to form relationships with the teammates that you have, because personally whenever I have second thoughts of my high school days, well, I remember the good times that I had with my teammates the most. Being with a team for one or two years isn’t what I’m talking about either. Yes, you can form relationships in one or two years, but it is much better coming through middle school, coming into the freshmen year, and then finishing it out as seniors with your teammates. Those four to six years is something that you’ll remember for a lifetime. So, come in as a freshman and develop as a player. Help your teammate develop into the best player that they can be. Too many players remind me of plays on the field. Most of them do a great job at starting the play, but most of those players don’t finish the play. These transfers remind me of that. They are always looking towards the next play to do something. “Finish” the play kids, and I mean “finish” where you are at, and you’ll be rewarded much more than listening to these street agents who talk bad about your present coach and who promise you that they’ll get you into a much better place.

  8. Jack I is right. However, we need to take this one step further and not let the recruiter type schools get the kids from another attendance zone right out of middle school. The same rule should apply that they cannot play for that academic year(which in this case is the freshman year). If we do this we will GREATLY REDUCE THE ADVANTAGE TO SHOPPING YOUR KIDS FROM SCHOOL TO SCHOOL.

  9. I am sorry, this kid lived with the coach the coach took him to school they knew he did not lived in the district and thats it. I guess b/c they did not win the state championshiop they was cleared. This is carzy!!!!!!!! the school should pay a fine or something. Page should be investagated in all sports I will put my last dime they will found more players using the wrong address. I know 4 students off the bat………Can somebody call MO GREEN ON THIS SUBJECT………

  10. Just because Page beat Grimsley in all of the sports that matter this year doesn’t mean we broke violations. Let me go on to say I don’t believe King was playing when Page beat those sorry whirlies 19-6. This story is not an excuse for a Grimsley attack. Grimsley should have settled that on the football field, basketball court, and the lacrosse field.

  11. ghs class of 91,

    I know you are here to stir up s&*%, but anyway, no one cares about your crying…He didn’t live with a coach, nor did a coach drive him to school…This is so redundent that the horse is dog food by now…Anyways, he did play against Grimsley and actually had a decent game against them; however, Page will not pay a fine, since they have been cleared…

    For your part though, I’d be an embarrassed Grimsley alumni to have someone like you come on here and try to elaborate on issues when you can’t spell, or have you come on here and try to make sense out of nonsense…You know what I mean? But I doubt it…

  12. It seems that this is not over since GCS will be conducting their own investigation. Just because the NCHSAA ruled that Page the school will not forfeit any games, it does not mean they were right. Let’s just see if they hold up against a thorough investigation that is taking place as we speak. An investigation wouldnt have started unless there was something to investigate. We will see.

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