Decisions and Resolutions in place: Hammer down at Northern Guilford

The word came out this afternoon that the Guilford County Schools have made major decisions concerning the Investigation into the Athletic Programs at Northern Guilford High School.

Coach Stan Kowalewski is out as basketball coach and the County has said they are going to move in a different direction and Coach K will not be retained. The Nighthawk basketball team will also be forced to give up their 2009 NCHSAA State 3-A Basketball title.

The Northern Guilford baseball team will forfeit all of their games from the 2009 season and will not be eligible for the State playoffs.

Guilford County also found irregularities in the wrestling and cheerleading programs.

The investigation continues into the Northern Guilford football progam and again that investigation is still on-going and no decisions or resolutions have been made as of today.

I do believe questions realted to player/athlete residency and overall eligibility are what caused the hammer to come down on the basketball and baseball programs and I have no answers for you as of this afternoon in regards to the wrestling and cheerleading programs.

Coach K is no longer the basketball coach at Northern Guilford and the Nighthawks will be forced to give up their 3-A Basketball Title.

The Northern Guilford Nighthawk baseball team must forfeit all of their wins/games from the 2009 season.

You have to believe that the parents out at Northern will fight these decisions, but how far can you go when you are battling the Guilford County School System?????

The vastness of this Investigation hits home when you learn that not only are today’s decisions effecting the baseball and basketball teams, they also have effected the Wrestling and Cheerleading progarams too, and the jury is still out on the football team and we may learn of other teams being involved too.

This is a huge mess and it is not completely over yet.

At it has never been our intentions to hinder this investigation and we are the small fish in the big County pond, but I do feel for all of the people that have seen their lives changed by these decisions today and most importantly we feel for the kids and hope they all land on their feet in the future.


  1. I don’t get all the regret.

    If players cheated they should be punished . It’s all about the big ,bad schools system. Why would they just cook it up? Who would want to stir up the schools most prominent families why?

    All I hear is sympathy for the perpetrators and blame to the man who is man enough to do the right thing.

    as far s the coach goes…he has been dumped twice…also a third time if you count an easily searchable incident that occurred with a regular job…thats 3 times before the age of 40 he has been let go from 3 jobs…do you know anyone else like that?

    if it walks like a duck.

  2. Just when you think things can’t get anymore bizzare. Alot of teams tha were already in place and planning for games Thurs/Fri either have to scramble to get things ready or scramble to make travel plans and even worse squash playoff improvements that were done to show visitors to their schools a good evening.
    I am 100% behind the decisions that will punish the programs that did wrong and yes reward those that did right but those tha could only lose from a decision at another school that bites. Yes going to the playoffs regardlees of home or away is great but when you have planned for a home game and at the last minute lose that chance play a home playoff game for someone else’s fowl ups is bad

  3. With the decisions rendered the proof is in that there was negligance and that it came from the top.

    How far up, we may never know……….Was it all Coach K and was it all about the baseball team and the Smiths or were there other forces involved beyond their control?

    There are many questions still on the table and as we pointed out the other day, we may never have them all answered, but now we have to look ahead and the road will be a quite bumpy, but for those who remain and hang in there, whatever happens that doesn’t bury you will only make you stronger in the end.

  4. this is so sad.

    a bunch of kids who worked and played hard and now have to give up the state title. reagardless of how they got there, they worked hard TO get there. they are the VICTIMS in all of this.

    if adults made mistakes, then ADULTS should be punished. not the kids.

    it amazes me with all of the horror in the world we live in, people are so driven and intent on debasing a group of talented and productive kids.

  5. wow, most people haven’t cheated in high school sports so I guess they can throw all the stones they want. Can’t believe you would apply a biblical verse to this situation. Don’t think it applies.







  7. Some of those kids are not so innocent. What’s unfortunate is some adults and a few kids spoiled it for the kids playing by the rules.

  8. As I stated earlier, behind greed and a win at ALL cost created this shameful situation. All that I keep hearing is blame of the GCS,THEY DIDN’T DO IT, the people at Northern did it. The punishment didn’t come from superintendent Green, it came from Chapel Hill, the NCHSAA made the hurtful, but right decision.Maybe now with this lesson learned parents will start being parents again and get out of the”meat market business” in allowing THEIR “kids” to be “pimped “to the highest bidder. These are kids and these parents have seemingly forgot all about that.Now I’m not so nieve to believe that Northern or Page are the only schools that have been doing the old “address” game . . . they were the ones whom got caught. So people let’s stop pointing fingers at other schools and clean this situation up. Now from this maybe someone that was thinking about will see . . .”it aint worth the pain”! Now ,let’s finish the school year out and get ready for some football in the fall. One last thing, the parents at Northern can win against chapel Hill ,so forget and get back to being a parent first. It’s a hard pill to swallow, it’s not like DEATH, you will live to see another day. Just think about what you were taught as a child . . .”if it sounds too good, it’s not worth it !

  9. As I stated earlier, behind greed and a win at ALL cost created this shameful situation. All that I keep hearing is blame of the GCS,THEY DIDN’T DO IT, the people at Northern did it. The punishment didn’t come from superintendent Green, it came from Chapel Hill, the NCHSAA made the hurtful, but right decision.Maybe now with this lesson learned parents will start being parents again and get out of the”meat market business” in allowing THEIR “kids” to be “pimped “to the highest bidder. These are kids and these parents have seemingly forgot all about that.Now I’m not so nieve to believe that Northern or Page are the only schools that have been doing the old “address” game . . . they were the ones whom got caught. So people let’s stop pointing fingers at other schools and clean this situation up. Now from this maybe someone that was thinking about will see . . .”it aint worth the pain”! Now ,let’s finish the school year out and get ready for some football in the fall. One last thing, the parents at Northern can win against chapel Hill ,so forget and get back to being a parent first. It’s a hard pill to swallow, it’s not like DEATH, you will live to see another day. Just think about what you were taught as a child . . .”if it sounds too good, it’s not worth it ! Imeant to say CAN’T win against Chapel Hill,pardon me please.

  10. Kirk, you don’t cheat in any sports that’s why you have referees,officials, and umpires to make sure you don’t cheat. The Northern kids won/lost every game themselves. This isn’t about cheating its about where someone lives and if they go to the right school with in the district. One parent was probably mad that his/her daughter didn’t make the team and told the school officials that some of the girls didn’t live with in the Northern district. This kind of stuff happens all over the county not just at Northern. Hopefully they investigate other schools although i don’t think they will.

  11. this is not the end of the story, i believe that mo will be forced to continue this investigation throughout the county. i believe he could start with the picther at western guilford that lives in the page district, or the farce that continues at dudley with kids from all over the county that go to dudley( under the facade of the academy). the collection of allstars at ragsdale from all over including forsyth county, or the illegal baseball player at page just to start

  12. This is about kids going to this school and not living within to designated school district lines. Adults have contributed to this unforunate incident by falsification of mailing addresses, light bills, etc, to move kids into this school. And as mentioned it is very sad for the all the kids that worked hard in each sport. However, GCS has found violations and some of the actions taken have leaked out and been published. More is to come and possibly some coaches agreements will not be renewed. It appears to some issues with grade changing and that the proper protocl was not followed as well. We will never know all the facts due to privacy and possible law suits that could be filed if some aspects of the investigation were published. So let GCS rewrite the rules on transfers and athletics within the entire school district. Some other investigations will come from this but will not be public knowledge until GCS is ready to release it. So we all must move and let the healing begin.

  13. More to come, I’m with you, or maybe they should follow every single student home to see if they go to the address that the school has them listed under. Or maybe just maybe they shouldn’t spend millions of dollars to worry about athletics and worry about buying books for the kids.(My son didn’t get an English book when he was in English class even though his teacher promised them books and said the administration was ordering them, then the administration says we have no money left we are gonna try to BORROW from other schools.Still never got one all semester.) This athletic stuff is getting out of hand we should worry about the EDUCATION our kids are receiving.

  14. You are right on it Northern Guilford Supporter, and I am right there with you. The games were offociated , the kids played hard and they won. Whether they lay their head at night in summerfield or south boston, they played the games fair and square and won. They went to all the workouts, sweating and panting like every player from every school; they had their heads, their hands and their hearts in the games. This has hurt a lot of people in many ways. Even if a few deserved punishment, most didn’t. And to that great majority of students,athletes,parents,teachers,coaches and fans of Northern Guilford, I say hold your heads up high and proud and keep doing what you are doing. Those who do the right thing always come out on top in the end. I love Northern Guilford High School and I would not send my kids anywhere else. GO NIGHTHAWKS!!!!

  15. Dudley”s atheletic dept. has the greatest gig in the county. I know for a fact they have solicited multiple student/atheletes to ” let them know that they have been approved at the Academy” several of which had never shown any interest in nor would ever consider attending Dudley. Tell me more about he pitcher at Western Guilford?

  16. The sad thing is some of these ineligible players will just attend private school next year. The other student athletes who did nothing wrong will have to pay the price.

  17. This might be the kicker of the year. Not that the programs went down but that it ended this way with the teams losing everything.

    Didn’t something like this happen in Charlotte?

  18. another sad thing is all this comes out right when the kids are taking AP exams….great timing folks


  20. The kids played by the rules?! are some of you nuts. They lied so they could play on an all-star team. It does matter if they live in south Boston. They cheated. on purpose. You could not slip that buy any kid with normal intelligence.THY ARE LIARS AND CHEATS.

    Maybe Dudley cheats to and should be busted. But you folks need to collect some dignity and admit the screw up and do it the right way and just not whine about it.

  21. I feel really bad for the kids but why is everyone pointing fingers at others schools . Whay hasn’t anybody asked the question — why is Coach K. still proclaiming his innocence when the program has been caught red handed. It shows a lack of genuine concern for the poor kids that will suffer the consequences of playing by his rules of winning at any cost. Kids were not only transporrted from around guilford county but other counties as well. If you genuinely love your kids wouldn’t it seem you right that you would stnad up and take full responsiblity. The principal and AD were obviously supportive of these activities that’s why the scope of violation is so widespread. Isn’t it intresting that they( STAN, Yeager, and Force) all came as a package deal and will leave together as a package deal.
    How very very sad because he still can’t face up and accept responsibility for his unethical actions.

  22. I thought I was the only one that felt this way. Someone is trying to say that by using a player that doesn’t live in your district that it’s not cheating. Well then, what is it? How can an ineligible player not be cheating?

  23. joe if that “district” is the criteria then all of the dudley teams are illegal including the band and the drama clubs, my hats of to mo and the wrecking crew for cleaning up that dirty jv cheerleading team “are you kidding me” holy crap batman you should’ve got the beta club and the civitans. The folks downtown have got feel good about “finding the truth” Mo I got to tell you thats “DEBATABLE”

  24. I agree. we should not tolerate unethical behavior. But isn’t it unethical to ignore the fact that the same things are going on in every school in guilford county?????

    anyone who says that all the schools in guilford county schould not be held accountable and have to go through the same scrutiny that northern did is a HYPOCRITE. Is it ETHICAL to punish Northern and let all the other schools get away with the same behavior??

    I would bet there is not ONE school in this county who does not have kids attending who are not in that school district. Let’s really be fair and ethical about this and hold ALL schools accountable for unethical behavior.

  25. Who is to say he won’t investigate other schools? He says he is going to clean up athletics in Guilford County. That leads me to believe he will look at other schools. I hope he does. Long term it will be better for everyone.

  26. ok on the wall you wanna know more about this WG pitcher? Well here it is: He lives on Westridge where he has lived since elementry school. Last time i checked that WAS in the Western school district which makes him legal.

  27. There will be new rules that will affect a lot of kids and where they are able to play sports. Look for change to affect the schools with advanced classes or specilized classes. This will require student that play sports to participate at their home school or school where they live. Look for changes that will affect students that can attend school where a parent works. Look for many changes for allowing tranfers from one school to another and possible restrictions on any student and\school allowed a transfer. This entire episode will forever change the landscape of high school sports in this area, for the better long term.
    The biggest change that needs to take place within the district is to make all schools safer for students\teachers and improve academics.

  28. How any of the Nighthawk supporters can try to justify this is crazy. You say the games had officials so they didn’t cheat. Yeah they didn’t cheat during the game but using ineligible players is really fair. This is unbelievable people are even trying to justify this. It is real fair to hire on of the best basketball players in the state’s father so he can play basketball for his AAU coach at your high school. I’m sure it would be real fair if another school hired Keenan Allens father for him to play football there. I’m sure the Nighthawk fans would really agree with that. Of course after all is said and done the football team is probably going to be on probation too. The only better thing about this is that Johnny Smith got busted. Maybe if he wasn’t such a jerk karma wouldn’t have gotten him. I guess its back to the mighty Guilford Patriots for the “Legendary Coach”.

  29. what about the western guilford pitcher that lives off of lake brandt which i believe is in the page district?????????????????

  30. like i just said the western pitcher lives off of westridge. you obviously have your facts wrong on the wall.

  31. We got caught. We did it wrong. We went after recruits already in high school. We should have been smart about it like Dudley and recruited from the middle schools. They have handed out academy literature at middle school athletic events for years. We will bounce back at NG and win another state championship(after we start an academy).

  32. hey ng cheaters i know you practiced real hard back in 1978 but johnny cut you anyway let it go man, live and let live, you’ll get over it in another 10 or 15 years. go to the batting cage and take a few cuts and try out for your church softball team they’re always looking for a few extra bodies

  33. Nighthawker,
    If Mo Green finds improper action at Dudley so be it and let the consequences fall where they may. But until then you should know that the academy is a legal academic option for attending Dudleyand not everyone is accepted. So accept the fact that NG had no academy — they only have false addresses.
    Why does NG need to bring everyone down in their sinking ship — Coach Hunter, Coach Price, WG baseball player. When do you spoiled brats just accept the consequences of your schols action and admit you have problems that need to be corrected. I think Mo Green should punish any school in violation and yes every school may have one or two illegal addresses but the scope of what has been going on at NG is so blatant and irreprehensible that it cannot be overlooked.

  34. Haha nice try Pat. I actually played legion, you know competetive baseball, for the team that finished third in the state in 2005. I was actually two time all area for news and record, three time all conference, and All-state. I have a feeling I would have had no problem making the Palomino Patriots. I’m actually pretty sure I could still make it today. And are you talking to me Nighthawk?

  35. The funny thing about this whole thing is that most of the attention is focused on the basketball program right now.. wait until the hammer comes down on the Football program in the future. The investigation is still forth-going with football at Northern.

  36. We’ve gone from Northern to Dudley? Why is it when someone or in this case “team” knowingly breaks rules, it’s the school systems, state investigaters, or now Dudleys fault? Everybody but the people who made the choice to go against the rules they knew about. Had it been a case where the rules where unclear, thats one thing, but this is clear cut and dry. Northern you did it, you know you did it, now man the fuck up, put on the big boy pants and quit crying like a bitch, or are you showing us what you really are. I feel sad for the kids, what are we showing them? If you cheat there shouldn’t be any backlash? Just whine long enough, and loud enough, and it will all go away. Welcome to the real world!!!!! My words are a bit strong, but sometimes you have to put away the sugary pills and take the castor oil. Nightqull doesn’t taste good but it will make you well. Norhern take your pill, and everybody else learn from it for the future. P.S.– More To Come AKA -J. Smith-MAN UP, STAND UP, !!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. keepitfair,
    You say that every school may have one or two inelligible players but what Northern did (5) is reprehensible?? Are you kidding? I guarantee you – if you went into each high school in this county with no warning, took all their files, and spent six weeks with a team investigating players, most high schools in this county would have more violations that 5!!
    It took Guilford County Schools and their investigators SIX weeks to come up with these accusations, and the report says that Force and Yeager should have/ could have easily known? Whatever. Too bad they won’t spend that time investigating the other high schools. I feel SO sorry for the kids and the men who lost their jobs. There is NOTHING fair about this.

  38. I keep seeing this thing about fair. Where in life where you promised life is fair? Well since you want fair I will give the directions to all the fair your little hearts can stand. If you want “Fair” go to the Greensboro Collseum parking lot, the first of September, pay at the gate and get all the fair you can stand. If you want better fair “Dixie Clasic” the last of September. For you people who just didn’t get your life fill of “Fair”, there’s State Fair, bigger, better, the lights and the sounds. Here’s your road map to your life search for a land where everythings ,’Fair”. GOOD LUCK!!! Let me know how that works out for you. LOL

  39. Dr. Al,
    What proof do you have that school administrators knowingly broke the rules? There is NO evidence of that. Parents lied about where the kids lived. They said that Yeager and Force SHOULD have known – no evidence that they did. I am glad you are so cocky that Dudley is perfect. I hope they investigate Dudley like they did Northern. The result will be worse! The men in charge of Northern were good men who care about kids. They weren’t knowing lying and no one has proved that they were. If Northern is subjected to this scrutiny, all high schools should be. Northern shouldn’t be singled out because they win! Go have another drink . . .You are right, Dudley should be left alone and not investigated because it isn’t about them, right? Just screw the kids from Northern and leave everyone else out of it. Glad you think it is funny . . . when kids are screwed over, I don’t think it is so funny.

  40. The truth of the matter is that couple of Northern parents made repeated complaints downtown against their own teams, seems like from all teams out there. Their names will never be released, legally anyway. They have received family protection by GCS.

    A few know who you are and wounder how you sleep nights…knowing the uproar you’ve caused in the city. What presure on your student that sworn to keep quite and dare not mention mom and dad did this. What stress they must be under.

    If it makes you feel better… really would have loved to see__________, ________, and _______ play/cheer more, but was it worth all this?

    Few know who you are … But what does it matter a wrong has been put right, and just so. But PLEASE don’t continue to sit back in your easy chairs while allowing others to point fingers at Page, Western and Dudley for the decisions you’ve made to go forth.

    Question, why did you not wait till end of the year?

    For the Nighthawks that played by the book…Keep your head up…up…up. We’ll be there to support you all the way!

  41. For all you Dudley, fans:
    Your best player”lived” in a vacant house his freshman year and this year his address was his father’s house—his mother has full custody and lives in another district. That is definitely ineligible by the rules and ha probably has never even applied as an “out of district” player.
    I am not condoning NG, but I am do not understand why they do not make these ineligible participants move immediately if they are, in fact, violating the rule.

  42. Re: Holden Headhigh…

    Folks this is a prime example of what happens when things get out of hand.
    Holden Headhigh sounds extremely iliterate and accusing. Everybody seems to be the expert, the one in the know.

    Greensboro Sports, how about pulling the plug on this issue before a kid gets hurt or killed. Remember…. Sports continues during the summer (AAU, Summer Leagues)etc… Our young people all around Guilford County will out there among each other, taking part.

    If this keeps up, WE ALL may have had a part in creating a MONSTER (that kid, that parent or fan of either one of the GCS that deals with this in a negative, divestating manner. Can’t let it go, won’t let it go until it’s too late. What then would we have accomplished people?

    Adults this topic’s constance back and forth anger/hatred isn’t worth placing any GCS student in harms way, nor causing them to act upon fowl, hurtfull and accusing words of Adults.

    Responsible citizens of Greensboro, I challenge each of you (parents, coachs, and sports lovers) alike, make the decision to DROP IT! What’s done, was done.

    Let us ALL agree to move forward. WE MUST… For all the students living here or teams schedule to visit here.

    Just pull it! Thanks

  43. Karma is a ******, Northern……………like I said earlier, atleast we know ***** ****** won’t be able to take cheap forearm shots at anybody for awhile. I bet Coach Price is doubled over with laughter at Kowaleski’s expense as well for taking that cheap shot in the newspaper………..

    Almost makes up for the way that conf. championship game was called a few months ago………


  44. Paws4thecause always has some entertaining posts. I wouldn’t get too excited if I were you. It sounds like Mo is coming to look at Dudley’s program as well. It is a safe bet that find an illegal player or two or ten at Dudley. BTW, I was at that game and the refs did a good job. Dudley just got outplayed.

  45. The cheating crackdown in Greensboro is late in coming but welcomed. Grimsley baseball should be happy it did not happen in 05-06.

  46. i know personally that NG baseball did not recruit to win it was news to them they had one ineligible player on their team this is not heresay but FACT

  47. Folks…

    I gree with Bill and other caring parents… in suggesting that Greensboro
    pull the plug on this one… It has gotten out of hand. Let the kids move on. Stop naming kids. Stop calling names and pointing fingers. Those involved are gone. Protect the students of Guilford county.

    Anyone out there who agree? Take a moments read what Bill wrote 6 comments up.

    Simply post the words “STOP THE MADNESS”


  49. Come on and give us the names—you gave out Gabe King’s name—–I don’t think there is anything on basketball and baseball and that not giving out names is a “copout”!

  50. Andy,

    this is enough. At the least if you post news do not allow more comments.

    People are trying to figure “who” are making comments and retaliate.

  51. Jacob Lawson was not one of the ineligible players. He will be back to play high school ball

  52. Does anyone realize that GCS Attorney Jill Wilson lives in the Page district and her kid goes to Grimsley. Why should kids be able to transfer for academics but not athletics. Athletics could be the only way to college for some. The problem is you are letting non-athletic people make athletic decisions.

  53. Good point, Lester R. That is interesting! None of this crap happened back in the mid nineties when I was in high school. Hmm wonder why? Athletics wasn’t life and death! Unfortunately it is now, for the parents that is. The kids just wanna play! Be serious!

  54. In reading back through the comments everyone is going at each others throats and if the kids get dragged into this and all the name calling and bad attitudes start showing we need to get a grip on this.

    Everybody wants to blame the other guy, but we are all responsible for our own actions.

    Let’s cool this thing down a bit and leave the kids alone. I enjoyed following the Northern Guilford basketball team this year and they are good kids.

    Dudley has good kids, Western Guiford has good kids, Northeast has good kids, Page has good kids and we as adults need to try and set good examples for these kids.

    Many of these kids are hurting during this ordeal and we need to give them a break and remember as adults we all need to be responsible for what we say.

    Let’s cut out the attacks on others and try and discuss this topic with some common sense.

    The bottom line is that academics are much more important than athletics and we all need to fall back on our eductional training and act like we have some sense.

    We will have to take down comments directed at the kids and any other comments that are direct attacks on others. I like to be funny and crazy just like any other reader but sometimes we have to draw the line……

    Sorry I didn’t get on here sooner, but it is tough to track this site 24/7…..

    Andy Durham

  55. I just moved to the area and I want to know if anyone know of a school that my kid can go too when he comes down this summer. He is 6 ft 5, 205 and runs a 4.4 forty. He likes football, basketball and baseball. He will be in the ninth grade.

  56. Dear Peewee,
    I can get you a job in the attendance office @ several different schools, or if your student has any special academic qualifications like engineering or a reference from a school board member, I can get you in the Academy @ Dudley. Any interest in Chinese? That would be Northwest Guilford. Leaning toward Japanese or the culinary arts? High Point Central would be the place to be. How about an IB program @ Grimsley or Smith—-you could probably get a federal grant if you all chose Smith and decided to study gang violence in the schools in this county. As you see, for a special student as your student appears to be, you have many opportunities to strive for and achieve academic excellence!
    I suggest you contact Jill Wilson @ Guilford county schools to get the best advice on attending an institution outside your prescribed attandance zone. Having inside knowledge on the best way to manipulate the system appears to be the most expedient way to achieve non-compliance with the rules.
    Please do not hesitate to post on the board if you have any additional needs for information.

  57. Peewee– Let me know where your son ends up please. I would like to go to the same place.

  58. I agree with Bill, all the chitter chatter and accusations dont mean a thing now. Lets just move forward and hope all of the Guilford County schools tighten up their athletic depts and do things the right way.

  59. Anybody realize how much money was just spent investigating a problem that has been going on for many years across the county. My guess is $200K. I know Jill Wilson is not cheap. This at a time when budgets are tight. Just an observation that is getting lost in the hoopla.

  60. My guess is…wait til they see the lawsuit…going to cost even more…this may go on for years…..may be constitutional issues here….test case… opinion

  61. What exactly can they sue for? The only reason they are publicly saying that it is because of ineligible athletes is because that is enough to get the job done. They have to have more than that, but by bringing it to the surface would only give people ammo to drag it on. By telling them “you did nothing wrong” and that they “just want to move in another direction” they are keeping the ball in their court. They don’t have to prove anything because they can move in another direction because of the renewable contract. Throwing out other accusations will only allow the accused to get more face time and fight to defend themselves. The way it is now = Game Over. Nobody can sue when they haven’t actually been accused of anything. Mo is a lawyer, and a smart one.

  62. i just need an explanation why jill wilsons daughter is domiciled in the page district and attends grimsley this makes no sense to me sounds no difference in academics and sthletics someone please tell me this answer

  63. Just an opinion…peeps are saying they have too much power, need to change,more transparency, sound familiar?, no due process, it’s going to court, has to, my opinion…lives were damaged ,reputations tarnished with no explanation, may not be any facts here just going on rumors and speculation….this is about the basketball team… lawyers get sued all the time…no difference here..just my opinion…by the way Mo Green will be at Northern at 6:30 pm tonight taking questions or dodging them..Darlene will be there going –yes Mo ..yes Mo…can i get you anything…..he’s trying to get Northern’s support…but that dog doesn’t hunt anymore…lol…too much money in the Northern District and they are about to find out who’s boss…..just my opinion

  64. so, nothing with the football team, or are they still investigating? I’ve heard that these investigations were concluded, but at the same time heard that there were some disciplinary action to take place with the football team as well, and I have not heard or seen anything as of yet. Which is correct?

  65. Lets roll out the Navy blue carpet for our Whirlie football defections that will be back on campus next season. Too bad they won’t be available to compete athletically.

  66. Question, the football investigation is still forth-going. It is not concluded.

  67. Rumor is a Northern football coach was escorted out of the football offices at NC State recently for trying to score a job by gauranteeing that a particular player would go there. Coach O’Brien being a sound individual had him escorted out. I bet this coach is hurting these players more than he is helping them.

  68. I hear that the coach at Trinity HS has put his name in the hat for the vacated job along with the coach down at Southern Lee……….

  69. Oh poor Suzy. You don’t know what I Know. Why don’t you try talking to a Northern student. I did. Oh what an ear full did I get. Force and Yeagar. If this is the type of things that are going on under their fine job of adminstrating, who’s driving the bus, Stevie Wonder. Maybe they just put their heads in the sand, and hope the world wouldn’t notice. Another point is I don’t drink, and my point is, instead of Northern just admiting there wrong, lets’ blame everyone else for our actions. Lets’ point fingers at everybody. Remember when you point at someone else you have three fingers pointing back at you. That makes you three times as gulty as anybody else. The Northern kids didn’t get screwed by anybody but themselves, they knew what they were doing. The basketball team played AAU together last summer, and stayed together during the school year. even though they lived in different counties, in different school zones. So you mean the kids never talked about where they live, or what school they go to, or what it would take to get everybody at the same school. No they would never talk about those type of things. Nobody planned this it just happened, nobody talked about it in advance of the actions that brought this all about. They just talked about the state of the union, right. Whink, Whink.


    Folks… Folks…Folks… Dr. Al couldn’t have been any clearer.
    People want a court battle because they, and others like them, have issues with the GCS Board. What a waist to taxpayers.

    How clear is it that the parents of the Nighthawks players knowingly went along with this. Nothing could have been done without the parents knowledge. Other Northern parents know this as well.

    Don’t get confused parents, the fight is not about you or even in your defense or the child you moved there. The Nighthawks clearly want their title back. Don’t let them blame Western, Page, Ragsdale, Dudley or Grimsley, YOU DECIDED. You knew, they knew. They kept your secret, they kept the A.D.’s secret.

    Don’t be confused… going to court is about honor for those that did the right thing and deserve to keep the wins. Parents don’t fool yourself a court case will not be about pulling your kid out of the fire.

    Instead of fighting with everyone and anyone (Western, Ragsdale, Page, Dudley and Grimsley) and GCS’s. Call a Nighthawk student body meeting to apologise to students, parents and your child for the harm your decision have caused.
    Both you and your child may feel better over time. Your child needs to know you made this decision only because you love them and want the best for them.

    You nor them may fair well in court which will further tarnish their futures.

    Parents, please watch what you say on TV, and how you present yourselves. Reframe from making accusations. Everyone is watching… from all over … including perspective colleges or universities that still value your kids talent.

    After all is said and done…
    I say let’s give the school it’s dignityback, it’s title and wins. Place the parents of the violators under oath for the real truth of how and why they took the bait.
    Allow players to be truthful and forth coming. With full cooperation from all parties allowed them to move back to their district and play next year. Kids adjust! Forget about what you think… give their future back.

  71. To SAMMY:

    At least get your facts straight. Jill Wilson’s daughter who is still a high school student attends Page. Her older daughter, who is now in college, attended Grimsley because when she enrolled in high school, the family lived in Grimsley’s attendance zone. Jill Wilson does not have any children at Grimsley this year.


  73. Dr. Al
    Thanks for the advice, but I talk to Northern students every day. I talk to the ones in Force’s history class who really liked him . . I talk to the ones who missed their review sesson for the AP world history exam because all of this took precedence,
    Yes, many of the boys plat Gater basketball together and have manipulated the system to play for him. Kids and their parents manipulate the system every day for a variety of reasons is not as easy s it seems. you want to ban all AAU coached for high school coaches, fine. I think that may be a good idea. But that means banning them all.
    I am very close to many students. I have many of their cell phone numbers and stay in close contact with them. I have no idea where they live.
    Maybe Yeager was busy running a school
    Maybe Force had his head in the sand while he was recovering for three months from surgery.
    Just a wild possiblity.

    I gather from your post you talked to ONE NG high school student, Good for you. I am glad that you feel that that knowledge makes you justified in condenming these men. I realize that you can twist facts, and I am ‘poor Suzy’, but I don’t believe these men are as bad as you would make them out to be. But then again, I actually know them.

  74. EX WHIRLIE FAN one thing i do agree with you own is getting Newman out of Grimsley.Look for us to be ok this season,we have alot of young talent that was able to get there feet wet playing varsity ball last year that’s a big plus. I will always love my Whirlies no matter what our record reads. True fans will always stick with there team no matter what.

    Go Whirlies

  75. Hey Suzy, at least your school had a AP World History review planned. We did not.

  76. Northern should have observed what happened to RJ Reynolds a few years back…………..I don’t see Northern recovering from this for some time but if Coach Kelly from Trinity or the guy at Southern Lee gets the job then Northern will have a good opportunity to develop a winning program through hard work and patience…………Nighthawk fans be patient and don’t dismiss your program.

    Happy Friday everyone.

  77. I agree Northern atheltics will be back on top sooner than everyone thinks. The middle school is loaded with talented athletes who “yes” live in the district. Just look at the basketball team they had which was loaded with eighth graders. They were awesome. On the other hand, Coach Hawkins, Coach Shaffer and Coach Jessup did a outstanding job with the football team there. Who finished the season undefeated. If my memory is correct they have only had one lose in two years. That group of football players will be very special. Just wait and see. Maybe Roscoe should look there for some quality assistants who know the game and really care about the development and growth of the kids not only as athletes, but also young men.

  78. They need a coach that doesn’t have an ego the size of the state. An honest coach that just wants an opportunity and has the basketball background and ability to win the kids over. Don’t see Kelly or the guy from Southern Lee getting the job. Kelly is getting close to retirement and he runs Trinity High School. Tough move to make at this stage in his career. The guy from Southern Lee just got the job last year I believe and they haven’t done anything to warrant him moving to a job like NG after one year. I could definitely be wrong on both.

    That is just my opinion. I don’t have to make the call.

    Who are some local candidates you guys think will go for the job?

  79. Guys you are going to find out the real truth when the lawsuit is filed. The administration has gone too far. Their arrogance has caused this. Stan and the basketball team was cleared earlier in the year. The superintendent took it upon himself to make his own rules and now it’s going to court. . It’s going to get really nasty. This is just my opinion.

  80. What rules did the superintendant make up? The rules that the coach was tripped up on are set by the NCHSAA not Guilford County.
    What is the real truth? Since as a non-faculty coach he has no legal grounds to sue for anything, why don’t you finally tell us and save Coach K. the lawyer fees? I imagine the real truth is probably not something he would want to come out.

  81. Father time has a way of healing all wounds, Northern. Lets put this in the past and quietly move on……

    By and by……

  82. Own rules… look at todays paper…NAACP has found very disturbing things in the way the investigation was conducted . My opinion…they are looking into a violation of civil rights …. You don’t want these pit bulls after you believe me.

  83. Maybe the Guilford County school board and administration will be put under investigation………I saw where all of the parents that met with the NAACP were Black. You mean the “Fries” didn’t or couldn’t meet with the NAACP if it meant possibly getting some “justice” for the Northern Guilford basketball team??? Did the cheerleader’s parents meet with the NAACP as well?

  84. To answer your question about the cheerleader, yes they met with them as well. If you knew the details you would know why.

  85. Will Northern have to forfeit all the games in which the ineligible cheerleader cheered?

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