Removing articles from the site

Sometimes we have to remove articles from this web site/blog and that was the case today when we pulled the article by the PageDrummer.

We gave the PageDrummer the chance to express his opinions not knowing what direction the article would go, but it took a turn for the worse today when the comments got way out of hand.

Our apologies to Mr. Deaton and the entire Page Pirate Band and we hope all of the differences over there can be worked out, but it is not our job to settle those issues and we can not continue to harbor students trying to to settle or work out these problems here on the internet where not all comments can be controled unless we stay on here 24 hours a day.

The internet is not a good place to carry out personal conflicts or disputes when they begin to hurt and embarass others.

Instrument Case Closed until we can all find a better way to work this out and we will continue to support the PageDrummer and Mr. Deaton and the entire Page Pirate student body and faculty as much as possible.