HS Softball Tonight

Northwest Guilford 10
Mallard Creek 0

South Johnston 10
Northern Guilford 0

*****Natalie Clemmons led NG with 3 hits.*****

East Forsyth 17
RJ Reynolds 0

Final 5 innings…
EF: 16-4 (3 of their 4 losses are to NW Guilford)

East will play at North Meck on Friday night.


  1. South Johnston was too much for Northern Guilford yesterday. They hit the ball very well. We wish them the best in the state tournament. Natalie Clemmons, sophomore, had a great game yesterday. She led the team hitting this year batting .600 + and had some of the best statistics in the state. Heather Baker had one of the best pitching performances in the conference and some of the best strikeout statistics in the state. The Northern team couldn’t have done it without her. Congratulations go out to young Northern Guilford team this year they all did very well.

  2. baseball fan I would love to see you try to hit a 65 mph pitch from a softball mound..that’s equivalent to 90 mph from a baseball mound. Baseballfan anyone that doesn’t like watching beautiful girls in tight shorts play a great game of fast pitch softball has a screw loose. It’s bigger than high school baseball in a lot of places. And what do you have against beautiful girls that are athletic anyway? lol

  3. SWR and ER both advance, each won big.
    Central Davidson, North Davidson and Ledford all advance.
    East Davidson lost 4-2.

    Womens fastpitch softball is one of the fastest growing sports around. Take time to go watch one of these schools play and take note of how people are in the stands. Normally it is standing room only.

  4. baseballfan….That was an uncalled for comment. If the subject doesn’t interest you, don’t click on it.

  5. This is ladies fastpitch softball and it is very impressive. After watching some our local high schools in action every time I see it on TV now it gets my attention.

    We have given the softball/ladies fastpitch their own post and like Danny, softball fan, Kevin and others are saying the girls/ladies deserve it.

    More power to you, your’e working hard, you deserve the space and we are glad to have you. There will be detracters, but Hey, GAME ON…..

  6. although I am not a true follower of softball it is good to see our local girls exceling in a sport. I played softball as a kid and once I got hit with that fast ball, I decided basketball was better suited for me lol. It is definitely not for all, but alot more exciting, IMO, than baseball.

  7. East Forsyth 17
    RJ Reynolds 0

    Final 5 innings…
    EF: 16-4 (3 of their 4 losses are to NW Guilford)

    East will play at North Meck on Friday night. East is having one of their best seasons in years to remember. I’m happy for my mom who is the coach and the success she is having. She is only losing 4 seniors (not all the seniors start only 2 of them)from this team and she starts only 1 junior(committed to Elon on full scholarship) and the rest are sophomores!!

  8. West Stokes vs Central Greene is playing friday night at 6:30 had it wrong…

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