James shot keeps TNT talking


Had to be one of the best ever game-winning shots and it kept Kenny Smith, Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley talking well past midnight on TNT last evening.

They just could not quit talking about that shot. Was it the best-ever finisher, as it came with just one second left on the clock as the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Orlando Magic.

The Magic defense of Stan Van Gundy was set to stop the back-door cut to the basket, so LeBron James cuts in and makes contact to get some space and then he backs up after taking the inbounds pass and lets one fly from dead center court, a straight away three-pointer and it hits nothing but the bottom of the net to win the game for Cleveland and it evened the series at one game a-piece as the best-of-seven heads to Orlando for game three on Sunday night at 8pm on TNT.

You know TNT has to be loving this. How about that shot by LeBron? It brings a whole new meaning to catch and shoot. In one seconds time he had time to catch, step back, and then shoot and it’s draino……..

Best shot you have ever seen and were Kenny, Reggie and Charles talking too much about this game-winner? To what extent can you break down a shot?(An hour and half discussion?) How strong was the push-off that LeBron used to create his space so he could step back, catch the pass and then nail the shot?

You tell me Ernie Johnson or at least tell me something…..

WOW! What a way to crank up the Memorial Day Weekend fireworks!!!!!


  1. That was the best shot ever and I for one am glad to see the Cavaliers making a run at the NBA Championship. The city of Cleveland deserves a title and needs a winner.

    LeBron James the MVP has come into his own and he is his own man. He is better than Michael Jordan. LeBron is carrying Cleveland by himself. He has no real help. 35 and 49 and where’s the help. All he has is someone to throw him the ball.

    Jordan had loads of help with Chicago. Pippen, Grant, Armstrong, Cartwright, Perdue, Kerr, Harper and others. Who does LeBron have? Mo Williams?

    I just wish LeBron would have chosen another number besides 23. LeBron James is his own man and he is carrying the Cavs on his back to the NBA crown. Orlando was crushed after that loss last night and they are done.

    Cavaliers-Lakers in the Finals. Made for TV and for the Champ, LeBron James.

    How many titles did Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller and Kenny Smith win? Smith might have fallen into one but the others? Zero

  2. Laettner. 1992. ‘Nuff said. Ask any Kentucky fan. (Same size court and none of this best-out-of-7 garbage). Loser goes home. Ask Farmer how he felt.

  3. This shot has everyone talking and many are saying this is the best game-winning shot ever. Better than a dunk because of the distance and with the time on the clock and the nature of all the games considered, they are saying this is the best.

    There were some great college enders with Duke vs. Kentucky and Duke vs. UConn and UConn vs. Clemson and many, many others, but the critics are saying this is the one that will stand alone.

    LeBron James looks bigger, stronger, much thicker than Michael Jordan ever did and James is taking his game to new levels in recent seasons. Kobe Bryant had a long one for three last night in the win over Denver, but it did not come close to what LeBron James did on Friday and not many shots will.

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