Dudley Boys Football – Reading To Kids At Barnes and Noble

Shortly after the Dudley Girls Basketball Team finished reading to kids at the Barnes And Noble at Friendly Center, the Dudley Boys Football Team came in for Round Two. Andy got pictures of the Football Team reading and the crowd at the store.

Click on any picture to see the full set of 54.



  1. Thats great that they are taking the time out to read to kids!

    Now lets think about football for next season, as summer practice is about to take way.
    Do you think my Panthers will go for a third straight state championship even though moving up to 4a?
    and who do you think will be fighting for states in 3a since we’ve moved up?

  2. How did recruiting go at the Barnes and Noble outing? Did they sign up enough offensive linemen for the academy?

  3. Yeah, we signed a couple of studs from Kindercare. Coach says one of them is already benching 200 lbs. I understand Jill Wilson has a toddler that is a pretty good kicker. Why might neeed to look at him too since we don’t have one at the moment.


    Douglas Byrd is the big favorite in 3A next year. They were in the 4A state playoff game last year. They lost to 71st.

  5. What I said is not stupid and it is not even 9:30 pm yet tonight. IT IS WHAT IT IS. DUDLEY USES THEIR ACADEMY TO ADD ATHLETES TO THEIR TEAM ROSTERS. IT IS TOTALLY UNFAIR TO SCHOOLS IN THIS COUNTY THAT DO NOT HAVE ANY TYPE OF MAGNET PROGRAM ATTRACTING KIDS FROM OTHER SCHOOL ZONES.After all the smoke clears from all these athletic investigations, GCS could make the Dudley Academy, the Grimsley IB and other magnet program students participate in athletics at their school zones just LIKE MIDDLE COLLEGE STUDENTS. I FOR ONE WOULD BE A HAPPY CAMPER IF THAT TOOK PLACE AND I WOULD NOT BE ALONE IN THIS OPINION!

  6. Dudley Naysayer you would have to be negative about a positive thing these young men are doing. I mean instead of reading to kids at barnes and nobles they could be out on the street being thugs, selling drugs, involved with gangs etc. It’s a breath of fresh air to read young men and women doing something positivein the community regardless if they attend Dudley, Northern, Page, Smith or any school for that matter. But you come on here with nothing but ill will towards Dudley and can see the positive in them reading to kids.

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