The basketball season continues and then ends for Northern Guilford at the Airport Marriott

The Northern Guilford Nighhawks got their Championship rings and plaques at last night’s Awards Ceremony at the Airport Marriott and as expected, the place was packed.

Hope you had a chance to check our pictures from the event and as we were stating earlier, “the basketball season continued and then ended”, last night at the Marriott. Northern will still work to have the two basketball players eligibility restored and to have the State 3-A Title returned and who knows, I guess stranger things have happened.

The overall Sports/Athletics Awards Ceremony will be tonight at Northern at 6:30pm in the school auditorium. I spoke to parent this morning and he said they will just be handing out awards and that’s it. One of my contacts saw Interim AD Sharon Parks picking up the awards yesterday at the Crown Trophy store on Spring Garden Street and said they look real nice…….

There are still many quetions lingering out there. What’s going to happen to the football team? Will Coach Smith be back with the baseball team in 2010? Who is going to coach the basketball team next year and who all is coming back(Basketball Players)?????

I have learned a decision will be coming up in the Athletic Department and that a new person should be in charge of that key department in just about two weeks. They want to get all the testing complete before that area is finalized.

Who will coach the basketball team next year? I talked briefly with Delaney Rudd last Saturday at the Sportsplex and mentioned it to him and he said don’t count him in.

I was hoping to put together a staff with me as the head coach, Delaney as the top assistant making all of the key decisions, with our other assistants being Mike Fulcher, Andy Symmes, Fernando Cole and a full-time teacher from Northern as another one of our top assistants. Only Delaney and the Northern staff member would get paid, the rest of us, No Dinero…..(If you want total change then we’ll go with me, Delaney, the Northern staffer, Clavon Ingram and William Whitaker.)

I would like to see these Northern kids go out and win the Title again next year. You have to have Frye, Neal, McCain and Lawson back to make this happen. If all the kids are cleared to play there at NG, then let them play. You need that core group of Neal at point, Frye on the wing and Lawson in the middle. McCain is your banger and he is a huge part of what this team would do. I think I can with go with Dylan Berry at the other wing and we can win the state title….

What do you think? How’d you like to see these boys go out and win the title next year with our un-paid staff at the helm. Most of the fans seemed to have a problem with Coach K and not the kids, so if we get a new staff and keep the same kids, how’s about us winning a title.

We are not about the glory. We are just curious to see if the kids can pull it off. If my numbers serve me right, we are only going to have three/now four and count ’em, four 3-A schools in Guilford County next year.(Northeast Guilford, Eastern, Southern and Northern…..)

If all the kids return, I think we can win the title and my friends the time is NOW, Let’s get the ball rolling!!!!!


  1. Rumor has it the new principal will appoint a new AD and they together will appoint all new coaches in every sport…….clean house…

  2. the rings are meaningless, and it is the wrong thing to do. I know the majority of the team is innocent, but the fact remains that rules were broken, and there are repercussions for peoples actions. Coach K is teaching his team that you can break the rules, ignore authotity, and still get you bling. Not good.

  3. When a man uses his own resources (time and money) to (legally) help kids to reach their potential, and give them opportunities they would not otherwise have, this man would normally be honored and applauded and appreciated by the community. What Coach K. did for these kids is phenomenal. Only in Guilford County would someone like this be run out.
    Mo did tell Coach K. that he had done nothing wrong.
    According to the emails the coaches sent back and forth their jealousy resulted in putting so much heat on the school board that they felt they had to ‘do something’.
    So, let’s just punish everyone for excelling and having an ‘unfair advantage’ and bring everybody down to one mediocre level.
    Sounds anti-American to me.
    By the way, I don’t trust the people in Guilford County government to tell the truth about this or anything else by the way they have treated people in the past, ie. interrogations, forced resignations. Terry Grier did all the time but no one had the power to do anything about it. Maybe now someone does.

  4. One of those so-called jealous coaches beat the dogsnot out of your hero in the Little Four. The other would have if your wonderful institution wouldn’t have swiped his best player. Coaches want a level playing field, nothing more. They didn’t make their emails public, the county did. They were having a private discussion, they weren’t the ones crying to the school board. Blame the student-athletes that were getting screwed and their parents for bringing the house down as they should have.

  5. Please –
    I love the way you insinuate that people are so stupid that they can’t do anything without someone helping them or coercing them into it. Everyone knew that Northern was a brand new school – the first one in the county in decades – and that Coach K was the basketball coach. Don’t you think people are smart enough to figure out a way to get into the school district so that they might have a better opportunity? Maybe move there?

    Oh yeah, life is not a level playing field – and neither are athletics. There will always be someone better and someone with more money than you.

  6. Just 2 small things, please!

    1) It shows a little bit of naivate on the part of the gcs employees who were not smart enough to believe the information they had stating that correspondence on the Guilford county e-mail system was part of the public domain—-as an additional aside, they can also monitor the websites you access on the their computers.

    2) I cannot say for a fact ( but that does not prevent others from making statements ), but the player you are referring to would either not have performed at the same level for the former coach in question ( have you witnessed the guy’s people skills?) or he would have torn the team to pieces because he, like many of us, shares a skill set where his strengths and weaknesses are so closely intertwined ( really they are the same ) that you can’t just deal with him by screaming at him , embarrassing him publically by totally ignornoring him and showing sistate for his latest mistake, or just acting like a jackass in general.

    3) Just to let you know, the unnamed player is a football playrer who happened to play basketball ( and he got hot and motivated to excel @ the same time ).

  7. The best e-mail I read was the one from the Ragsdale coach who said that coach kovaleski and his staff tried to recruit 5 of his players—if that’s the case, then why didn’t he win the state championship instead of northern? frye didn’t even start for ragsdale the summer he went there for ymca summer league—how can you not win if the best player at northern wasn’t even good enough to start over the 5 players that kovaleski tried to recruit and they all stayed? i think the ragsdale coach ought to name names of the staff member from northern who tried to recruit his players.
    i do not believe him!!!!!

  8. finally… someone is going to challenge this administration and get to the real truth..not just one mans opinion…I’m like you I don’t believe them after what I heard about the treatment of employees and students….everyone sure has been mum in the administration lately…maybe because they don’t know know whats coming down legally…depositions galore…and they can’t plead employee or student confidentiality or that’s debatable..or let’s form a committee and talk about it..they have to answer the questions..just my opinion

  9. If the coaches at these high schools that complain about coach k were doing their job,no student would want to leave anyway. Stan has a good heart and his ultimatepurpose is to get kids in college. It is great thing to have someone so involved with the success of his tenure.

  10. I’ll have you know that Coach K paid for those rings with his own hard earned money.

    Anybody got a problem with that?

  11. TVS, I’ve got a problem with that. Northern didn’t win the Championship–they cheated. To ignore that and act like it is a Championship Thing To Do to get a ring sends the wrong message. Coach K should be regretful and apologetic for his role in this fiasco. He cheated his team and his school out of a season of basketball. Win or lose, playing by the rules is something to be proud of. Cheating, even when it leads to wins is wrong. Ask Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, A-Rod, Marie Jones, and on and on. I feel sorry for the Northern players who have now been cheated twice. They can never wear that ring, or even their high school letter, without feeling like cheats.

  12. You got my name wrong. I am Marion Jones not Marie Jones. I started using steroids while I was at Carolina. They are good at hiding drug use there. Just ask Brandon Tate. He got busted for weed by the NFL and not by UNC.

  13. News and record has a story on a possible conflict of interest in the first investigation on Northerns Coach K.

    from the story:
    “On Thursday, Kowalewski acknowledged paying for the airfare and hotel rooms for Yeager, Force and their spouses — bills totaling more than $1,600. School system officials questioned him on the trip this month, asking why he paid for the couples, he said. Kowalewski said he paid for trips by school administrators, serving as chaperones, to Miami when he coached at High Point Central.”

    So, out of pocket, he paid for a trip to new york for 4 (two were his supervisors) and admits he did the same thing at HPC.
    And, he bought the fake championship rings out of his own pocket.

    Where does a high school coach get this kind of money?

  14. Northern will win it all again next year.Jacob Lawson stated in the News &Record that he is returning.They’ll be even better next year because they’ll have a chip on their shoulder.And Coach K is just a nice man, he would do anything for his players, he’s just a good person.The rings are not fake, Northern won the championship.All schools have ineligible players, Northern just got caught!

    Nighthawk Nation

  15. And for our next award in the “Win At All Cost, Beg, Barrow, & Steal Section”. This years winner is…………..Northern High School……………….. Hard work has nothing to do with the right or wrongness of the out come. The facts are what they are. If we put together the greatest army ever to march the earth, and started on a jouney through the woods and forest of any jungle. We hack and make a wide beautful path. We cut down everything in sight, and in our way. After two months of hard work we send our scout up a tree to see where we are. He reports that we are off course thirty miles, the hill we where suppose to be climbing is thirty miles west of where we are, but we’ve worked hard, oh so hard, “Like A Fool With A Mule, Hard”. Does that mean that we didn’t do something wrong? Does that mean that we didn’t head in the wrong direction. Can we now call the hill we’re on the east hill, even though we’re on the west hill? All I hear from the so called fans is the they worked hard, and NOBODY EVER SAID THAT THEY DIDN ‘T. You’re anserwing questions nobodies asking. We know you worked hard, no teams wins a state title without hard work, so quit telling us how hard you work. WE DIDN ‘T ASK!!!!!!! Now the questions that were asked, we got the anserws to. Did you cheat? YES!!! Were you under handed? YES!!!! Did you get caught? HELL YES!!!!!!!! You can buy all the rings all the placks and awards you want, but you didn’t win. WE can wash a pig, put it in a dress and buy it prom tickets, but the facts will still be the facts. IT ‘S STILL A PIG!!!!! So the winner of the ben johnson, marion jones, barry bonds, cheat and get caught award is still NORTHREN HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!
    Ps: nighthawk–a bird that flys at night. Isn’t that a fly by night opperation? Usually meaning a shady business, organizion, or group, just something else to think about.

  16. Northern only wants to anserw questions nobodys asking, much like a famous rapper we know. Lil John. The only difference is he gets paid to do it, but wait so did Northern. Start the beat, any beat you want to dance to. Sing along with me in your best Lil John voice– Did Northern cheat, Yea!!!!! You got caught, O K!!!!!, We want the trophy back, What, What!!!!!! Yes we worked hard to the beat.

  17. Hey Eddie Willis,

    Does it take people skills to be a good coach? I mean Geeze Bobby Knight looks like the biggest ******** in the world but how many National Championships and wins does he have.

    Just becasue you yell and discipline doesn’t mean you don’t have people skills. That is why Stan put Northern in the position they are in because he is a smooth talker and all the parents that want something done for their kids that can and has been done at other schools used Stan just like he used them to get a “STATE CHAMPIONSHIP”, LOL

  18. Coach K is gone and it’s time to move on. We need to start getting ready for the new Nighthawk basketball coach and get these kids back on the court.

    Not here to push Coach K under the bus but as Lil John might say, Why all the fuss, there’s no need to cuss, but we need to discuss the man Gus….

    No the new coach won’t be Gus Johnson or Frank Johnson, but who will it be??????

    Coach K is now history, who is “The Man”, with the plan that will take this school back to the Promised Land?????

    Coaches, AD and other role players…….

  19. I hope Northern does win it all next year just to prove that the reason they won was not their coach but the fact that an all-star team was brought together under one school roof.

  20. Hey, I know a great football/wrestling/baseball coach who was laid off in Guilford County due to budget cuts and is a very honest and respectable human being. Does anybody have a PE teaching and coaching job?

  21. Let Stan find a new coach for Northern..he knows more about coaches and the game than anyone

  22. How and Why? How will Jocob be able to stay when it was reported that his Dad was fired because he was hired because his son wanted to play for Stan. The Kid lived in another County and moved here because of Stan and the Greensboro Gaters. This takes a spot from another Kid that has worked just as hard and the parent did not move his family just to play Basketball with Stan!!!!!!!

  23. To: How & Why

    That was never reported—you are either not very smart or you are just trying to start trouble—I cannot tell you how hard one kid worked versus another, but I am saying that was never reported!

    To: I love people:

    Absolutely it takes people skills to coach—Bobby Knight had great people skills—he could communicate–it’s just that his methodology was not conventional—he was a product of an era that he never lost touch with before today where everyone gets to play, kids never get cut until they are about 15, and mommy and daddy start their own teams if they aren’t happy with the way things are—could he teach in the public schools? Not in either of our lifetimes—he’s a tough guy who lives by the sword and, like many others, he dies by the sword!!!

  24. It is a nice jesture for a coach to do these type of things. But, under normal circumstances the coach does not buy rings for state champions. So this must be a token measure since no rings where bought by the school system or state.

  25. how and why:

    so now it’s illegal to move to another school district? just because your kid already lives there? and you really, really want him to play? because he lived there 1st?


  26. how and why,
    This is America. I can decide where I want my children to go to school and buy a house in the district (actually, I did it). people do it every day. Why I pick the school I pick is irrevelant – they are MY children. you will never change that. it is called freedom.

  27. I agree with Andy on this one, Stan is yesterdays news he is history, who will the new AD and new coach be?

  28. Willis your are right but just because a coach yells doesn’t mean he doesn’t have people skills. Also you say that parents make their own teams, isn’t this what Stan and the other B-ball parents that moved to Northern for the wrong reason did? End of story he recruted and is a smooth talker to people naive enough to see dollar signs instead of character.

  29. Now it seems as though Coach Stan has intermingled funds. I know this guy put alot of his own money into the that Basketball team. I also know that there is no way that teams raises that amount of money without his connections, but the you never intermingle funds. This is a man who deals with large sums of money on a regular basis. He’s definitely of above average intelligence, so why intermingle funds. I think it shows arrogance on his part.

  30. The non-profit checks just shows that whatever he saved in taxes were used to fund the rings…Man, this whole situation just stinks to high heaven…For anyone who believed in him before are really dumb and naive to believe in him now…I pity the fool who believes in this man to help support their teenager…

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