Top Nine at 9 Reader’s Choice Awards

We’re still taking your picks and we will have our’s on here for you with The Top Nine HS Baseball players from Guilford County at 9 on June 9.

Until then we will still take your choices, just send those in as this reader did to and we will keep on posting these without the comments so we can maintain a level of civility and we will also be able to keep the Nation together as one unit as we go for win number 300 in San Francisco.

Just a play on words Randy Johnson and here is today’s entry and very well done, I might add: reader says:A lot of good players in this county. I need 10 spots and canâ€t limit to one/team because the quality is not that well dispersed; wasnâ€t able to see Grimsley or Page play. After each selection, my reasons why…

Wil Myers – Skillwise a freak; will go as far as his work ethic will take him; good chance to make a lot of $$ soon

Nick McBride – Been a grown man for about 5 years; good size, live arm, poise, commands all his pitches

Kyle Brandenburg – Maybe the most consistent player in the county, seldom has a bad game on O or D

Macon Smith – Maybe the most dangerous hitter; ask opponents who walked/hit him close to 40 times; leader

Desean Anderson – Very good bat and defense; plus speed; Tanner has his CF for 3 years

Robbie McIntosh – Nobody had a better all-around season at the plate, solid in all phases; injury limited him pitching

Alex Swim –Sound receiver, real good contact hitter with gap power, leader

Cal Sutphin – Solid SS, strong arm, consistent at the plate; should have a good career at Liberty

Ray Crawford – Can rake, very good power, hands are his strength (quick and strong)

Brock Hudgens – Might be most underrated pitcher/player around; gun readings are climbing, smart and improving

Others worth noting: Ethan Ogburn, Casey Jones, Joe Turkson, Steven Mekita, Ben Fultz, George Carter, Josh Tobias, Nin Marerro, Will Kellam, Gabe Dimock, Trey Gilmore; Tevin Neal

POY:Myers easily on what he and his team accomplished

COY:Chris Causey – Won Triad 3-A handily and advanced to 3rd round of Stateâ€s with a team of juniors and sophs (over other teams with much more hyped individual talents); did it with two pitchers, no depth at positions and little offensive production from bottom third of the order; #1 pitcher is a competitor but canâ€t afford to throw his fastball for a strike, survives and battles on curveball and change, whole team knew and played their role and put the team ahead of their own interests. says:Well done on the selections………