Does Coach K have people to pay? County vs. K getting longer and stronger

This won’t go away as now Coach K used team funds to pay personal bills and will this sway Guilford County in their investigations? This could get stronger and will take longer as both sides lock down for an all-out war…….

What do have to say as we watch and listen to what may be the play of the day?????

Here it is from today’s News and Record at


  1. I am not a fan of Coach K but I do not think he was purposely misusing funds. He does not have to do that. He was careless with which account he used to write checks for his personal expenses. The man is not a check fraud criminal but he does not deserve his basketball championship because he did use ineligible players.
    As for coaching I am sure he can teach the game. He has AAU mentality in his approach to the game. In AAU the coach goes out and FINDS players. Most of the players found have some basketball experience and often lots of it so the coach in AAU has a smaller learning curve to deal with. In high school the coach conducts tryouts, selects the best from the tryouts and tries to win as many games as he/she can with the kids on the team.Often there is a larger learning curve that needs to be addressed with a high school team as opposed to an AAU team.

  2. My opinion…This is getting out of control…I’m seeing a noticable change in my child…they don’t want to go back to fact we are looking to selling our house and getting out of this county…this county is as crazy as a funny farm…… .This has gone from..being cleared of wrong doing…then taking a 3A championship away…..on one mans opinion…mistreating employees and students…investigating everything under the sun…to an all out war to destroy peoples reputations…this is the mentality of our administration….it’s terrible…….finally people are seeing who we have running our schools….just remember the NAACP and attorney’s are taking notes

  3. If this is more smoke than fire, then all the better. If not, then I hope Coach “K” apologizes to his players and parents who have supported him without hesitation—even Force, Yeager, and Jacob’s dad too.
    Good luck to everyone associated with Northern Guilford. Time will heal these wounds.

  4. NAACP..HA!HA! holy cow. Stan is all bluster and talk. No way no how does anybody get sued. He will be lucky to stay out of jail.

    Please anyone that wonders about Stan go to WFMY website and read the document. COME ON!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! It’s the Supers fault because he wrote money out of a school account? Any CPA student can talk about the tax issues alone….if people wrote checks that were donations and wrote off the donations then he spent the money?..What about the folks that donated the TV’s that he took back? What if they wrote it off but take the TV’s back after reporting the deduction? What if Stan never reported the income he took back?

    The NAACP….Puuuulllleeezzzee

  5. So….. In January 2008, he spends $1500 “out of his own pocket” to pay for his immediate supervisors and their spouses to go to New York. In December, He writes himself a check for……. $1500 … Nice.

  6. I’m telling you that this guy is a piece of work. He is like a lot of rich guys who think that their money and position allows them to do things that others cannot do. I really believe that he knew what he was doing was wrong but he did them anyway because he believed that he was above everyone else. he looks at all of this as doing things that were not serious. The sad thing is that the parents of these kids are just like him. Do whatever you want to do. Just win a championship and get our kids scholarships and we don’t care about the rest. Then, if and when you get caught we will back you up by bad mouthing everyone else and spread rumors that we are doing what everyone else does even though we don’t actually have any proof.

  7. Yes, this is not good for SK and their cause.

    However, is it me or is this the most odd legalese we’ve ever seen? The writing really does not stick to facts and it seems odd.

  8. I just watched the interview that SK gave to WFMY and I caught him in so many conflicting statements
    1. He started the interview saying he had not met with anyone from GCS since he was let go but by the end of the interview he said that he had a private meeting with Mo Green a week ago.
    2. He kept stressing his concerns for the kids over and over but he kept ranting about his reputation being smeared and how much money he had donated to NG. He is obviously not concerned about the students because he would go away if he really cared.
    3. Initially in the interview it was a Charitable account but then it became his personal account because they owed it to him as a director of the camps sponsored at NG. He also said he donated $10K but took back $4K which contradicts donation. A donation is nonrefundable. The question s/b did he pay GCS for use of their facilities and did he use NG name to solicit teams and donations which still makes it illegal.
    So, so many lies and dirty deeds done in the name of winning at any cost. How can he continue to pursue this when it is obvious that he is so wrong. SAD, SAD, SAD for everyone involved.

  9. exactly, especially considering he was saying before he didn’t give money to the program, that they raised it all through fundraising. He seems to forget he denied using his own money, and in the video he brags repeatedly about how much he did spend.

  10. Keepitfair,
    Can you give us a link to that interview? I cannot seem to locate it.

  11. When you read the article from the attorney this situation does not look good. How do you write checks to Peidmont Natural Gas and Terminex as well as a check to yourself for 1500.0 on Christmas eve? How is that a Booster Club issue?

    This guy may need an attorney but not for suing someone.

  12. In fairness to K, after watching the interview he explains why he paid bills from the account. It’s his account, not a school account. However I don’t think it was too smart of his AD to tell him to set up a personal account for basketball camps but to use the Northern 501(c)3 account number. I would think you would want to seperate personal income from a school non-profit account. Trying to figure out how personal camp income to him would be non-profit tax status. Maybe someone with more knowledge could shed light on that.

  13. It seems as though Mr. Yeager and Mr. Force have left Coach K holding the preverbal ball in this situation. Perhaps they should both (at least Mr. Force) step up to the plate with some explanation. Coach K obviously put his heart/soul/money into this school. It is apparent that he was directed by the administration to follow procedure. Now, he is being held responsible for that direction.

    It seems that Mr. Force is accountable for the circumstances and he has “resigned” with his tail between his legs. Let’s hear from him!

  14. Get Real!!!! Coach K is a Darthmoth graduate that is responsible for Millions of dollars in the financial industry. He knows the difference between right and wrong with regards to financial matters. He knew it was illegal to make donations and then reimburse himself for personal bills. There is no excuse acceptable because he is a finacial expert (supposedly) in full knowledge of the rules governing a 501 c account. He writes it off on his taxes then turns around and collects for personal use.
    I find it incredible how whenever he is questioned the first option is to throw somebody else under the bus. Force did not make him write any personal checks — he knew exactly what he was doing. Creating a phony tax shelters.
    He needs to be quiet and go away because he is hurting everyone involved.He is wrong but his ego will not allow him to admit or apologize to his team and the people that believe in him. Be a man of integrity for once.

  15. My concerns:

    #1: He initially said the team raised the money for all of their “ammenities” totaling $40,000. He then takes all of those ammenities from the school when he retrieves HIS things. So he is taken things that were bought with money that the team raised? So is he stealing from the players he said he cares so much about? He took the uniforms and basketballs. Wouldn’t those belong to the school? What exactly will he do with NG uniforms now? Way to look after your former players there.

    #2: He then, while trying to defend himself, admits to giving $86,000+ to NG in the past year alone. So, is he saying that the basketball program was operating on a budget of more that $125,000 on a yearly basis? Some D-I school probably don’tspend that much. Or, did he lie by saying that the program raised the money and he just put everything on his dime like most people were accusing him of in the first place?

    #3: He has said that the principal and AD were included in the trip to chaperone. Ok, but on the ticket list in the News and Record you see his JV coache’s name. Isn’t it safe to assume that the other coaches went as well (freshman,JV, varsity assistants)? So now you have at least 6-7 COACHES on the trip. Are their kids so bad that they need 11-12 chaperones to monitor 15 kids?!? I didn’t realize he was coaching the Guilford County Juvenile Detention Center basketball team.

    #4: In his last interview he stated that he hasn’t met with the GCS folks since they let him go. Then he ends the interview by referring to a meeting with Mo Green last week. What? How much sense does that make?

    A wise man once said: “If you are going to be a good liar, you better have a good memory”

    This guy has contadicted himself no less than 20 times since this thing went down.

  16. It is NOT his account. It was a school account set up as a non-profit account using the school’s Booster Club Tax ID number, so therefore it is not his account. It was an illegally run account. I don’t believe for one minute that he donated any money of his own to that account. There would be no incentive for him to do that without claiming credit for it. I also don’t believe that the A.D. told him to set up that account, but I will admit it is conceivable that happened. Either way, he knew not to write personal checks on that account. But if he did donate his own money into that account, just provide Guilford County with the deposit slips and any receipts. That is all he has to do. He has been asked to do that by the County back in early May and he is yet to provide them with anything. That is all he has to do to make it go away. I am guessing that is because he can’t.

  17. If the Northern Nation is aligned with this guy then they all need to reconsider their personal morals and values. It’s high time the NGHS players, parents and fans cut the ties with this guy and let him work his “magic” somewhere else.

  18. That was nice of his wife to write that letter. I am sure the superintendant was very impressed with Stan’s win/loss record.
    “He often travels with his players on recruiting trips.” Assuming she meant to colleges as opposed to say… recruiting trips to Jamestown.

  19. Well, we surely didn’t expect her to say bad things about Stan now did we? I did find the line about him “developing a curriculum on fiscal responsibility? to be somewhat amusing.

  20. This just gets funnier and funnier. It is good that his wife has good things to say about her husband, but seriously?

  21. blah, blah, blah!!! LOL 3 pages (really) suppose Mo actually read all that dribble?

  22. To: Keep it fair

    Per my source @ Northern,
    1) Coach “K” purchased the uniforms and they were not a donation. He usually buys uniforms each year and passes the varsity uniforms down the JV team—
    2) $135M is a lot to fund a hs basketball team, but they did a lot of travel.
    3) My understanding is that there were only 2 varsity coaches on the NY trip and the JV coaches went to help. That meant they needed additional chaperones as I would read it.
    4) heard the “faux pas”, but that’s tto easy to check out–very easy to get confused with a timeline and that long intrview.

    Just my opinion—no ties with NG, just a basketball fan who enjoyed watching them and hoping their community can heal quickly.

  23. Why Eddie although you are speaking quite a bit softer that a week or so ago what you say is still BS not matter how sweet it is said

  24. and sorry for my misspellings, that damn banner or your right keeps getting in my damn way.

  25. Eddie,
    You sound like you are a coach at Northern or way closer than “no ties with NG, just a basketball fan who enjoyed watching them”. How do you know he bought the uniforms and they weren’t a donation. What is he going to do with a bunch of uniforms that say Northern on them? Why would you keep those and not donate them to the school. Are they going to change the name of the NC Gaters to the NC Northerns so they can get some use out of all his uniforms?

    $135,000 sounds like a lot but they did travel a lot? Are you kidding me! You could take every school in three counties’ discrecianary spending money and put it together and it wouldn’t come close to $135,000. Do you think that all that money he spent on his team attracted players to Northern or do you think it was his great coaching and the fact that they work so hard? He created a culture of leaches on his staff and in his players. There was a large group of people who used him and he thinks it was because he was such a great coach. They were there for the handouts as much as anything.

    How do you know there were only two varsity coaches on the trip? It didn’t show that in the paper. Why wouldn’t he take his coaching staff to a game? They should be pissed if they got bumped for his bosses. But I guess you don’t really need six assistant coaches on the bench, especially when the head coach is such a great man.

    As for the “faux pas”, he seems to be having a lot of those lately. He forgets about meetings with the people he is at war with. He forgets if his account was a tax free account or a regular account. He forgets there are laws against using tax free accounts to pay personal bills. He forgets he is there for the kids but then he tries to get the two kids to admit they lied about where they lived so he can get his title back. He forgets that he says they didn’t live out of the district anyway so why get them to take the blame if they were legal? He forgets he said his team raised $40,000 and then says on camera there were no donations to his program other than his. He forgets that the time he was banned from campus didn’t hurt his players any because college coaches weren’t allowed off their campuses during that time. He forgets that this whole thing was started by the parents in the Northern community whose kids did not get to play because he brought in an AAU all star team. He forgets he cost three people their jobs and income while he only lost his hobby.

    Biggest of all he forgets to keep his mouth shut so maybe this will go away. I hope he doesn’t because it is all very entertaining.

  26. Eddie, they made one trip. That wouldn’t cost $100,000. Come one now. This is what the problem has been all along. That is where there is such a conflict of interests. You don’t think the glitz and glamour can be used or has been used as a recruting tool? Ask kids what they know and have heard from the players about the NG basketball program and all the “goodies” they recieve.

    I spoke to a local high school coach about budgets, and he said he had only $600 to spend on his team, thats with some fundraising. You don’t see how spending a ton (in K’s own words) of money on high school basketball players is a problem? And he had a really good team.

    What has it done for those players that now think they can go through life and have everything handed to them?

  27. the “And he had a good team” quote was referring to the coach that only had $600. Everyone knows that NG has the best team to never win a game.

  28. Have to admit not many schools have flat screens in the lockerooms. They had some nice perks out there.

  29. Smoke and mirrors, people! Smoke and mirrors! What I am appalled at is how this situation gets more ink than the laying off of educators. Who gives a flying dog crap about a basketball coach who got caught cheating? The title was taken, so stop talking about it. That is what the narcissist coach and parents at this school want. Keep it smoldering as long as they can, and eventually the truth will be diluted until they will be found of no wrongdoing. Society is way too litigious, and this better not be a case where Guilford County fights back and spends money. Oh they probably will and then it won’t be put in the media, just like todays announcement of 40 million worth of cuts for Guilford County Schools……….

  30. someone on the N&R site thinks this letter was actually written by Stan. I have to disagree. This letter sounds exactly like mrs. K. If you’ve ever spoken to her you would agree. She wears a “Coach K is all mine” shirt for gosh sakes!

  31. Not sure what the confusion is. The letter has her name in the heading and it is signed by her at the bottom.

  32. wait til the truth comes out in court and boy is it…you guys don’t know what the hec your talking about…my opinion

  33. notaschoolboardfan —

    please elaborate…what do you know that the rest of us fools don’t?

  34. the naacp is involved enough said …just a guess…like everyone else’s opinion

  35. I agreewith noaschoolboardfan . Wait til the truth comes out in court. Hopefully, Coach K’s lawyer can make a convincing argument for minimal jail time. Hopefully they will go easy on him. Of course, Guilford County Schools does not have to answer to the NAACP nor does anyone. The NAACP is not looking into anything regarding Mr. Kowalewski or eligibility or anything of that nature. They are only looking into claims from some Northern Basketball Parents about treatment of certain employees and the interviews of their children. They have no power to get anything overturned. It isn’t like the NAACP can give Coach K his job back or get Northern a title back. They are just an interest group. Besides, I have a feeling that with the developments the last week or so, the NAACP is going to try and move as far away from all of this as possible. Nobody is going to end up filing suit. If they were, they would have filed it by now. They will keep grandstanding about how they are going to file suit, but it ain’t going to happen.

  36. Notaschoolboardfan,

    Why don’t you go ahead and file that lawsuit for Kowalewski since he hasn’t done it yet. the NAACP is a freaking joke!

  37. OMG-

    There are a lot of people apparently who have too much time on their hands and/or feel the need to obsess on issues that have NOTHING to do with them or their lives…

    Sad that some people’s lives are so hollow that they choose to wade into others’ misfortunes. …

    Does anyone care how many people have been hurt in this process. most of them children????

    Why not leave the sleuthing to the experts and go do something proactive to better our world.

    You would think this Northern/Coach K saga was some kind of White House political scandal, they way people around here have responded. It is like a bunch of savages out for a kill…the killing of a high school? COME ON PEOPLE!!!!

    I am ashamed of Guilford County right now.

  38. QRS,

    SO! Like we care if you are ashamed. People mainly wanted the truth to come out, and it looks like it is. People are fascinated that rumors are becoming true, and its interesting to people because “they told you so”.

  39. Uh?

    Interesting name….

    You are obviously one of the people I am talking about since you are so defensive. You are obviously one of the savages I spoke of that could care less how many children and families whose lives this whole incident has impacted, children and families who are good and decent people.

    What I find interesting is not the “rumors”, but the fact that so many people(like you) are so ecstatic about jumping on this “hate and persecute” wagon…most of whom have very little facts and much speculation.

    I also find it interesting that so many people are so quick to judge and condemn OTHERS, but are blind to acknowledging their own FAULTS.

    Uh….(pun intended) look in the mirror. Hate to break it to you. But you are not perfect. Neither am I, and neither is anyone else.

    Northen High School is the current scapegoat for all that is wrong in the Guilford County School system. Have you seen ONE other school step up and “do the right thing” by admitting that they too have children from out of district in their high school, even though we ALL know that they ALL do? The answer is NO. So that makes them just as guilty.

    So to stoop to your juvenile level,let me say “I don’t care if you care that I am ashamed of Guilford County.” It is people like you that make me feel that way.

    Judge not lest YOU be judged.

  40. QRS,

    Oh, I’ll be judged for sure, but it won’t be from the likes of you. I’m just not as conceited as you may be to think that Northern has no reason to be punished, nor that anyone would be happy that they got caught. And don’t give me this hogwash that kids are hurt and their lives are ruined forever story. The Northern kids will come out just fine once they rid that school of the cancers. In fact, the Northern kids will come through this and be much stronger because of it. In fact, I’m sure there are Northern kids who really don’t give a darn about this saga and continue to go on with their daily lives. If their lives have stopped and are crushed from this saga, then I’m really concerned for the parents who don’t know how to help their children cope.

    Scapegoat? Its funny that you think that when there is so much evidence of wrong doing. Do you not read about what their own booster club members are saying about the cancers there? The booster club members want these cancers to go away, so that they can start to build the school the right way.

    This does not consume most people’s daily lives as you may think. Actually, I’ve spent thirty minutes right before I hit the sack to provide my feedback. I’m quite sure that most other people don’t spend that much time on here as well. So, no need to be so condescending.

  41. Is it true that a lawsuit was filed yesterday??????? This gets crazier by the day.

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