We all know Hansbrough is headed to the show: Will he go high or low when he turns Pro?

The work ethic hasn’t changed. He’s still busting his butt and with the ACC scoring record in his hand, he will be a new man when the NBA has their draft later this month.

A new man in a new league and for Tyler Hansbrough he has to prove himself all over again. The 6’8 power forward is working out this week for among others the Charlotte Bobcats and the question that keeps on popping up faster than Psycho T’s college stats is, “How high or how low will Hansbrough go in the NBA draft”?

Will he join the Bobcats and feel automatically right at home with former Heels Larry Brown, Phil Ford, Raymond Felton and for the time being, Sean May?????

The Bobcats have the 12th pick and will they stick with traditional boundaries and select the Tar Heels’ number one son?

Tyler has worked out for Detroit and the Pistons have the 15th pick. Hansbrough has hit the floor for Chicago and the Bulls have pick number 16. New Orleans selects 21st and they have also brought in Hansbrough for pre-draft workouts.

Hansbrough has upcoming visits scheduled for Indiana, and the Pacers pick 13th, Utah, and the Jazz hold the 20th pick and also Portland, and will the Blazers burn their 24th pick on Tyler Hansbrough?????

You can see which way this one’s going…….

How high or low will Hansbrough go when he turns pro?????

Who will take Tyler and will it be high or low, the fans want to know……..

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