Jim Ross on Gerald Brisco who just suffered three strokes

from Jason Powell’s www.prowrestling.net:

Jerry Brisco, brother of Jack Brisco, had a very tough weekend and Jim Ross gives details at Powell’s site and at www.jrsbbq.com. The Brisco Brothers were a very big part of Mid-Atlantic and Florida Wrestling back in the 1970’s and early 80’s.

Jim Ross provided an update on fellow WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco in his latest blog by revealing that he suffered more than one stroke. “After getting many of his medical tests back today, it was determined that Jerry did indeed have a stroke and not just one,” Ross wrote. “Jerry had a total of three strokes over the past several days. The doctors now think that one stroke occurred Saturday and the other Sunday morning. They are not sure when Jerry suffered the first stroke. This is all new info confirmed on Wednesday afternoon. It was originally believed that Jerry had not suffered from a stroke but further tests proved otherwise.

“While doing a battery of tests, doctors also discovered a small hole in Brisco’s heart and a heart valve issue that will now be repaired next week, likely on Thursday. This procedure will be done via his groin as to make it less evasive and the doctors are highly confident that this issue will be addressed completely with the medical procedure…

“Jerry is confident, as am I, that he will make a full recovery as he has been an athlete all his life and has never been a smoker, isn’t overweight, is in excellent physical shape for a man a little north of 60 who was still working out on the mat with his amateur wrestling team at a high school in Tampa where he volunteers.” To read the full blog, go to www.jrsbarbq.com.