Greensboro Colt baseball standings

Standings as of Monday of this week…..
1 Grimsley(7-0)
2 Jamestown(6-1)
3 Northeast(6-3)
4 Southwest(4-2)
5 Dudley(4-2)
6 Eastern
7 Page
8 Northern
9 HP Central
10 Northwest
11 Southern
12 Western
13 Wesleyan

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  1. Thats beacasue Simmons only focuses on the young kids. The week before the state playoffs began he ended practice everyday around 5ish for colt practice. He gave up on the older guys and started focusing solely on the colt players. He disrespected everyone of the 6 seniors he had. Something should be said or done about this.

  2. I am sure Coach does what is in the best intrest of the program. Quit crying and get a life.

  3. I agree with pagealum about Coach Simmons doing what is in the best interest of the program at Grimsley. That it is why he applied for the job at SEG.

  4. RE: pagealumn

    you obviously dont have a life as well becasue your posting on greensborosports. So if I have no life, you dont have a life. Fair enough? I think so

  5. I feel for Coach Simmons. Their colt team is on top and you still can’t please that group. They beat Jamestown head to head with both teams at full strength. Too many parents thinking their kids are better than they are.

    If those seniors were so good why weren’t they selected by the conference coaches for all-conference? Where have these seniors signed to play after high school?

  6. From my understanding some of them are playing at the next level. Yuri has a scholarship to Gaulldalet University in DC. Shaq and Gabe have been told promising things about walking on at APP and NC&AT. Logan has interest from a few small schools including Roanoke College and Lincoln Memorial. Kevin has a spot at RCC but could eventually go better. There were rumors of Taylor going to Charlotte to play baseball on scholarship but i’m not too sure about that. So there is potential.

  7. Joe,
    You have to be nominated by your coach for All Conference before you can be considered by the other conference coaches. It appears Grimsley’s coach didn’t feel his seniors were worthy of consideration. They never had a chance,tough break. I hope this challenges these young men to excel in the face of doubt.

  8. The Grimsley colt team has 6 varsity players. They beat Jamestown on their last at bat aginst their JV team. Just giving the true facts.

  9. Jamestown also had a couple of varsity players in that game. And the jv’s were pretty good. Not many freshmen and sophomores have played varsity baseball at Ragsdale the last few years. But they did beat guys that threw some varsity. The last 2 years Jamestown dominated Colt primarily with varsity players and an undefeated JV squad. Nobody complained then. It goes in cycles. Give’um some credit. Just stating the true facts.

    Simmons nominated several kids for all-conference. He gave some a shot to be judged by the other coaches. The other coaches did not vote for them.

  10. Some observations and facts as I know them to provide another view of all the Grimsley talk over the past several months. If you are a Grimsley parent, coach, player, coach’s family member, etc. that chooses to respond, please consider using your real name.

    1) Fact: to accomodate Colt practices, varsity practices were shortened in the week of round 1 of the state playoffs.

    2) Fact: practice intensity this season was much less than in recent years. Pitcher defensive drills used to be conducted almost every day; this year only once or twice all year. On-field BP used to be an everyday occurrence also; this year maybe 50% of the time.

    3) Fact and opinion: this past season younger players often played ahead of seniors. In some cases this was based on ability, in other cases maybe not. Case in point: in the state playoff game vs. Mallard Creek a JV player was inserted as a pinch runner. He promptly made a crucial base-running error that killed a promising offensive inning. Grimsley went on to lose 4-2. More experienced varsity players were available. As I heard Joe Morgan say recently on a Sun. night ESPN broadcast, “Just because you’re fast doesn’t mean you’re a good baserunner.” Another case in point: a freshman began the season at SS. Although he turned into a very good slap hitter who batted almost .450, he committed at least 25 errors (24 games). Many of these errors were in the big games (NW, E Forsyth, Mallard Creek) and led to quite a few unearned runs. Consideration of other options at SS appeared to be minimal, although the tendency for errors was evident early in the season.

    4) Facts: there are 2 Grimsley seniors (now graduates) that will be on a college baseball team next year, others might try walking on. Yuri Johnston will attend Galludet, a DIII school for the deaf in Wash DC. DIII aid and scholarships are not athletic scholarships, but if you’re a good fit for the school, you will be able to get financial aid. Kevin Rose has several JUCO options and hopes to improve enough to earn a spot on a DI roster in a couple years. Gabe Dimock, Shaq Jacobs, and Taylor Lee are considering walking on at the respective DI schools they will attend (App. St., A&T, and UNCC). Realistically, making the team as a walk-on at a DI school with roster limits is a long shot, but not unheard of. Club baseball is available at most large schools. I have not heard anything definitive about Logan Dunn’s future in baseball. Opinion: most of these kids could find a spot on a DIII baseball team if they wanted to go that route. So there was some ability in the senior class. Opinion: it did appear there was a general tendency toward writing off the seniors this past season.

    5) Fact and opinion: many underclassmen in the area are playing for Legion and/or showcase teams instead of their local Colt teams. Thus, I’m not sure how much credence one can place in the early success of Grimsley’s Colt team. I did hear they were defeated handily by Dudley yesterday.

    6) Facts and Opinions: for most of the Grimsley seniors, this season went from promising to the pits. Without a coaching change and the resulting player changes, prospects for a winning season and possible run 3 or 4 rounds into the state playoffs were very strong. Instead their senior season became a total disaster. The coaching staff change (for which real reasons were never given other than the “we wanted to go in a different direction’ politically correct answer) resulted in a team that couldn’t do much right and didn’t show much improvement as the season progressed. The team became divided into several groups: the group that wants to win and will accept being a role player, the group that just wanted more playing time even if it meant losing, and the group that was okay with writing off this season to build for the future.

    7) Fact: all-conference and all-area teams are based almost entirely on who the coach nominates and supports.

  11. so, you are saying that all the seniors could have played college ball, but yet they are not getting anything solid? They have had 3 years to become college prospects. If they were college level players, surely someone would know based off some of the players the players that have been at Grimsley the last couple years. What is your opinion of they could all play DIII based on? There are 2 DIII schools right hee in greensboro. Why haven’t these players made an effort to go there? Or better yet, why aren’t these schools making an effort to recruit them. I have no person involved with Grimsley, but it gets old hearing parents complain about their kids not getting scholarships, when they never consider that their son/daughter might not just be good enough. Don’t blame a coach for playing younger guys that he thinks are better. His job is to build a program, not pamper seniors to get them seen by college coaches that don’t seem to be too interested anyway.

  12. i am not a grimsley parent, but i did see you play several times. i am sure that all of the young men you mentioned are exceptional young people, but none of them are college players except for johnson ( and only @ galludet } where he will play against mary washington, york college, salisbury, etc. and they will get hammered week in and week out ( scores like 24-4, etc. )–that’s ok, especially if they are having fun and enjoying the experience. the shumate and highfill kid will improve next year and grimsley will get better.
    while i am not a big fan of simmons and his staff, i do believe he’s a good baseball guy if he will stay committed and always be looking for the next train to board to enhance his career. i do n
    i do not mean to appear disrespectful mr. rose, but none of those kids you mentioned have a chance of playing division 1 baseball @ anyof the schools mentioned unless there is a big donation coming from a relative to the school in question the dimock kid is a relly gritty kid who plays his heart out and coach shumate might add him to the roster to catch bullpen, but that’s it.

  13. This is amazing to me. the best player on the team wasnt a senior, junior or sophmore it was a freshman by the name of Reader when we

  14. I see we have some comedians on hand. Unfortunately, we have no one to have an honest discussion, yet. Eddie, when you reach the 48″ mark give us a call, but congrats on that fantastic OBP. George, when you can finish a sentence, we’ll entertain you too. By the way. Eddie, did you really see me play? When and where? Did you see that bad hop I took on the nose? Embarassing! Fortunately for everyone, I haven’t played in a long time.

    My guess is you meant my son. Did you see the games this year with lots of errors and limited offense or last year when Grimsley was solid? Frankly, no one at Grimsley looked very good this year. Losing a lot has that effect. Anyways…what was your point? I’m guessing it was to question the ability of the Grimsley seniors, so I’ll address that point. If you wish to attack my son, we can address that later.

    What I said earlier still stands, but I’ll elaborate. The Grimsley seniors were a group with some ability. Maybe not great, but able. It is my opinion (based on discussions with high school and college coaches, other parents, watching a lot of Grimsley baseball over the past 3 years, and playing a sport at a DIII school myself) that all the Grimsley seniors could play at a DIII school (at least) if baseball is that important to them. They might have to do a little work to find the right fit, and they might have to go out of state, but a fit is out there. We all know there is no athletic scholarship money at DIII, but if a kid finds the right school, and is a good fit for the school and the baseball program, money is generally available. On the other hand, some kids want to go to school at places like UNC, App, NC State, etc. Baseball is secondary, but they would like to try to walk on because they love playing the game. Sure, it might be a long shot, but you never know. And to address “hm”: in case I wasn’t clear earlier, 2 kids are solid. Others could be if they wanted to attend a DIII school or JUCO, but as it stands now, they appear to be headed to DI schools with aspirations of walking on. Of course, all us parents want them to get their degrees.

    Thanks for contributing positively to the discussion. I hope you now understand my earlier post a little better. I look forward to your candid responses…and your real names! And if real names aren’t forthcoming, at least give us your credentials (GHS parent, GHS player, GHS coach, opposing coach, opposing player, opposing parent, college coach, coach’s family, coach’s friend, umpire, concessions volunteer, AD, reporter, etc.). Sorry if I missed anyone.

  15. the point is that a high school coach’s job is to build his/her program and build their team. What is it you are complaining about? You saying the guy is a bad coach, didn’t respect his seniors? All it sounds like to me is that the seniors weren’t as good as the young guys. IT is good that they could play DIII maybe, but isn’t it possible that the young guys could play higher than that. You then go on to say that baseball isn’t that important that they don’t want to play at a smaller school. So what is your complaint? They played their senior year, now they can move on with their lives and get their degrees. Nothing wrong with that, but indirectly complaining about how they weren’t used properly (I guess) and then saying they don’t care about baseball enough to play at a lower level might show why they weren’t playing over the younger guys. If you are simply complaining because the previous coach is gone, it is time to move on. There are a million different coaches and a million different ways to win. ASa completely neutral baseball fan, I thought Grimsley did pretty good this year with what they had. Won some games, made the playoffs, and got the young guys some good experience moving into next year. I don’t care about Grimsley athletics, but the parental nagging over there is a joke.

  16. I’m saying a lot of things. Mostly venting, but also trying to enlighten guys like hm who appear not to fully grasp the frustration of many Grimsley players and parents. In my opinion, the change in coaching staffs was detrimental to many kids, at least in the short term (seniors). I understand there is a need to build for the future. That’s why there is a JV team. This isn’t about playing time. The seniors got to play, some possibly more than they would have without a coaching change. My beef is with the parents who pushed for change and the AD who wouldn’t tell them to go away. I wonder how they feel now. Coming off 2008’s 19-7 season, then suffering through 10-14 was extremely frustrating if you are competitive. If you’re in it for more playing time, maybe not so. And please don’t tell me how 10 wins was pretty good. We beat Smith 3 times, Page twice, HP Central twice, Andrews, Dudley, and a weak team from Ohio. GHS was the best of 4 bad teams in the Metro 4A. I’ve had my say. This is my last post. If you want to call to discuss, please do.

    P.S. – as I asked earlier, please, at least, tell us your credentials if you respond. If you are not a GHS supporter that saw almost every game over the past 3 years, it probably will be difficult to fully comprehend the frustration.

  17. Brian: With all due respect, it’s spelled GALLAUDET. Second, GU has a student population of 50/50 deaf and hearing. Third, because of his previous accomplishments, academics, AND athletic ability, Yuri is attending Gallaudet on 100% scholarship monies. (Don’t be surprised if you see him playing wide receiver on the football team.) Whatever, I am extremely proud of my son, his work ethic, and what he overcame and accomplished at Grimsley. At 18 he has become quite an accomplished young man.

    Eddie: Gallaudet will move to the NEAC Conference in 2010. They have a new coach; Curtis Pride, an ex-major league player and the only legally deaf major league player. They will improve in the coming years as Coach Pride has recruited several good players from all over the country. I’m sure the first year or two will be tough for GU, but they will improve in the coming years.

    In any regard, there were several Grimsley seniors who should and will play baseball in the next level and we wish them all the best. (Gabe, Kevin, Taylor, Shaq, and Logan)

    For the others who commented, thank you for the very nice things you have said about Yuri. Our family appreciates your comments.

  18. Congratulations to Yuri. I think most people involved in baseball in Greensboro know of him and are happy for him.

    Brian, don’t let that All-conference stuff get to you. We had a kid from our team who was 3rd in the whole conference in batting average and he did not get selected. The coach fought for him but to no avail. And no, I am NOT talking about my son. It was one of his teammates. A lot fo kids don’t get selected yet they go on to play after high school.

    Good luck to all the Grimsley seniors.

  19. I understand your frustration with a coaching change. That explains a lot about where you are coming from. A lot of folks have a “grass is always greener” mentality and it very rarely is. They got rid of a good baseball coach. I don’t know about any o the other stuff, but he is definitely a good baseball coach. The AD over there made a mistake by letting the parents run the program. When you go that route there is no going back. There is a serious issue over there right now in athletics, a lot of turmoil.

    The only credentials I have is that I like baseball, I don’t have a connection with the Whirlie, and I haven’t seen Grimsley play much over the last few years, but based on what they loss last season and before this season I thought they were fairly successful. I thought your post was initially written to complain about the seniors not getting better college opportunities. Good to see I was mistaken.

  20. Gabe Dimock has one of the best moves/throws down to second base by a high school catcher that I have ever seen here locally. He could play on my team any day of the week, although I don’t have a team.

    Dimock is a master behind the plate and the kid is a pleasure to watch. The other kids are all great kids too and it was fun to see Shaq Jacobs working at second base for the Elks last Friday night at Stoner-White.

    Coach A worked Dimock’s butt off all the way back to when Gabe was just a freshman and it paid off. Coach A rode Dimock hard, but Gabe is a better player for it.

  21. I hear there was an altercation between fans at War Memorial Stadium a few nights ago at a Colt League game. Does anyone know anything about the incident?

  22. Hey Yuri I don’t know if you remember my brother and myself Andy & Shawn from our freshman season, but anyways we just want to say congrats & good luck in college and we miss you brother.

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