Greensboro Sports contributor Bruce Mitchell on Vickie Guerrero leaving WWE

Mitchell’s Take:Vickie Guerrero got what she deserved

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Amidst all the hoopla of Donald Trump buying Monday Night Raw from Mr. McMahon this week, viewers might have lost sight of an unfortunate fact.

WWE lost its nerve. I don’t know whether an advertiser complained, or for once WWE listened to the caterwauling of a few critics, or some little wrestler objected, but when Raw recapped Edge telling Vickie Guerrero once and for all what’s what, they cut the guts out of the segment.

That’s despite the fact that fans were clearly enjoying seeing then–Raw General Manager Vickie Guerrero, one of the biggest heels in the business, finally get her comeuppance.

That happened without those fans knowing that Guerrero had the nerve, only weeks after Vince McMahon had given her the highly sought after Raw G.M. position, to give notice, leaving McMahon and the entire WWE Universe in the lurch. She said she had to go home to take care of her family.

Vince McMahon has a family, too, you know. Did Vickie Guerrero think about that for one minute when she made her selfish, ungrateful decision to take her Miss WrestleMania tiara and go home?

McMahon had to act, and more than that, he had to send a strong, clear message to both his locker room and stockholders that this kind of ingratitude would not be tolerated. As soon as Guerrero gave notice, McMahon sent Santino Morella out on national television to call her a pig and squeal piggishly in her presence. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler, the Raw announcers, underlined the message with their own squeals of laughter at Morella’s mocking.

This, of course, immediately turned Morella, a transvestite, into the fans’ hero.

Was the labeling of Guerrero as a fat pig, coupled with tossing a bucket of pig crap on her, and having her on–air husband dump her because she had quit being General Manager and no longer was of use to him, sneering that he never had sex with her because she was fat, harsh?


Vickie Guerrero shouldn’t even be on Vince McMahon’s television shows. She wouldn’t be, if it was not for her husband Eddie Guerrero (her real one) dying just before he was to main event a WWE show, leaving WWE in the lurch much like Vickie did by giving notice out of nowhere before months of Monday Night Raws.

Eddie Guerrero, who McMahon hired and made a world champion, despite the obvious fact he was too small to be a WWE Superstar, caused McMahon and WWE a lot of trouble by dying. His death ignited a firestorm of bad publicity in the media, costing McMahon and his company millions of dollars in potential advertising and lucrative business deals. More important to McMahon than money, however, the ill–informed publicity cost him a part of his reputation he has never gotten back.

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