Carr and UT challenge N.C. State: Wolfpack accepts

Cecil Carr and his Jugband at the University of Tennessee challenged the Wolfpack of N.C. State to a football game and the Pack didn’t flinch. Carr and the Vols may end up sorry that they messed with the Pack!

from Carr and his clique at
ATLANTA— The date of the 2012 football season opener between Tennessee and North Carolina State at the Georgia Dome will be Sept. 1.

The game is organized by the Chick-fil-A Bowl committee and was called “the Daytona 500 of college football” by bowl president Gary Stokan, when he officially announced the matchup on Thursday. News of the game was published in the News Sentinel and other media outlets in late May.

Tickets will be split evenly between the two schools.

Alabama will play Virginia Tech in this year’s opener on Sept. 5.

Alabama beat Clemson before a sellout crowd of 70,097 in the 2008 game.


  1. There is no “jugband” at the University of Tennessee so you can get rid of that stereotyping now. The University of Tennessee does have the Pride of the Southland Marching Band, one of the top bands at the collegiate ranks. And as far as I know the Vols didn’t “challenge” NC State to the game either, it was agreed upon between the two schools. UT very well may end up “sorry” but I imagine the Big Orange will make a decent account of itselfs at the game.

  2. Stereotyping meant more for Carr than UT, but if the Vols want to bring it, tell ’em to come on! If they want some, then come get some!!!!!

  3. You say me and the Vols may end up sorry. NC State may be the ones feeling sorry when they meet Lane
    Kiffin and his Vols at the Georgia Dome. UT may just lay the smackdown on State and send them boys
    “pack”ing. Good ‘ole rocky top!!! Rocky top Tennessee…..

  4. The question for that game will be whether or not Kiffinmania is still running wild in Knoxville in 2012.

  5. Andy if the game is in Raleigh UT can stop by the local prison and pick up a few of there players. I am sure they will let them out for a weekend game. Did you know there are no prostitutes in Tennessee, they are all Volunteers.

  6. Tennesse will not need to stop by the ABC Store. They carry it in their trucks from which they will fall out of and hit the ground walking staggeredly before they pass through Hickory, NC. The UT fans are loaded and so are the team and coach. Don’t strike a match around these guys.

    State Meal of Tennessee is Beanie Weenies and White Lightning.

  7. We can now buy these items on-line by way of the internet and therefore we’ll have no problem arriving on time for the game in Atlanta.

    Go Vols!

  8. Mouth off now is all I can say. And NCSU fans hurling insults towards Tennessee fans is comical. And Kiffin has cleaned up the bs left by Fulmer. If you aren’t in line then you are gone period, just like Tom O’Brien. And Andy you may be rethinking your “want some, get some” when you get a hold of Monte and Coach O’s defense. Three years from now they will have their guys in there. I imagine it won’t be as easy as you think.

  9. don,

    You might be right, but I would still like to hear more from the State fans and they better talk long, hard and fast.

    If Coach O’Brien can convince QB Russell Wilson to stick around and go for his doctor’s degree in veterinarial medicine then maybe the Wolfpack will have a chance, otherwise they better keep talking and if they plan on playing like they did when Coach Monte Kiffin was the head man in Raleigh, there’s going to be trouble in River City or the Capital City or in Atlanta, take your pick.

    Right now I’d pick the Pack, just so we can get some pre-game action from those Volunteers.

  10. Don I will give Kiffin 4 years, maybe and he will be gone, Saban, Miles, Myer will wear him out every year he is playing with the big boys now. A reporter ask Bear Bryant one time what he was going to do when he retired, he said he was going to move to Knoxville, because he wanted to get as far away from big time college football as he could. Roll Tide!!!!

  11. Tenn. needs to bring back Tee Martin ’cause N.C. State is going to tee off on the Hillbillies. The reason they volunteered is because nobody wanted them to begin with. All you guys ought to go back to Tenn. where you belong.

    By 2012 the Kiffins will be in a coffin.

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