7 on 7’s and Football scrimmages coming very soon

The Grimsley-East Forsyth 7 on 7 will be held on Thursday afternoon. Coach Martin Sameck against his old EF team. Grimsley is going to have to start working overtime to get ready for this one……….

Football fans are saying that the High Point Central-Northern Guilford event is set for 2pm today(Wednesday) and they might be wanting to hold this one down by the branch/creek/watering hole.

The time of 2pm(90 degrees with no shade) sounds a little warm in the day for my blood, but that’s what the football fans were saying earlier…….

Page and Southern Guilford set for football scrimmage action today(7 on 7) at 6pm and then on Wednesday you have 7 on 7’s with:
Grimsley-East Forsyth and
High Point Central-Northern Guilford…..

If you know of others please let us know in the comment boxes here at the site or at durhamandy@live.com


  1. Eastern Guilford @ Ragsdale July 1st, 8th and 15th.
    Eastern Guilford @ Southern Guilford July 16th
    Eastern Guilford @ West Stokes Tournament July 24th

  2. Page dominated Southern last night in the 7-on-7.

    The Page secondary had about 12 interceptions to Southern’s 3.
    As well as Page having about 25-30 completed passes to Southern’s 7-10.

    Overall you could see the difference in athletes, speed, size, and confidence between the 2 teams.

  3. Joe, were you actually at the 7 on 7. Because I was and I saw nothing of which you speak. I thought the competition was fairly even. Our secondary continually got beat deep by Southern. We did intercept several passes, but so did Southern. It just 7 on 7, still early to tell for either team.

  4. They say that HPC-NG 7 on 7 today could be a hot one. At least that’s the word coming out of the Bison camp. They(HPC) had a solid quarterback last year in Drew Adams, a rising junior and they also had a runningback transfer in from Thomasville named Hinson, who was All-State for the Bulldogs last season.

    Northern has Keenan Allen, Maurice Harris, Christian McCain, James Scales III, Roco Scarfone, Matt Farris, Bob Hicks and many other name players.(Not sure about Gabe King.)

    HPC still has that nose-guard/nose tackle(Jimmy Moorman) that is probably the hardest hitter in our area. Anybody out there up for the challenge to go one-on-one with Moorman????? Not me. We don’t start practice at my camp until August 1 and on that date and from then on, we will take on the house!

    There will be a lot of talent out there today and don’t forget Layshawn Brown(Lay Lay) is scheduled to run the show at QB for Grimsley this year and he has already been to few college workout camps this summer.

  5. page fan, I was at the scrimmage..

    Southern did have some nice long passes, that Page had some blown coverage on.. but that stuff is fixable, and its early.

    Page completed about 20 more passes then southern did, albeit they were short and intermediate routes, but it was still considerably more.. then southern.

    SG also had some INTs, but the southern QB was picked off ATLEAST 6-7 maybe 8 more times then the two Page QBs combined.

  6. Andy – Northern kicker Bob Hicks and his family have moved away. Not sure where but west coast I think.

  7. Bob Hicks had a strong leg. I saw him kick a 47-yard field goal in a Northern JV game back in 2007 at Guilford College. I think he was in the 9th grade then. The kid was a college prospect.

    Page lost a linebacker that moved up North(Northern region of the United States), but the talk is he might be back in town by the end of the summer. Joe Barile would know who we are talking about. The kid was a real nice compliment to Jon Spain.

  8. Joe i was at the Page vs SG 7 on 7 and yes Page did have a few more int than SG but not that many more. SG Qb was over and under throwing his recievers,and Page Db’s were getting toasted at times. But Page has plenty of time to work out the kinks,i like number 7 at QB alot.

  9. Andy,

    The lb’er is Chris Knight, and he was an equal force with John Spain…It would be great if Chris Knight were able to come back, but the word is that he’s not going to be able to…The defense would have been great with him and Spain in there together…Lenny Gordon will have to take his place and will do a fine job there, but he is also a starter in the offensive backfield and will need breaks from the defense…

    If you have heard that Chris may be coming back, then I hope you are correct…Page would love to have him back…

  10. Thanks for the update on Chris Knight. The only name that kept coming to my mind was Chris Carter, but he was with Page several years ago. Another name that came crashing was in was Chris Castor, but I think he was at Duke and went on to the NFL and the other Chris Carter was with the Minnesota Vikings and he might have been with the Philadelphia Eagles right before that.

    I hope Chris Knight comes back to Page too. He was an excellent football player and a very good basketball player also.

  11. I guess Northern will have a couple of Northeast players on their team. James Scales needs to go back to his original school. He has been passed around from school to school. His father lives in he NE district. He could not make it hear so he goes to
    Northern. Talk to some of the coached from Dudley and Grimsley. They can tell you about his situation.

  12. Mr. Scales and James III are two of the nicest people that I have met. They are among the best and they are good guys. I consider both to be good friends of this site. No need to be hating on them on here.

    They are trying to get to the next level and it’s not easy. It is definitely a road filled with potholes and, “I told you so’s”. Not everything works out, but I wish the best for the Scales family. I spent many an afternoon watching Grimsley football practices with Mr. Scales and I not sure exactly what we were watching, but we did have some good conversations talking about football and sports.

    I’m ready to give any kid his props that is out there working in this heat. As the old saying goes, Peeps got to eat and peeps want to play football and if you are putting in your time, you deserve a break or two along the way….

    Good job and good luck to all the kids and coaches. If you are out there working in this summer heat, more power to you.

  13. What is the latest with Northern Guilford. Are there any new coaches or alks of new coaches for any of the sports, football, baskeball, baseball?

  14. The word I got from some of the guys from over in High Point was that the 7 on 7 was very controled. There were actually four teams involved and it was held at Northern Guilford.

    You had teams from NG, HPC, Southern Alamance and Gaffney, South Carolina.

    The 7 on 7’s are all about offense and there is no real set of running plays. A back may catch a pass out of the backfield, but it is all about going upstairs to your receivers. The defensive backs get some real work in coverage situations, but you really don’t even need any linemen. Just have the QB call go and hit your pass routes.

    Again from what I heard very controled and that is coming from one of the guys that plays on offense for HPC. If you have more please send it our way and it would be interesting to hear how the NG guys did. Allen, Harris, McCain, Scales, Scarfone?????

    We all know it was hot out there yesterday, but did anybody get burned?

  15. Hey Andy, I guess you are a parent of one of the Northern players or a coach. etc. yes I am quite sure they are
    nice, as long as things are going there way. Your comment about “getting to the next level”, if Scales is such a
    good player, then he will get to the next level. Ask the Holt boys who went to school at Eastern Guilford High. I have follwoed there career for a long time and I can ell you that when I was younger we used to whip their tales. Did they transfer to Page ?
    Oh, I forgot their dad is not James Scales. Dont defend someone for doing wrong because they are on your team.

  16. We’re all on the same team here. We try to inform and we are much closer to scene than most of the media. I remember the Holt brothers. They have done a lot for Eastern Guilford’s football program and for the kids in the Gibsonville community and they deserve to be commended for it. They have donated many funds to the EG football program and they have supported the local Wildcat youth camps.

    The Youman brothers were another good set of young men that left a lasting impression on the EG community. Murray, now deceased and Scott Youmans.

    They have my respect and we respect those who work with us and we are all trying to work for the same common goal. Get more info out there and get it out first.

  17. The Scales are real good people. What you mean talk to some of the coaches at Dudley or Grimsley? Why have your son stay at a school as a upcoming Sr with no football coach hired. Saunders left weeks after the season was over and Samek just arrived acouple of months ago. While other schools were working out Newan was twittling his thumbs. Scales had no offers when he left Grimsley now he holds four from major D1 schools. I wish him the best in what ever he does. Don’t blame the parents or the kids blame the AD for dragging his feet. Plus Scales wasn’t the only one to leave,we lost a 6’3 215 pound DE to Dudley. So why not comment on him leaving?

  18. I dont think anyone understodd a damn word I said. The Holts and the Youmans are examples of guys who played at a school in the middle of no where and got opportunities to play College Football because they were good. Andy, you did not understand what I was trying to say. This whole mess got started because players were moving to Northern to get “exposure”. Scales and his father are very selfish. You just cant get up and move when things dont go your way. “GreensboroGrimsley89”, Scales is not a Grimsley or Northen student. He belongs to Northeast Guilford. If you do not beleive me, ask where does his father live and he wil ltell you. I dont know why he left there, but he really has not done anything to merit D1 offers. If Scales gets a ride next year to a school, what os going to happen if he gets no playing time, will his “pappy’ move him to another school ? I can tell you now, he will be nothing but a number with marginal talent.

  19. Whirlieman you must didn’t understand anything i said.1.Grimsley had no head football coach.2Newman sat around for months and done nothing about it.3.While other schools are in the weight room getting stronger Grimsley still didn’t have a coach.4.He will get a ride next year,Scales already has offers from Duke,Louisville,Kentucky and Oregon and as long as his parents don’t have to pay who cares. I wouldn’t care if my son rode the pine all four years as long as i don’t have to pay for his education that’s all good. And he may not be a Grimsley or Northern student,but he is a good person,student and friend of mine and my sons. So stop hating on the Scales,once again i don’t hear nothing about the 6’3 215 pound DE that transfered to Dudley. In my eyes you do what’s best for your kids no matter what people sitting behind a key board using a alias instead of there real name has to say.

  20. Whirelieman learn when to shut the hell up, dont bring kids into this.
    This just makes their life hard so shut the F*** up



    ” You just cant get up and move when things dont go your way. ” WHO SAYS? I APPLAUD ANY FAMILY THAT MAKES A PROACTIVE EFFORT TO MAKE CHANGES IN THEIR SITUATION

    ” He belongs to Northeast Guilford ” WTF? ARE YOU A PLANTATION OWNER??

  22. We really can’t go back and change everything that has already happened. I think we’re just trying to make the best out of the current situation. Overall we’re searching for the positive spin in the rough times.

    That’s about the best way I can put it without going off and sounding like an idiot.

    If the all the Northern kids end up staying at NG, we’ll learn to work with it. All of the NG kids might end up staying there for football, but I’m not too sure about the other sports.

    The kids that were found to be ineligible will not be allowed to play for one year at any public school. Some will be seniors, so they may have to go the private route.

    In a hypothetical situation if players(Those that are eligible) were forced to go back to their old schools let’s hope they would still get the chance to play.

    We are playing with a lot of variables here and we try to find a positive spin to put on this discussion for the kids sake and we need to remember, this is not only an issure involving the Scales family, there are many futures at stake here.

    On a lighter note, Kudos to Scott Loosemore at Eastern Guilford. He has and will continue to do a great job with his football team.

  23. GreensboroGrimsley89/Whirlieman, I agree with you both. GG89, I dont think it is fair that kids have to suffer due to
    the problems at a school caused by ineffective people. I also agree with Whirlieman, that kids/parents have
    to follow the rules. I hope the Scales kid is successful in getting a full ride to school. I also hope that where he attedns school
    is legit. These are the lessons that he will take with him for the rest of his life.

    “ffa2” lets not attack people. Whirlieman makes good points. I think we all just want the right things to happen.

  24. i think that southern and page were pretty even for the most part yeah southern threw more picks but page were throwing to the fullback most of the time nothings wrong with that but i see the extra turnovers coming from extra shots down field by what turns out to be a sophomore qb who really didnt have much help from the receivers around him except #11 i think it was made a few plays but also had some drops in the endzone as well page used to quarterbacks who looked abot even and #21 looked good out the catching balls both defenses progressed as the day went on but it was pretty good, still to early to tell though bring on the pads

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