7 on 7’s and Football scrimmages coming very soon

The Grimsley-East Forsyth 7 on 7 will be held on Thursday afternoon. Coach Martin Sameck against his old EF team. Grimsley is going to have to start working overtime to get ready for this one……….

Football fans are saying that the High Point Central-Northern Guilford event is set for 2pm today(Wednesday) and they might be wanting to hold this one down by the branch/creek/watering hole.

The time of 2pm(90 degrees with no shade) sounds a little warm in the day for my blood, but that’s what the football fans were saying earlier…….

Page and Southern Guilford set for football scrimmage action today(7 on 7) at 6pm and then on Wednesday you have 7 on 7’s with:
Grimsley-East Forsyth and
High Point Central-Northern Guilford…..

If you know of others please let us know in the comment boxes here at the site or at durhamandy@live.com