Baseball recruiting heats up: Greensboro College adds two more for 2009/2010

Lawson Thomas and Zach Pickard have committed to attend Greensboro College and will be part of the baseball program, announced Pride Head Coach Ken Carlyle. Both student-athletes attended Pinecrest High School in Southern Pines and played for coach Jeff Hewitt.

Thomas, who stands 6’4 ,245, is a first baseman. He was an all conference performer and earned a spot on the honor roll. Lawson Batted .333 with 4 home runs and 17 RBI as a senior.

Pickard plays second base and batted .304 with 3 homers and had 7 stolen bases this past year. He was also named all conference.

To learn more go to Greensboro College.


  1. I read somewhere that GC is in deep finacial trouble. How can they afford scholarships if they cant afford to pay the power bill, much less the Country Club bills?

  2. Alot if not most colleges are in some form of financial crisis. I read about a new college everyday going through similar things maybe not as drastic but very similar with lay offs and such. GC is a very strong college and we will bounce back just like all the other colleges.

  3. paying 25-20k to play baseball at Greensboro College is pretty silly. They dont even have a field they practice at Grimsley which is the worst high school field in town. The coach has also been known to promise players they would start when in fact they have no chance, a lot of money to spend to keep the dream alive, playing at JUCO would make much more sense for anyone player at this level that wants to keep playing.

  4. Waste I hate that you have no idea what you are talking about. I have never promised anyone a thing when it comes to being a starter. Students are not paying to play baseball they are paying for the private education they will receive.

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