East-West All-Star coach moving from high school to middle school and not by design

This is not the way he drew it up.

Greg McKenzie, the highly successful boy’s basketball coach at East Rowan, he was (85-25) in five seasons there, will not be teaching or coaching at East Rowan next season(2009/2010).

McKenzie, who will help lead the West boys in the upcoming East-West All-Star game later this month at the Greensboro Coliseum, has been demoted to Middle School teaching status for the next school-year.

I’m not sure if you can truthfully say this is a demotion, because it is an honor to teach and mold these kids, but I would think that if given the choice, McKenzie would still want to be teaching and coaching on the high school level at East Rowan.

Here’s your chance to formulate your opinion on this topic as you read about it from the salisburypost.com:

Meet Greg McKenzie, the most successful boys basketball coach in East Rowan history, a man who has been chosen by his peers to coach in the prestigious East-West All-Star game later this month …

And now, a science teacher at Knox Middle School.


McKenzie produced a letter he received recently from Delores Morris, the assistant superintendant of Human Resources:

“Due to a projected decrease in student enrollment at East Rowan High School, you are being reassigned to Knox Middle School. You will no longer be the basketball coach at East Rowan High School.”The letter went on to instruct McKenzie to contact the principal at Knox and discuss his placement as a science teacher, and the possibility of coaching responsibilities.

McKenzie says it all stems from his suspension after an alleged confrontation in P.E. class with a student on April 22.

McKenzie said there was no confrontation. He simply walked past the student, patted him on the stomach and said, “Do your pushups.”

McKenzie said the next thing he knew, he was being accused of “punching the student in the stomach and knocking the wind out of him.”

McKenzie denied it, of course and asked to talk to the parents. He said he was told no, that an investigation would be the next step.

“I asked, ‘Did you tell them my side of the story?’ ” McKenzie said. “I was told, ‘No.’ ”

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Maybe Mr. McKenzie should apply at Northern Guilford?????

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