The Word on the street: 7 on 7’s at Elon University tonight

There’s a big eight-team 7 on 7 high school football roundup/jamboree going on tonight at Elon University near Burlington.

The Eastern Guilford Wildcats were due to be there along with several Alamance County schools and others from our area.

Let us know if you get any inside info on the Big One this evening at Elon.


  1. 7 0n 7’s started last night. They continue tonight and tomorrow night. As of last night the teams that were there are Eastern Guilford, Northern Guilford, Morehead, Providence Grove, Wakefield and Granville Central. I am not sure if any new teams will be there tonight or not.

  2. I wonder if we will see any Alamance County teams in there tonight and are they doing this in the stadium or out on the practice fields? Are they bringing up the lights?

    I just heard today that Akeem Langham from High Point Central is headed to Elon.

    Christian McCain could go bigger, but he should sign with Elon. He could play both football and basketball there and he could still get an NFL shot coming out of Elon.

    Rich McGeorge made the NFL coming out of Elon and Joey Hackett did too. McGeorge was the starting tight end for the Green Bay Packers in his day and Hackett played for Green Bay, Dallas and Denver and he was a tight end too.

    McCain plays some tight end……There’s your ticket Man! Elon and on to the NFL…..

    I heard from a Jamestown City street worker that Ragsdale is hosting Grimsley in a 7 on 7 on Wednesday. Anybody else gonna be there? Any other word on the street?

  3. A Dudley fan on NCPreps was saying that from what he saw at the Wake 7-on-7, McCain was looking alittle out of shape, and was a step slow on some of the plays.

    Sounds like he needs to work on it.

  4. How did the teams fare out tonight?
    Eastern Guilford
    and Providence grove

  5. Northern Guilford looked sharp but all i kept hearing from people there are ineligible players on there team i think someone needs to report this before it gets out of control, Morehead and PG was in the middle but Eastern Guilford just was a problem for them, but Northern was a huge promblem for them. I think Northern will be good if there team is right. Eastern could be could be good if they are mentally there, there very athletic and a speedy team. PG and Morehead we have to wait

  6. Who said anything about ineligible players?!?!? From what I saw NG looked real sharp and Eastern had some major problems with their mental game, even starting to argue with each other ! Their sportsmanship was lacking too!

  7. If it walks like duck . . . . . what will make u laugh . . . .will soon make u cry ! !

  8. I had a chance to see Northern for the first time in person last night at Elon. My first glance from the Northern v. Eastern match-up was that both teams have tremedous athletic ability. I did see what Fan saw in the aspect of Eastern getting frustrated. But I also saw that same Eastern team being rallied everytime off the fight by coaches and then run back on the field and continued to play. Northern will be a good team. They have size and speed. But for Fan, to call out one team on sportsmanship is unfair if you don’t do it for both sides. The only thing that disappointed me about Northern is that you have a good team that could be great but you ruin it by running on the field and celebrating which would be an ejection from a game if it was a real game. Then to top it off, after the scrimmage, Northern players just walked off the field with no hand shake to the opposing team. That’s not sportsmanship. That makes for locker room motivation, as we called it back in my day. It will be interesting to see the regular season match up between these two teams.

  9. The Fan, I saw the same thing in Eastern at Ragsdale.

    I think Ragsdale does have a 7 on 7 tonight (wednesday)but not sure who the other team is.

  10. To RealDeal – I totally agree with you that sportsmanship goes both ways but I was right there and cannot agree with you that Northern did not shake hands with Eastern. Eastern came to the field talking trash and saying some pretty harsh stuff. Actually one of the Eastern players got sent to the bus for his “sportsmanship”! I wasn’t trying to take sides, just telling what I observed. Everyone could have a little different take on it, but I saw what I saw and heard what I heard.

  11. i think easten guilford outside line backers rick jame and antonio williams was allsome great sports men ship and game hipe ness

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