The Word on the street is: 7 on 7’s from Wednesday at Ragsdale and 2009 football talk

The word coming our way earlier this week from the Main Street in Jamestown was that Ragsdale would be hosting Grimsley this afternoon in a 7 on 7 high school football matchup.

Don’t have the start time, but it may come our way later and we still need word if there will be other teams there along with Grimsley at Ragsdale.

This week should wrap-up most of the 7 on 7 action with the All-Star games coming up next week and the first day of practice approaching the following week. The East-West All-Star football players are due to report tomorrow.(Thursday July 16)


  1. NCPreps said Eastern Guilford and Smith i want to see if EG is really speedy and athletic and want to see if smith will win one this year

  2. Just made a phone call..

    7-on-7 tonight at Ragsdale. 4 teams are in it.
    Eastern Guilford

    at 6 o’clock

  3. eastern is loaded. talk to a coach from virginia who played them at elon and said they had the players to be potentially great. also said their defense was disciplined against them.

  4. Eastern has some good defenders. but something tells me that Coach Loosemore wasn’t completely satisfied with today’s 7 on 7.

    Ragsdale put the burners on with DeSean Anderson going deep early and Grimsley sent David Ray and Torian Patterson long and few others too.

    Smith didn’t show today at Ragsdale and I’m not sure what is up with that.

    Ragsdale has Sparks, Stone, Armwood and others back on defense at the skill spots and I did not see much of Grimsley’s defense.

    Much of the time you are watching JV and 9th graders out there when their time rolls in and there’s plenty of players coming and going on and off the field.

    Last 7 on 7 roundup for Ragsdale and probably Eastern too, but Grimsley has one more session coming with East Forsyth on Thursday.

    I saw a couple of Southeast Guilford folks at Ragsdale and they said they didn’t have any 7 on 7’s lined up, but they said they sure wished they did. Getting tired of going SEG on SEG…..

    I was hearing that one of the new Southeast players got shot in the butt(rear end) last week, but there’s a good chance he will still be able to play this year………

    We can take some comments on tonight(Any more word on Elon?) and we should have another On the Street posting tomorrow.

    Andy Durham

  5. Eastern looked real sharp today from both sides of the ball…..Grimsley looked good on the offensive side…..Ragsdale looked good on the defensive side……….but mainly the seven on seven belonged to Eastern

  6. eastern guilford was deff. not the best team out there…. i was lookin at all the teams and ragsdale did sloppy at times on offense but their skilled kids with anderson and sonriker made some big time plays down the field agasint both teams… i saw anderson burn a couple defenders deep a few times on eastern and grimsley…. ragsdale was by far the best team out there followed closely by eastern than grimsley….

  7. Grimsley looked good on offense,LaLa Brown to Torian Patterson was on point.LaLa Brown and Torian Patterson #3 put on a clinic.Eastern was no where near as good as Grimsley,what 7 on 7 was you at. Eastern kids on the sideline was calling their on Db’s toast.Ragsdale didn’t look all that good also,maybe we were at two diffrent games.

  8. Easterns at a 7 on 7 tomorrow at southern guilford and i believe page and williams are at elon tomorrow from what ive heard

  9. Not sure what Spectator was looking at. Ragsdale went up and down the field on Eastern. You may have been looking at the Ragsdale JV’s.

    Grimsley offense looked good also. Patterson has some wheels. He repeatedly burned Eastern DB’s.

  10. I’ll have to agree with UBLINDANDCANTC,what 7 on7 were you guys at RAGSDALE ?Now ,Ragsdale did look ok,but Eastern,you gotta b sh* *ing me; Grimsley’s offense was hot” to say the least.Ragsdale also was on the table too as “breakfat food”(toast) against Patterson,Ray, Burris, and this skinny kid they call DayDay,as well as that young back Davidson. Grimsley’s defense had it’s moments and were not that bad. As you realize, this is 7 on 7 with no linemen or a pass rush. In the end Grimsley and Ragsdale were the competitors out there last evening,Eastern,well I wasn’t impressed with all of what their hype was suposed to be. One last thing, don’t sleep on them “whirliebirds” with your beloved Page and Dudley,you might bite off more than you can chew !

  11. I to was at the 7 on 7 contest last night. I have seen Eastern before in a 7 on 7 and it wasn’t the same team that I saw last night. Seemed sluggish, maybe from all the 7 on 7s they have been in this week. But I do agree that Grimsley was impressive. They have some skill positions that should carry them through the season. But one thing about 7 on 7, don’t judge a book by 7 cause you play will 11.

  12. Eastern Guilford gets hyped up every year around this time of year. They win a few games early and fade late. I think the finished in the bottom 2 of their conference the past 4 years

  13. I dont think 7 games straight is called a few….. But they did beat NE and were the only team to hold Riedsville to a respectable game this past year.

    But yes they do have a bad habbit, and have made it pattern to win big in the beggining and fade out towards christmas time

  14. It’s a brand new season and with the shake up in conferences, this is going to be an interesting year for a lot of area teams. Wake me up when August gets here!!!!

  15. Damon I agree. Brand new year and brand new teams with new faces. It’s not far to judge from previous years. If I am not mistaken Eastern had their first winning season last year in a long while. Thats strides to improvement. But I have heard of the curse you are speaking of. I had a chance to talk to some of the Eastern supporters yesterday at the 7 on 7 and they seem to have good spirits this coming year. EGCAT good luck to your team this season. I wish every county school great luck. It would be great to have every team in the playoffs this year.

  16. Ragsdale appears to have two slots to fill on defense, lber and safety. Grimsley did not complete one ball when Armwood and Anderson were in at cornerback, along with the starting safeties and lbers. In fact, it got a little rough on the Grimsley WR’s. Patterson did go deep on a couple of freshmen JV players. Armwood totally locked those boys up. They completed some hitches and short flares to the backs but Armwood and Anderson allowed nothing. Grimsley did look much better. They have some athletes and Patterson has legit speed.

  17. RealDeal you make a valid point. When you stop and look at the teams on the way in everybody has a chance to make the playoffs, but what about Smith and Southwest Guilford?????

    Davis Inman is back as the SWG QB, but what about Godley the QB at Northwest going to Western Guilford, at least that’s what the word was last week. We also have heard that the young bull back at Northwest, Sean Ples has taken off to Florida and last year at NWG, Ples and Kennedy were at tough two-back team in the Vikings’ offensive set.

    This could be the year, but with the new conferences, we will have a whole new set of variables to deal with.

    Grimsley, Page, Dudley, Smith, WG, and SEG together(4-A), Ragsdale, High Point Central, Southwest and Northwest together(4-A), Northern and Eastern together(3-A), Southern and Northeast together(3-A) and High Point Andrews all alone in a 2-A Conference with WS Carver and company……..

  18. Boy, that’s a long one at Elon and have you heard or seen how Page has been doing there this week and we were wondering if Page and Northern Guilford had met down there this week by chance?

  19. I didn’t go last night, but I heard that Page played Raleigh Leesville Rd. last night, and Page looked pretty good.

  20. Page was supposed to have competed against Carver 1st, but they were a no show last night (Wed.)…The 2nd competition was against Purnell Swett, and they looked very good against them…The last competition of the night was with Leesville Road, and they struggled a little bit with them and mainly with the 2nd stringers in on Defense…

    IMO, these 7on7 are a joke…Page at least opened up the passing game by throwing all routes and was working all three strings of players…Watching Leesville Road just sat back there fake pumping and then throwing stupid long passes all night, which I think is a total mockery…They would never have that much time back there throwing that ball when the DE is breathing down the QB’s neck…I can guarantee you that…

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