Great story on Tom Sorensen’s battle with cancer

from the comes a story of the Observer’s Tom Sorensen and his battle, and what seems like now a victory, over cancer.

I’m sure many of you have read Tom’s articles over the years or heard him on the radio and here’s a portion of his recent article and you can click on below to read the entire installment.

There’s a bell on the wall in the Cancer Center at Presbyterian Hospital. Once your body has been sufficiently lit up and radiated, you get to ring it.

I’d see the bell early in my treatment and think, what’s this have to do with me? I had 32 sessions scheduled. Then I had 26 and 20 and 15. The bell was so distant it might as well have been a Porsche 911, dark blue, preferably, with the keys in the ignition and the title in my name.

This is the last of the Cancer Chronicles. If you’ve read the earlier editions, you know that early this year doctors found cancer along the base of my skull, in my right tonsil and in two lymph nodes on my neck.

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