Cycling in Greensboro – Part II

Earlier this year, Greensboro “wanted” the Bicycling History Museum to move here when they lost their lease. The city that earned that right was so bicycle friendly, they had a Bike in their City Seal. Greensboro is not exactly bicycle friendly – Bob Lowe reports lots of negative comments to his News & Record article. What would you expect from a city that allows parking in bike lanes?

Other cities require developers to build roads, water infrastructure, sidewalks, bike lanes and even schools when they build new communities. In Greensboro, the developers let the taxpayers foot the bill, they take the difference as profits.

Anyway, there is a local website to promote Bicycling In Greensboro. It’s a good start. That’s to NJM for the Head’s Up.


  1. What I’ve found is that many cyclists believe we should ride our bikes on the streets, just like cars. These folks say cyclists are the biggest cause of crashes and we just need to educate more people. They say bike lanes are not safter than the street.

  2. what i have observed in regard to cyclists is when they are on the road, most tend run stop signs and stop lights. I have done the same. Can cyclist be ticketed for doing this?

  3. People who cycle along the country roads are taking their lives in their own hands. I jog along Scalesville Road and Rt 150 in Summerfield. I jog into traffic and I get off of the road when cars are coming towards me. If I didn’t do that, I am sure I would get run over. There are too many drivers that are either too old, not paying attention or are just bad drivers. Cyclists ride with the traffic and can’t even see the cars. On occasion, I see cyclists riding 2 abreast and wonder what they could be thinking. In city areas, bike lanes and greenways are the answer. I understand that it is much nicer to simply ride without having to make many turns, but it seems really unsafe. The city should create bike lanes when they repave the existing roads.

  4. I believe cyclists need to obey all traffic laws.

    Yes, the hardcore guys have no problem taking the road. By law they have every right. But I’m not that tough and or dumb…

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