East-West Soccer scenes from UNCG

I made it out to UNCG last night for the second half of the boy’s East-West All-Star game and it was a sight to behold.

The fans and players were glad to be beholding it, as they had trouble with the lights and the game was delayed for several minutes, but even with the power failure, the game ended at 10:03pm and that is good when you are working to complete a Boys/Girls doubleheader.

The action that I took in was outstanding. There’s nothing like watching the soccer players in motion, moving up and down the field in total rhythm.

There’s also nothing like the sound of the thud when the ball is kicked and then the swoosh of the net, as the soccer ball ends up in the back of the goal. The thud(Boomp) of the kick and swoosh movement of the net are two of the sweetest sounds in sport.

Goals galore last night, as the girl’s game went 3-1 East and the boy’s final rang home at 4-1 West. The offense was there and refs must have decided to let the kids play. I not sure how many total fouls were called, but there were NO Offsides calls at all in the boy’s game.

I was standing right on top of the East boy’s goal and the West was bringing it down the field and they could have scored more. I don’t envy the East goalkeeper from last night’s game. He was calling “Keeper” all night, but in reality, the only men he had in front of him most of the evening were West attackers.

Eat your heart out Brazil, the West is still the Best”.