Colt Baseball at War Memorial Stadium

Round two of the Colt East Zone Tournament:

Greensboro Green 6
Greensboro Gray 1

Green the winner with rain taking over in the bottom of the 6th inning and that was it for tonight.

Rockingham County game moved to Friday and Gray will play an elimination game later on Friday afternoon and now Green stands at (2-0) in the tourney.


  1. AJ Williams continues to shine, Paula at shortstop is very solid….Paula tall and rangy and has rounded into a very good player.

    Sawyer Highfill has been very consistant and his uncle Addison Edwards has been there to support him and I want to give a prop to Coach Edwards too.

    Chris Harrelson has been steady throughout for the Green at second base.

    I would like for Coach Garrett to send us some notes and get his inside on what the Green team has done so far.

    Not to knock the Gray, but the Green looked very superior in last night’s contest and the Gray had a bases loaded situation and hit the ball back to pitcher for a play at the plate and then Green threw on to first base to complete the double play and that hurts.

    I need to see this Green team play a few more times to get the full impact, but again very tall at short and third and look to be ready to excel.

    The Gray team is the underdog bunch so you have to pull hard for them too.

    One year, I would like to see the Gray team knock off the Green team to just make this thing more interesting and to dispel the A team/B team theory. It seems like every year we go into this deal knowing that the Green will outlast the Gray or the White.

    The Gray wears green tops and the Green wears black, so go figure.

    Just a few thoughts.

  2. Andy,
    Do you have statistics to back up your statments above? Baseball is a game of statistics.

  3. I was just making a few general statements.

    What do you have and would you be as so kind to share it with us.

    I am always open to new ideas.

    The Green has ruled for years, the Gray was wearing Green and the Green was wearing black, what is inaccurate about that.

    I have been following this stuff since Barry Councilman, Vic Coffin, Ronnie Rudd and Ronnie Collins won the World Series back in 1965, I can’t be too far off……

  4. stats don’t mean everything in baseball, almost seems like this comment is being used to get something started, which probably is not needed. I also was at the game and it did not seem to me that the green team looked that superior, they seem to not be playing to their potential. A few breaks here and there and the gray team would have been right there in it.

  5. We will see what happens when the green team loses 4 players for the rest of the tournament.

  6. No disrespect meant toward the Greensboro Gray. I’m with them, one of the underdogs.

    I think a lot of fans show up for the Green-Gray games just to see if the Gray can knock off the Green.

    Is it just me, or does it seem like the Green always beats the Gray? Maybe I’m out to lunch!

    Will the four players be missing because of travel/showcase ball?????

    This is a great league(Greensboro Colt Baseball) and the city has a right to be proud of it, but it sure would be a nice fit if the Greensboro Colts could get some Weekend Showcase Baseball going on here in our town next year. I and others think it would benefit the kids and the parents.

    Don’t claim to know it all about these topics, just leaving some fuel for fodder and BTW how’s your corn crop looking this year?????

  7. The coaches asked for a commitment from the players at tryouts to be there until the end. Now that they made the team and are taking up roster spots, they drop out. That’s not right and their parents should not allow it. Think of the kids that almost made the team and would love to be playing now. Next year they should sign commitment cards and be more responsible.

  8. I agree with Bill 100%. I heard 4 kids are leaving for showcase in the middle of a tourney. But there could be two sides to this. maybe they told the coach up front. It’s between the coach and the players but as an onlooker it doesn’t look good.

  9. Poeple dont commit to anything but whats good for them and them only, it’s not a team game it’s I I I I I , I hope they leave and get thre —- kicked, people are so selfish if thats the case.

  10. Does anyone really know that there are 4 players leaving to play showcase baseball? it looks as if they will miss a trip to lafayette, and that’s one heck of an experience from what I hear.

  11. Power hour, are you not supportive of the greensboro green team? they represent greensboro, and one would think you would be proud to have them in indaina

  12. Three players showed up last night during the rain delay. The green was down 4 -o and when the game re-started all the showcase players who were late were inserted into the lineup. What a disgrace to the other kids. Loyalty gets you know where now. It’s all about winning at all cost, those players shpould have never seen the field.

  13. Thats a bunch of horse crap, so you going to start and when the other players that chose another team to go play for over us shows up you will come out and not play, thats dedication, and shows you what i said I I I I I,

  14. Colt watcher that’s a pretty strong statement, not saying it isn’t true but who were the three players that didn’t start the game.

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